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What To Wear To A Yacht Party At Night (Fashion Tips)

You’re going to a nighttime yacht party! Wait – what should you wear? Your host hasn’t given you dress code pointers or a theme, and while you throw together decent outfits for parties on land, you’re clueless about what to wear at sea. There’s water, so will it have a pool-party vibe? Or will it be a glitzy shindig needing a full-on fancy outfit? What should you wear to a yacht party at night? 

Dress in cocktail wear for a nighttime yacht party if no other dress code has been specified. Women can choose from cocktail dresses, pantsuits, jumpsuits, matching sets, or blouses tucked into dress pants. Suitable outfits for men include suits, dress pants, and blazers, or chinos and jackets. 

Cocktail wear is just right for most nighttime yacht parties because it’s smart enough to make a good impression without being too formal for a yacht’s easy-breezy atmosphere. Some yacht events are, of course, black-tie affairs requiring tuxedos and evening gowns. But your host would have mentioned this on your invite. For outfit ideas for less-lavish yacht parties, we’ve got you covered. 

yacht party at night

Night Yacht Party Dressing Tips For Women And Men

When picking your yacht-party-ready outfit, consider three things: style, comfort, and safety.

Night Yacht Party Dressing: Style

For pitch-perfect night yacht party dressing, you’re aiming for a look somewhere between boardshorts and bikini and evening gown and tuxedo. 

You’ll get this dress code right by sporting something you’d wear to a fancy dinner or cocktail party on land. Your goal is to look well put together without trying too hard (and be comfy enough to bust a move on the dancefloor!). 

night yacht party style

Nautical style influences are popular in yacht wear, so consider bringing some navy, crisp white, brass buttons, or pops of red into your outfit. 

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Focus on fabric and avoid synthetics in favor of breathable naturals like cotton, linen, and silk. 

You also want to avoid extremes in your footwear – no slip-slops or stilettos. And don’t choose your shoes to be the standout piece of your outfit, as you might be asked to take them off. Some shoes can wreck yachts’ decks, so make sure your outfit works with or without your shoes. 

Night Yacht Party Dressing: Comfort 

night yacht party dressing comfort

Yacht living is synonymous with luxury and leisure. Choose understatedly glamorous and comfy clothing to reflect this spirit. 

But don’t take comfort too far. Go for clothes that feel amazing on your body but nothing too loose. Voluminous pieces will blow in the sea breeze, whipping against you and your fellow guests. And you’ll be anything but comfortable if you constantly need to restrain extra layers of fabric. 

Another tip to keep you comfortable on board is to take something warm with you to wear if you feel chilly. It might be balmy when you set out, but it gets cool on the water.

Night Yacht Party Dressing: Safety

Yacht parties come with more risks than your standard garden party. The big one: tripping and falling overboard. So, you need to think about safety, including when selecting your outfit.

Long skirts and dresses are a tripping hazard. Rather stick to shorter hemlines. 

Slip-slops and stilettos are not only fashion faux pas but also safety threats. You want to be sure of your footing, so wear flat shoes with a better grip than slops. 

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Plus, leave your long necklaces, chandelier earrings, and luxury watches at home. Dangly jewelry can blow in the wind, get stuck in something, and tug at your earlobes or make you trip, and sea spray can ruin your precious watch. 

Night Yacht Party Outfit Inspiration For Women

night yacht party outfit inspiration for a woman

These outfit options are sure to score you a place on the best-dressed list:

  • A cocktail dress. Try one in a rich jewel color to complement the deep blue of the night sky and ocean, or outshine the twinkling stars in a sequined number. Your trusty LBD will work well, too. 
  • A jumpsuit. This is the ultimate piece for style and comfort. Choose an elegant design with details such as romantic sleeve ruffles, a low back, or a cowl neck. Or go for a timeless silk jumpsuit in a neutral color. 
  • A pantsuit. Tailored suits aren’t only for the boys. Choose a sleek, cinched-waist two-piece with a silk camisole underneath.   
  • A matching set. Be on-trend in a high-waisted skirt, shorts, or pants and a matching crop top. Add a blazer for a smarter outfit. 
  • A blouse and dressy pants. Tuck a pretty, floaty blouse into smart trousers for a more casual yet still polished look. Add a nice leather belt for extra style points. 

Ballet flats are the top shoe pick for a yacht party. You could also slip your feet into a pair of evening sandals, wedges, or kitten heels. 

If you want to make your outfit showier, carry a beaded, sparkly, feathered, or satin clutch. 

Night Yacht Party Outfit Inspiration For Men

night yacht party outfit inspiration for men

Put together a winning look with one of these outfits:

  • A suit. Pair your choice of the suit (whether double-breasted, three-piece, or just a basic matching top and bottom) with a button-down and tie. Wear a rollneck jumper or perfect-fit T-shirt under your jacket for a more laid-back vibe. 
  • Dress pants and blazer. Choose pieces in a similar shade for a polished look. Slim-fit or cropped trousers are yacht-style staples. 
  • Chinos and jacket. For a relaxed option, wear your favorite chinos with a jacket. Or skip the jacket and wear a bold-print button-down with sleeves rolled up. Pick a dark color like navy, black, or charcoal for your chinos or add a tie to smarten up your outfit. 
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Brogues and derbies are both shoe styles for a smart-casual dress code. Wear loafers or leather trainers if you want something more casual and comfy. 

Feel your outfit’s missing something? Experiment with a pocket square, statement belt, bowtie, or neckerchief. 


Rock up at a yacht party looking either too casual or formal, and you might feel like jumping overboard in embarrassment (or you could tempt an image-conscious host to push you over!). Instead, help set the scene for a night to remember by dressing in cocktail wear. You’ll look stylish and feel at ease. 

Also, think about safety when deciding what to wear. Avoid anything super long or baggy, dangly jewelry, and slippery or sky-high shoes. Then again, don’t put too much thought into your shoes – you might be asked to take them off!