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10 Great Places to Eat in Manitou Springs, CO

Exterior of a small eatery in Manitou Springs, CO.

Manitou Springs, CO has many great places to eat.  Walk up to a window and get some tasty custard, soft-serve ice cream, or a hot dog.  Meet a friend at a coffee shop, watch for live music, or enjoy a fancy dinner to celebrate a special occasion.  Choose from a variety of ethnic restaurants or go for pizza, a sandwich, or bar food.  Here are 10 great places to eat in Manitou Springs, CO.

The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant

The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant

The Mona Lisa fondue Restaurant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for four-course fondue dining in the Manitou area.

If you are looking for a great place to celebrate a special occasion, The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant is an excellent choice.  The most popular menu option is to choose the four-course fondue dining experience that is $43 per person.  The first course is Caesar, garden, or seasonal salad.  The second course is a choice of the old world, new world, or south of the border cheese fondue with an assortment of bread, fresh fruit, and vegetables for dipping.

The third course is an entrée platter.  These consist of a selection of meats that are ready to be grilled at your table along with fresh vegetables, cheese, rosemary and garlic potatoes, and dipping sauces.  Specialty entrée platters and vegetarian options are available as well.  For dessert, as expected, is chocolate fondue.  Dip cakes, pretzels, fresh fruit, and marshmallows into a classic or specialty chocolate fondue.

In addition to this four-course fondue dining experience, items can be ordered à la carte from the menu.  There is also an extensive wine list.  Reservations are recommended and this is a great choice for a venue for a special event.  Also, check out happy hour specials downstairs in Mona’s Wine Cellar.  The Mona Lisa Fondue restaurant only serves dinner, opening every night at 5 p.m.

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The Sahara Cafe

The Sahara Cafe

The Sahara Cafe is popular because of its authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine. They offer both lunch and dinner, while catering is also available.

The chefs at The Sahara Cafe are from the Middle East and provide tasty and authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine.  The cafe is open for both lunch and dinner and offers such items as kebabs, shawarma, falafel, hummus, and dips.  Choose from a sandwich, salad, or a sampler platter.  Side dishes are also available.  The prices here are very reasonable and the location cannot be beat, right downtown on Manitou Ave.

Catering is also available.  This is a great option for a large party or gathering, or as an incentive to get people to a meeting at the office.  If you have never tried Middle Eastern food, stop in and give it a try.  The staff is very friendly and will be happy to make recommendations from the menu.

Crystal Park Cantina

Crystal Park Cantina

Visitors looking for delicious Mexican cuisine are always advised to check out the Crystal Park Cantina. They have a wide variety of Mexican foods. There are vegan and vegetarian options in the restaurant as well.

The Crystal Park Cantina is located off the main drag on Crystal Park Road.  It is worth the drive out of town for some great Mexican food.  Choose something from the Tapas menu, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, sides, or one of Crystal Park Cantina’s specialties.  These include a chili Relleno, Navajo tostada, cantina burger, huevos rancheros, tacos burrito, Chilean empanada, molcajete bowl, poblano chile, Mexican mixto, and a tostada chopped salad.

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The food is fresh, parking is free, and there are excellent margaritas.  Sit inside the restaurant, enjoy outdoor seating when the weather is nice, or grab something to go.  There are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available at the Crystal Park Cantina.

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak is known for several options for an excellent dining experience. The Red Mountain Bar and Grill along with the Dining Room are the best choice.

There are a few dining options at The Cliff House at Pikes Peak.  Choose the Red Mountain Bar and Grill or an upscale experience at The Dining Room.  The cuisine offered at the Cliff House Dining Room is artistic and award-winning.  It is known as one of the premier dining destinations in Colorado and has earned the 4 Diamond Award in Fine Dining from AAA.

Join Executive Chef Chris Lynch, who has an impressive resume and a passion for fine cuisine.  Find such menu options as crab cakes, a variety of salads, elk chops, Rocky Mountain trout, sea scallops, filet mignon, ribeye, and an American Kobe burger.  Expect an expensive bill, but the food of this caliber is worth a splurge every once in a while.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe

Adam's Mountain Cafe

Adam’s Mountain Cafe serves their food, which ingredients came from locally. It is an eco-friendly restaurant too that is serving vegan and vegetarian foods, along with traditional healthy entrées.

Find a unique and laid back atmosphere with local artwork at Adam’s Mountain Cafe.  This restaurant strives to source its ingredients locally and to be eco-friendly.  This is a great place to find vegetarian and vegan food as well as traditional entrées with a healthy theme.  Adam’s Mountain Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Tuesday through Sunday and breakfast and lunch only on Sundays and Mondays.

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The breakfast menu includes such options as award-winning huevos rancheros, orange almond French toast, whole grain pancakes, oatmeal, shrimp n’ grits, vegan avocado toast, omelets, and side orders.  The lunch menu includes such selections as rural Italian lasagna, Thai noodle salad, harvest crepes, cashew chicken sandwich, vegan cauliflower tacos, fish tacos, salads, and soups.  The dinner menu may change based on seasonal ingredients but such items as Korean style organic salmon, creamy mac and cheese, vegan meatballs, a Buddha bowl, and more can be found on the menu.

Reservations can be made for Adam’s Mountain Cafe.  There is often live music available and cooking classes are also offered. The cafe is located on Manitou Ave., on the east side of town.

The Keg Lounge

The Keg Lounge

Grilled burgers, chicken and delicious steak are the specialties in The Keg Lounge. A family-friendly bar and grill that has been serving both locals and visitors for so many years now.

Enjoy the hospitality, grilled burgers, chicken, and steak at The Keg Lounge.  This family-friendly bar and grill are located in the heart of Manitou Springs on Manitou Ave. in a historic building that was built in 1900.  This restaurant has been in business since 1986 and has been a favorite of locals for many years.  In addition to the tasty food, there is also a full bar with local beers on tap and drink specials, a pool table, a shuffleboard table, and televisions for watching sports.

A unique feature of The Keg Lounge is all of the patches from police, firefighters, and other civil service members that adorn the walls.  More than 800 patches from all over the country and the world have been donated and the restaurant is happy to honor those who have served.

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Savelli’s has always been Manitou Spring’s best pizza joint. Very popular since 1998, Savelli’s continue to serve delicious pizza, pasta, subs, and other Italian recipes.

Every town has to have a great pizza joint, right?  In Manitou Springs, it is Savelli’s.  In business since 1998, Savelli’s serves high-quality pizza, pasta, and subs.  The dough and sauce are handmade and the pasta sauces are made from Italian recipes that are authentic.  The menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, sides, pizza, calzones, subs and sandwiches, and desserts.  Beer and wine are also available.

Winter hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day, with longer hours during peak season.  Savelli’s is located on Manitou Ave across from Schryver Park and the Manitou Springs Aquatics and Fitness Center.  Dine in at the restaurant or take an order to go.

Good Karma Cafe

Good Karma Cafe

Good Karma Cafe completes the Manitou Springs with their breakfast and coffee. The atmosphere is very cozy and inviting, perfect for relaxing, reading books and meeting with some friends.

Meet friends, relax and read a book, grab a coffee, and enjoy breakfast or lunch at Good Karma Cafe.  Located on Canon Ave., Good Karma Cafe is in a convenient location in downtown Manitou Springs, close to many shops and attractions.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting and there a variety of drink choices, including cappuccino, latte, mocha, espresso, Maya chai, tea, Italian soda, juices, even adult beverages such as champagne cocktails, Irish coffee, draft beers, and wine.  Breakfast and lunch are both served all day.  Choose from such options as a smothered burrito, biscuits and gravy, buttermilk pancakes, omelets, soup, salad, and sandwiches.

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Manitou Brewing Company

Manitou Brewing Company

The Manitou Brewing Company serves high-quality beers in different styles for both locals and guests. They also have great food with ingredients coming from the locality as well.

The Manitou Brewing Company is located at a historic spot in Manitou Springs.  People used to come to this location on Manitou Ave. in the late 1800s to rent a burro to ride to the top of Pikes Peak.  The brewpub takes pride in the rich heritage and strives to meticulously craft high-quality beer.  Manitou Brewing Company offers many beer styles that are brewed at this location and also offer craft beer from breweries around the world.

Come in for a sample and try the Manitou Lager, Peachy Dreams, Westside Wheat, Rant Mode Mosaic Wheat, Barr Trail Pale Ale, Burro Barn Brown Ale, Dry Irish Nitro Stout, and many more.  This location also serves food and sources local ingredients whenever possible.  Enjoy burgers and other sandwiches, chicken wings, homemade mac n’ cheese, taco salad, roasted vegetable tacos, and other food options.  Also, watch the events calendar for food specials and other happenings.

Heart of Jerusalem

Heart of Jerusalem

Another restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine is the Heart of Jerusalem. They offer authentic and delicious foods and guests can even smell the spices used in the restaurant.

Heart of Jerusalem is another restaurant that offers Middle Eastern cuisine.  Their food offers so much flavor, it is really tasty.  This restaurant is family-owned and the atmosphere is tastefully done.  You will smell the spices when entering the restaurant and the decor and music will complement the food nicely.

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My favorite things to order here are the chicken plate or a falafel sandwich.  All plates are served with pita bread, falafel, hummus, Greek salad, and tzatziki sauce.  Gluten-free and vegan options are available and the kids’ menu includes the chance to try Middle Eastern food, but chicken nuggets and a cheese quesadilla are available as well.  Heart of Jerusalem is located right downtown on Manitou Ave.

Marie has lived in the Colorado Springs area for most of her life.  She and her family enjoy exploring the region and grabbing a bite to eat when they are out and about.