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15 of the Best Glamping Campgrounds in Texas

A cabin interior in Wahwahtaysee Resort.

Texas is full of amazing sights that will leave you awe-struck, and camping is a great way to enjoy the stars at night in the Lone Star State. Getting away from the hectic life of the city and surrounding oneself with nature is the perfect way to relax and reconnect with friends, family, loved ones, or even with yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be forced to skip showering or sleep on an uncomfortable sleeping bag.

Glamping is named after ‘glamour camping’. This means that you can enjoy a comfy bed, a private bathroom, and running electricity with all the beauty of the great outdoors. Glamping campgrounds are becoming more and more popular since they allow people the ease of modern life without sacrificing the beauty of a peaceful natural landscape.

Texas has many natural sites with impressive beauty that you can enjoy from gorgeous cabins, teepees, yurts, tents, and treehouses.


Tents have now been updated to hold every luxury that you can think of. Most glamping campgrounds use well-designed safari tents that guests can stay in. Safari tents provide the perfect mixture of modern life with an escape from city life.

They were inspired by the common South African safari tents that many people use while exploring the hot outdoors. They are designed to provide the luxury you need to be comfortable but are open enough to bring in the clean air of the outdoors.

Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Wimberley

A look at Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Wimberley.

You no longer have to sacrifice comfort and luxury if you want to enjoy the outdoors. The Lone Man Creek is a gorgeous ridge that overlooks the beautiful sights of Texas Hill Country. The Sinya safari tents will provide you the simple elegance to enjoy the special views.

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The luxurious layers of canvas come with air conditioning, heating, and ceiling fans. It comes with BeeKind™ eco-friendly toiletries that support sustainable pollination and honey bee research. The spa robes, coffee systems, s’ mores ingredients, propane gas, housekeeping, hot tub, Wi-Fi, firewood, and flowering plants make it the best time ever.

It is on the brink of a 300 ft. creek, which is the favorite spot of many for swimming and fishing. It is an isolated, peaceful place that will definitely rejuvenate you. It is also a great spot for bird watching and reconnecting with nature.

El Cosmico, Marfa

A bright luxury tent in El Cosmico, Marfa.

El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas has safari tents that are 120 sq ft with wooden floors and durable canvas walls. They come with queen-sized beds, lightning, and electrical outlets. The bed is heated and comes with heated blankets in the winters.

The glamping campground gives access to high plain deserts that you can explore and enjoy. The wide-open spaces are refreshing and liberating. You can also rent bikes, enjoy bathhouses, relax in hammock groves, cook in the outdoor kitchen, and unwind in the Wood-fired Dutch hot tubs.

Wahwahtaysee Resort in San Marcos River

A cabin interior in Wahwahtaysee Resort.

Wahwahtaysee has three luxury safari tents that are fit for a King. The tents are 650 sq ft and can accommodate 1-4 guests. They contain a king-sized bed and a queen sleeper sofa with luxury linens. The tents come with air conditioning and heating, which is perfect for the unpredictable Texas weather.

The elegant hardwood floors give it an authentic feel, and the outdoor deck is the perfect place to lounge. It has a complete spa bathtub, private toilet, and shower area. It also has a kitchenette with a microwave, lodge cast iron, refrigerator, coffee machine, and a dining area.

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Enjoy your mug of fresh ground coffee on the outdoor deck and take in the sounds of nature around you. The firewood and charcoal are the perfect tools to have a small bonfire outside and have fun. There is an outdoor shower as well, in case you don’t want to take the dirt inside.

Around the elegant glamping campground, lays the beautiful walking trails of the San Marcos River. There are multiple beaches that you can get a tan on or take the time to explore the 150-year old pecan orchard. You should definitely take some time to take in the beauty of the wildflowers in the area as well.

Walden Retreats in the Texas Hill Country

A look at the interiors of Walden Retreats in Texas.

The Walden Retreats luxury tents in the Texas Hill Country are two meticulously designed safari-style tents that are the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. It overlooks the beautiful Pedernales River that provides the perfect spot for fishing, lounging, and dipping.

The tents have air conditioning, a private bathroom, king-sized beds, and a refrigerator. You can unwind after a long day of trekking in the claw foot bathtub or melt some marshmallows over the private fire pit. The Jøtul wood stove is also built-in for some yummy camping food that you can dig into on the outdoor deck.

Son’s Island in Seguin, TX

A look inside the tent at Son’s Island in Seguin, TX.

Son’s Island in Seguin, TX, offers the chance for people to rent out a cabana on the coast of the island. If you choose to stay overnight, you can use their well-made tents that can host up to 4 people. They come with foam queen-sized mattresses and 2 cots that you can rest in. There is an extension cord that you can charge your phones or cameras on, as well as a bedside table, 2 lanterns, and 2 fans.

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There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy during your stay. Paddleboarding, iFloats, and kayaking in the cool water are super fun and the swimming bay provides a great place to float in. you enter the island via a 100-foot wooden bridge that makes the trip interesting.

The large cypress trees and cabanas rest along the 4000-foot coast of the lake. You can spend the day fishing, barbequing, water sliding, swimming, playing beach volleyball, and more. You can also enjoy the fire pit and make your own s’ mores or the live music events during the weekends.

The cabanas are inspired by the Hawaiian style of construction, and the roofs are made with actual palm leaves. They come with lounge chairs, a BBQ pit, running electricity and water, a hammock, bar table and stools, and private fishing and swimming docks.


Cabins provide the opportunity to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life. They are peaceful and quiet, which gives you the opportunity to relax and be carefree. They are mostly built in areas that are surrounded by natural beauty and woods.

Living Waters on Lake Travis, Spicewood

A couple of wooden cabins in Living Waters on Lake Travis, Spicewood.

The Retreat Eco-Cabins in Living Waters on Lake Travis, Spicewood, is made with earth-friendly designs. This cabin is called The Loft and can hold 1-4 people at a time. It is perfect for adventure seekers who want to enjoy nature.

It comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, kitchenette, bathroom with standing shower, flat-screen TV, living area, and a comfortable deck area. You can sleep on the full-sized bedding by climbing a ladder or sleep in the living area while looking at the stars.

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The on-site amenities include many things including Wi-Fi, yoga, massages, organic herb gardens, swimming, and more. You can explore the walking trails and waterfalls or avail of private access to the lake.

You can also enjoy your time by roasting marshmallows at the fire pit at night. Other local attractions near the glamping campground in Texas include canopy tours, natural springs, hiking, kayaking, boating, wineries, and more.

The Casita in Spicewood, Texas

A look at the sweeping balcony view of the The Casita in Spicewood, Texas.

The FireSong Ranch offers one of the most beautiful cabins out there called the Casita. It is the epitome of luxurious comfort, perfect for restoring your strength fully. The outdoor lounging area overlooks 600 feet of beautiful Hill Country views.

Settle in nature with a nice glass of wine next to the warm fire pit on the outdoor deck. The beautiful sunset and sunrise views are the perfect background to hear the birds and nature-filled with life.

You can enjoy a horde of activities like exploring eateries, distilleries, and wineries in the area. You can go hiking in the hills of Texas or try zip lining in the magnificent forestry of the area. Lake Travis and natural pools in the area also provide a great opportunity for swimming and lounging.

Camp Comfort in Comfort, Texas

A wooden cabin inside Camp Comfort in Comfort, Texas.

Camp Comfort in Comfort, Texas, was once a social club and bowling alley. Now it has two cabins that overlook a beautiful creek lined with old cypress trees. The cabins have exposed woods, cozy beds, and a great kitchenette. It has a TV as well as a full bathroom.

The bed is lined with Pendleton blankets so that you get a great deep sleep. It also has a Jacuzzi hot tub that you can relax in. The rustic appeal of the cabin has been paired with every modern amenity that you may need.

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There is a fire ring in the middle of the property that you can roast some marshmallows on or make s’ mores. The crackling fire also provides a great background to relax around while you count the millions of stars in the sky. There are also some in-house concerts from well-known Texas musicians that will serenade through the evening.

It is made near a charming, quaint little town near Texas where you can get whatever you need from.

Barons Creekside in Fredericksburg, Texas

A wooden cabin inside Barons Creekside in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Barons Creekside in Fredericksburg, Texas, provides guests with really romantic Swiss Log Cabins that come attached with an interesting history. The Swiss owner called Daniel actually used the remains of a 250-year-old farmhouse in Lucerne, Switzerland, to make the cabins in Fredericksburg.

He even bought Swiss log workers so that they could help guide the traditional way of building cabins to the local crew. Over time, the glamping campground was able to boast cabins similar to the traditional Swiss mountain villages. They sit on the bay of an alpine-style creek and are surrounded by Swiss antiques and native décor.

The Swiss Log Cabins have a wood-burning fireplace, king-sized bed, Jacuzzi tub, and shower. There is also a private porch that you can relax on and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a midnight cap. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen with a microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, BBQ grill, and coffeemaker.

Tree Houses

Treehouses bring everyone’s childhood dream to life. Nowadays, luxury treehouses are the perfect lofty escapes often fitted with every amazing amenity possible. They will provide one epic vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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River Road Tree Houses, New Braunfels

A wooden treehouse with balcony in River Road Tree Houses, New Braunfels.

The Guadalupe River Cabins in New Braunfels can be accessed by using the 100’ wooden pedestrian bridge. They are built into a centuries-old cypress tree and overhanging over the creek that feeds into the Guadalupe River.

Every cabin is equipped with every modern convenience that you can get at home like air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, toiletries, and furniture.

The 1.5 acres of exclusive Guadalupe River Park is perfect for exploring and having fun. It has BBQ pits, hammocks, fire pits, and picnic tables. The river provides activities like fishing and lounging on tubes in the calm water.

Geronimo Creek Retreat in Seguin, Texas

A large wooden treehouse with balcony in Geronimo Creek Retreat in Seguin, Texas.

Geronimo Creek Retreat in Seguin, Texas is the perfect answer to upscale camping. The property is designed to provide you with great entertainment and a relaxing atmosphere. There is a game room where you can enjoy with your friends or family.

There is also a creek near the treehouse with a rope swing and kayaks that you can take to explore the place. There is also plenty of outdoor seating and picnic tables that you can eat your gas grill cooked meal on. The treehouse is built near the teepees and cabin along the creek.

It comes with comfy beds with plush linens that will guarantee you a comfortable, deep sleep. The fully equipped kitchenette and a private bathroom with a shower ensure that you can enjoy your time outdoors comfortably.

There are two bedrooms that your family can sleep in with ease, as well as a flat-screen TV to have a nice movie night on. The outdoor deck is the perfect place to enjoy a hot mug of coffee or get a tan. The treehouse is big enough to house 6 to 8 people.

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Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Austin, Texas

Treehouses connected by bridges in Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Austin, Texas.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Austin, Texas, is famous for their zip-lining tours that cover the landscape. The treehouse is called Lofthaven Treehouse that has been built on an old cypress tree.

The romantic décor of the house includes wicker chairs and a comfortable canopy bed. The wrap-around patio provides guests with access to the most amazing sunsets and fresh, clean air. The treehouse has a mini-fridge, toaster oven, and a coffeemaker that you can make a nice hot breakfast on. A beautiful bridge starts from the treehouse and takes guests to a bathhouse with a waterfall tub and private shower.

Watch the fireflies dancing in the woods of the Cypress Valley and restore your energy with the relaxing environment.

Savannah’s Meadow Tree House in Celeste, Texas

A treehouse balcony in Savannah’s Meadow Tree House in Celeste, Texas.

Savannah’s Meadow Tree House Bed and Breakfast in Celeste, Texas has two main tree houses that you can book. The Majestic Oak Tree House is named after the surrounded canopy of oaks in the area. It is two stories above the ground, resting securely in one of the largest oaks in the area. You can enter the house via a wooden ramp.

The treehouse gives you access to the pool and hot tub built on the ground, perfect for relaxation. The house itself has a fully-equipped kitchenette that you can use to make a nice hot dinner. There is also a cozy living area with sofas and a futon that you can enjoy with your family.

The tree runs through the center of the treehouse, leaving a lingering woodsy scent throughout the house. There is also a floating sky lounge that you can comfortably sit and enjoy a book or music in; it’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

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The walkway has patio chairs that you can use to enjoy the cool evening air or watch the sunrise. There is a complete bathroom available with a shower as well. You can also choose to open the roof of the bedroom to watch the stars at night or close it for some privacy.

If you choose to go up the stairs of the treehouse, there is a cozy crow’s nest with three twin beds. The glass ceiling is supported by the tree’s canopy, and you will definitely feel as though you are sleeping beneath the stars.

The Majestic Oak Tree House has enough room for 6 people and offers access to the lavender fields in the area.


Yurts are round tent-like structures that can be really great places to stay in. Modern yurts come with electricity, plumbing, furnaces, fireplaces, and more. They are a great way to connect with the great outdoors without giving up the essential comfort of life.

Green Acres in Elgin, Texas

One of the luxurious yurts of Green Acres in Elgin, Texas.

The Green Acres in Elgin, Texas, has a beautifully designed yurt designed by The Citizenry. It uses southwestern décor and handpicked vintage find to give you an authentic feel. The Live Oak Yurt can sleep two adults in the queen bed with comfortable luxury linens.

The organic bedding will be super relaxing after a day of hiking, especially with a hot cup of freshly ground coffee. The fans, space heaters, extra blankets, and air-conditioning are all included in the package.

The modern bathhouse will wash away all your worries during your stay. The vintage barn and classic coral region is a great option to explore while you are there. You can even enjoy cooking farm fresh eggs.

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in the clean air in the outdoor kitchen or making gourmet s’ mores in an open-air bonfire. Other activities include games like horseshoes, ping pong, darts, and board games, as well as petting farm animals or lounging in the hammocks. And of course, for adventure lovers, there are plenty of nature trails in the surrounding area.

Tipis on the Guadalupe in New Braunfels, Texas

A couple of tipis on the Guadalupe in New Braunfels, Texas.

The hustle and bustle of city life can be quite draining, and everyone deserves a break. The picturesque Guadalupe River and the River Road is the perfect place to experience relaxation. The Tipi style accommodations are built on one and a half acre land. They are on the edge of the peaceful Guadalupe River and come with modern conveniences of life.

You can get a good night’s rest on the cozy bed and wake up to a hot breakfast in the functional kitchenette. There is also a digital TV, Wi-Fi, and DVD player to have a fun movie night. You can also indulge in the gaming room or go fishing in the river right outside your doorstep. There is also a complete bathroom with a sink, commode, and a walk-in shower.

Each tipi also has a fire pit outside, perfect for making s’ mores or roasting marshmallows. You can also walk through the tunnel of trees along the water for a nice evening stroll. Enjoy the waterfront deck with a nice afternoon cocktail or a hot cup of coffee in the evenings. Other activities include fly-fishing, tubing, boating, sightseeing, concerts, shopping, and bird watching.

Glamping is the perfect way to relax on the weekend without the risk of restless nights, getting lost or other annoyances that come with hardcore camping. It allows you to reconnect with nature without having to indulge in the discomfort of rough camping. This gives you the chance to truly relax since you don’t really have to worry about heat, food, safety, or running water and electricity.

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