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How Can You Get a Cheap Catamaran? (7 Tips That Work)

We all gaze at those beautiful catamarans at the marina and think, man, wouldn’t it be great to own one of those? However, we start thinking about things like cost, and our vibe changes. There are cheap cats out there(sounds contradictory, but believe me), it’s a matter of knowing where and when to look.

More people own catamarans than you’d believe. According to Global Markets Insight, the catamaran industry is now averaging USD 4 billion. America holds about 38% of that market share. So, there are new and used cats accessible to us. 

Focus on ­the cat’s condition, which is far more critical than the aesthetics, brand, year, and features you desire. Also, get a broker so you do not overspend. Go to boating shows, buy from resorts seeking to upgrade their fleet, or look for models like the 2007 to 2012 Fountaine Pajot with a remodeled hull.

There are so many ways to get a cheap catamaran if you know where to search and that’s what I’m here for. Let’s sail!

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How Can You Get a Cheap Catamaran?

1. Get a Broker

You should look for a buyer’s agent that can help you not only find a catamaran sailboat for sale that meets your needs, but who can also teach you the ropes of sailing it. Even if you only plan to use the yacht for recreational purposes or add it to a charter business, there is a great deal of information to absorb. 

It’s important to look for a yacht brokerage that can assist you in both learning to sail and purchasing a boat. The words cheap and yachts should not be in one sentence, you might think. 

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However, there are seasons of the year when catamarans are offered at a lower price than at other times. Luxury yachts on sale are more affordable at certain times of the year and in certain regions.

If you’re buying a new yacht:

2. There are always New Yacht Deals on the East and Southeast Coastline

catamaran upwind

Throughout the fall, it is when yacht deals spread like the beautiful autumn foliage. That’s between September and November when large sailboat exhibits get underway. Sailors from every angle converge at these events in Fort Lauderdale and Newport, Annapolis to become the next proud cat owner.

You can get a terrific price on a new boat by shopping at a boat show. All of the manufacturers offer special “boat show bargains” that include significant reductions on the base price of the boat, as well as free equipment such as an autopilot.

If you consent to get the catamaran exhibited at future yacht events, some sellers will give us further reductions. Administrators and decision-makers from the factories are often in attendance at boat exhibitions and are eager to strike a deal if they believe they can sell the catamaran there.

You should go to the show well-prepared, ready with all the information you’ve gathered. It’s easy to be intimidated by salespeople with a smooth demeanor. The so-called “base price” of a boat is a regular issue. On the surface, the pricing appears to be excellent, yet the base price frequently excludes essentials.

A wide range of electronic and swimwear items are included in this category. This is all or most of what is included in the “sail-away” price. Ensure you compare apples to apples when comparing makers and dealers.

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Buying a Pre-owned Yacht!

3. Boat Owners on the West Coast Offer Their Boats for Crazy Low Prices 


Getting the best deal on the west coast of the United States is more difficult. Because there are so few cats along the west coast, catamarans tend to keep their value rather well.

Catamarans, on the other hand, tend to sit on the market for much longer, since most buyers intend to utilize their vessels for cruising or chartering in the Caribbean or Bahamas. Shipping from the West Coast might take a long time and cost a lot of money.

This has a significant effect on the cost of the catamaran. Your yacht broker will be able to tell you how long the catamaran of your taste has been on the marketplace and how much it will cost to have it sent to Florida. An offer can then be made. Sellers on the west coast are sympathetic to their plight and will work with them to reach an agreement.

4. Seasonal Discounts on Catamaran Prices Occur Throughout the Hurricane Period

During hurricane season (June to November), used catamarans and other yachts are put up for sale in Florida and the Caribbean.

During hurricane season, insurance premiums can rise by as much as twofold. It’s not uncommon for boaters to head to Trinidad or Grenada in the Caribbean to avoid paying higher insurance charges.

Numerous sailing families decide to sell their catamarans while they’re staying safe for the season. To save the inconvenience and expense of relocating the boat, they’d rather stay in the Caribbean or the United States.

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Trinidad’s exceptional craftsmanship and inexpensive labor costs make it a great place for boat repairs.

The Best Places to Stay in the Caribbean Mid- to late-summer is the ideal time to conduct an upgrade.

5. Caribbean Resorts Upgrade Their Cat Fleet From Mid to Late Summer


Investing in a pre-owned catamaran would be during the transition period. Catamarans are often phased out by the main first-tier charter operators before they are five years old. The phase-out period occurs in the Caribbean from the end of July to the beginning of September.

For the most part, the fleets of top-tier charter firms are outfitted with the most up-to-date electronics and features such as can’t plotters, GPS, AC, autopilots, and sound systems. The bells and whistles are nice to have, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t add any of these things yourself if you want.

To maintain their catamaran fleets in the Caribbean fresh, first-tier charter companies force owners to phase out the cats in five-year increments. Owners have the option to:

  • Opt to sell their old yacht and buy a new one
  • Sell their boats and end their involvement in the chartering and owning industries
  • Take control of the yacht and set out on a voyage of their own
  • To continue using the yacht for the next two to five years, contract with a second-tier charter firm.

The most common choices are the first two. Catamaran charter businesses desire to sell their boats quickly. These catamarans are frequently offered for sale in large batches of up to fifty at a time.

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The race to sell the fastest is intense. Putting the exact model cats, especially Leopards, on sale year after year results in an influx, which drives down prices even further.

These conditions create a catamaran buyer’s market that allows you to compete with other purchasers to get a great deal on a phase-out boat. Be cautious, however, as not every charter cat has got proper upkeep over the years.

Consider hiring an experienced buyer’s broker who is familiar with the catamaran model and charter yacht industry. If you’re looking to buy a catamaran, you’ll want these people on your team to help you avoid mistakes.

You should find out what the price will be to modify the catamaran if it doesn’t meet all of your needs. An experienced yacht broker or an industry specialist should be able to provide you with quotes.

6. In the Northeastern United States, Pre-owned Cat Prices are Always “Falling.”

During the fall season, pre-owned sailboat costs tend to be cheaper on the east coast of the United States because winter is looming. It’s a choice for boat owners: store their vessels throughout the winter, or sell them. 

It takes a lot of effort and money to winterize a yacht. For half a year or longer, you’ll still have to pay the exact insurance and fees for storage and mooring, even though you’ll be hauling out the cat.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate


To stave off the costs and inconveniences of negotiating a price, the seller is often prepared to be more flexible. To save money on a catamaran or other sailboat in the US Northeastern fall season, it’s a good idea to do your research.

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During the fall, find a vendor willing to remedy any found faults at his expense. This is a great time to buy a boat, especially if you have an experienced negotiator on your side.