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13 Most Luxurious Airlines (What Makes Them Special)

Everybody wants to travel in luxury at least once. It’s very costly, but who doesn’t want to treat themselves?

There are a lot of different airlines out there, but not all offer the same level of luxury. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then check out these 13 most luxury airlines. These airlines offer a truly luxurious experience, from private suites to gourmet dining.

All of the 13 following airlines are some of the most luxurious in the world:

  1. Emirates Airlines 
  2. Air France
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Etihad Airlines
  5. Virgin Atlantic
  6. Swiss International Airlines
  7. Air New Zealand
  8. Qantas Airlines
  9. British Airways
  10. Lufthansa Airlines
  11. Korean Air
  12. Cathay Pacific
  13. Turkish Airlines

Do you love space? How about exquisite wine and dining? To decide, read this article; I have all the information you need.

1. Emirates Airlines

A very large plane by Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines are one of the world’s premier airlines and for a good reason. They offer a first-class experience like no other, with private suites complete with their shower, TV, and fridge. They also have a double bed fit for two and unlimited complimentary wine, fruit, and snacks. If you’re not in first class, Emirates offers a luxury economy option. 

Their new Private Suite includes a screen that separates you from the rest of the cabin so you can have some privacy while you watch your favorite shows or movies. They also have a lounge area, a fridge stocked with the best Emirates wines, fruit, and snacks, and a king-size bed so you can get a good night’s sleep before your flight.

2. Air France

Air France is one of the most luxurious airlines in Europe, offering a first-class experience like no other. Not only do they have private suites, but they also have a business class option that offers an onboard bar, amenity kits, and a Bose sound system.

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Air France also offers a premium economy option which includes free meals, refreshments, and French newspapers throughout your flight.

Passengers can enjoy a higher level of comfort and service when flying with Air France. Additionally, the airline has a strong focus on safety, which is evident in its strong safety record. Finally, Air France has a rich history dating back to the early days of aviation, making it a unique airline.

3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the most famous and luxurious airlines in Asia, and they offer a first-class experience like no other with private suites on their Airbus A380s and Boeing 777-300ERs.

Their private suites include a bed that can be converted into two separate seats for added comfort during take-off and landing and large television and bathroom.

They also have a host of amenities that include Bulgari bath products, a personal laptop for entertainment, and a wardrobe with an in-flight clothing steamer.

As if that wasn’t enough, Singapore Airlines offers a range of delicious meals created by their in-house chefs and a choice of cocktails and wines to help you unwind after a long flight.

4. Etihad Airlines

The Etihad First Apartments offer true luxury with spacious seating and dining area and a full-length bathroom. They also come equipped with a bed from Italian mattress maker Poltrona Frau, an HBO channel on the flat-screen TV, and access to a chef-prepared meal for two in the onboard kitchen.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the economy class is also available on the A380. 

The first-class suites aren’t available on all flights, but you can still get a good deal by purchasing an economy ticket. The Private Suite costs $9,000 and includes complimentary meals, drinks, and in-flight entertainment. If you consider an upgrade to First Class, it will cost an additional $4,500.

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What do you think? Are these airline cabins worth the price? According to Etihad passengers, it is.

This airline has some of the newest aircraft in its fleet and offers excellent connections throughout Europe, India, and the Middle East. The onboard entertainment system is one of the best in the world and includes over 1,000 channels of on-demand entertainment and a library of movies, music, and games.

5. Virgin Atlantic

A large plane of Virgin Atlantic flying high with clouds underneath it

Next on our list is the iconic Virgin Atlantic Airways, founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1984. This luxury airline operates flights between London and New York City and routes across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The company has a unique personality reflected throughout its aircraft, crew uniforms, and even the onboard entertainment system (the “Red Box”). 

Virgin Airlines is a favorite among travelers. But what makes Virgin Airlines special is its commitment to making flying a pleasant experience for everyone. Virgin Airlines goes above and beyond to ensure its passengers have a great time, from its innovative in-flight entertainment system to its complimentary champagne for first-class passengers.

Virgin Atlantic’s Inflight Entertainment System is stocked with over 150 movies and TV shows, 500 music albums, thousands of songs, and radio stations worldwide. And it’s all FREE for Virgin Atlantic passengers!

Once onboard, connect to the plane’s Wi-Fi and enjoy! Download the app today on your iPhone or Android device to access our wide selection of entertainment options – including new releases, latest hits, and family-friendly films.

6. Swiss International Air Lines

The following airline on our list is the Swiss International Air Lines, founded in 2002 as a joint venture between Lufthansa Group and Condor Flugdienst.

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This luxury airline operates with a great sense of style and elegance, reflected in its modern aircraft and sleek cabin amenities.

As part of the Star Alliance network, Swiss also offers some of the most extensive international flights available today.

Swiss Air is one of the world’s most iconic airlines, and for a good reason. From its sleek, modern planes to its impeccable service, Swiss Air is a cut above the rest. But what sets Swiss Air apart is its commitment to sustainable flying. Swiss Air was the first airline to offset all of its carbon emissions, and it continues to lead the way in sustainable aviation practices.

If you’re looking for an airline that cares about the environment, Swiss Air is the clear choice

7. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is often lauded as a luxury airline, and it’s easy to see why.

The airline offers premium services and amenities that are unmatched in the industry. From their world-class cabin crew to their delicious in-flight meals, Air New Zealand goes above and beyond to ensure their passengers have a delightful experience. 

If you’re looking for a luxurious travel experience, there’s no better choice than Air New Zealand.

8. Qantas Airlines

Qantas may be your airline if you want a luxurious flying experience. With its premium cabin offerings and top-notch service, Qantas offers a truly upscale flying experience.

Traveling in style and comfort comes at a price, but if you’re willing to pay for the luxury, Qantas is worth considering.

Qantas Airways is an Australian airline that is based in Sydney. Qantas airlines is a well-known airline and have been in operation for over 95 years. Qantas is known for its exceptional service and safety record. The airline has a strong reputation for providing a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience.

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9. British Airways

British Airways is one of the world’s leading airlines, offering flights to destinations all over the globe. But is it a luxury airline?

Let’s take a closer look! First Class: Yes! British Airways offers a wide range of first-class flights, including Business and Premium Economy. You’ll get a spacious seat with plenty of legroom and complimentary food and drinks throughout the flight. 

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, this airline is for you!

10. Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa is one of the world’s leading airlines known for its luxurious service. But is it a luxury airline? Let’s look at what makes Lufthansa a great airline and whether or not it’s worth the extra cost.

First, let’s look at the airline’s services and amenities. Lufthansa offers multiple classes of service on most flights: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class.

In Economy Class, passengers are offered a generous amount of leg room and complimentary meals and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) throughout the flight. 

In Premium Economy Class, passengers enjoy even more amenities than in the standard Economy Class.

The airline also has international entertainment channels available through its onboard Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, all Economy Class passengers can check in online 24 hours before their flight and receive priority boarding privileges. 

The main difference between these two classes is that in Premium Economy Class, passengers have more leg room and can sit in an angled seat with extra padding (and no middle neighbor).

In Business Class, Lufthansa offers a wide array of services and amenities to ensure its passengers are comfortable throughout the flight.

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11. Korean Air

Korean Air is on our list of the world’s leading airlines, providing a luxurious flying experience to passengers all over the globe.

From its top-notch cabin servi

ce to its delicious in-flight meals, Korean Air offers a truly premium experience that is perfect for those who want to travel in style. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious airline to fly with, Korean Air is worth considering! 

12. Cathay Pacific

If you’re flying long-distance, you’ll want to make sure that the airline has plenty of amenities onboard, such as relaxation areas with couches and showers (how cool would it be to shower in the sky?)

You can also find couches near the window to take in the view as you fly by.

Cathay Pacific has all you need to make your flight comfortable with great food and complimentary champagne.

13. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s leading airlines, offering a luxurious flying experience to its passengers. With its modern fleet of aircraft and excellent service, the airline has won numerous awards and is a popular choice for travelers looking for a premium experience.

With over 200 destinations in more than 80 countries, Turkish Airlines offers various routes that suit every taste and budget. The airline also has an extensive list of amenities, including a lounge with panoramic views, onboard entertainment, and Wi-Fi throughout its aircraft.

With flights to more than 200 destinations worldwide, including Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe, Turkish Airlines is one of the most international airlines in the world. The airline offers connections to 1,000+ onward destinations through its code-share agreements with other carriers. 

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How Would You Know Which Luxury Airline To Choose?

Four significant factors play a role when you’re trying to choose an airline:

  1. Price – Many people think choosing an airline is about the bottom line, meaning the cheapest fare will always be their first choice. While ticket prices are essential when deciding, you shouldn’t necessarily choose the cheapest ticket.
  2. Convenience – When traveling a long distance, you want to feel comfortable. Convenience, therefore, plays an important role.
  3. Loyalty program and rewards – Most major airline companies have a loyalty program. The more you travel with them, the more frequent flyer miles you get.
  4. Elite status benefits – from comfortable seating with a private television to luxury champagne, elite benefits are not absent. You can get special bonuses on your frequent flyer miles and, in some instances, win prizes. 


Choosing the best airline is a big task. Choosing the right airline for you and your family can be tricky since there are so many luxury airlines! If you are traveling with small kids, choose an airline that can keep them entertained. Don’t settle for less if you are finally taking that well-deserved holiday.