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Where to Buy Used Camping and Backpacking Gear Online

A group of friends on a camping trip carrying camping gear.

No matter how much you love camping and backpacking, sometimes, it is much more worth it to purchase used gear online. Used gear works just as well as brand-new gear, only it’s about half the price. Unfortunately, there can be iffy places to buy used camping and backpacking gear, while other sites are like camping heaven.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite places to buy used camping gear online. All of these virtual warehouses can provide you with everything you need and more for your ultimate camping or backpacking trip.

Our Ten Favorite Sites

1. Amazon

Of course, Amazon is an incredible place to go to find used camping and backpacking gear. This online retailer sells thousands upon thousands of used camping gear on their site, all of it at cheaper prices than what you would find in store. Every product comes with detailed descriptions so you can see exactly how worn these pieces are and what to expect from their appearance.

Through Amazon, you have the ability to get your used camping gear quickly, too. Amazon tends to ship its products much quicker than other online retailers, so you hardly even have to wait to get your gear.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive your gear even faster, too. This can reduce your wait from a week to maybe even the very next day. Amazon helps you have your camping trips ASAP. Read the reviews, take a look at the seller, and hit purchase!

2. eBay

eBay is a wonderful place to turn if you don’t want to get an added discount to your used camping or backpacking gear. On eBay, sellers are listing their items for extremely low prices, and then buyers bid on them and their prices rise. If you’re lucky, though, you can be one of the few bidders and get your used camping gear for unheard of low prices. It’s wonderful for shopping on a budget.

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Not to mention, you can find practically everything you could want on eBay. People are posting their used camping and backpacking gear online every moment of every day–you simply never know what you’re going to find. Start by searching for specific brands or pieces of gear that you want. You might even be able to find the exact colors or styles that appeal to you. You just have to start looking.

3. Gear Trade

At Gear Trade, they consider their products “UnNew”. This huge used online outdoor gear retailer sells some of the highest-quality used outdoor gear in the market.

Their products are gently used, still functioning just as wonderfully as they would if they were brand new. This brand goes through rigorous processes to ensure that your products are in tip-top shape. To the naked eye, you’ll never know any of this camping or backpacking gear is used.

Gear Trade is all about having a positive impact on the environment. So many of us grow out of our old gear and have no regard for the footprint it is leaving behind. By buying used (or selling your old gear), you’re significantly shrinking your environmental footprint, keeping out outdoors, and keeping the outdoors healthy and thriving.

With Gear Trade, you can buy totally guilt-free and confident knowing you’re getting not only the best-used products but they’re great for the planet, too.

4. The North Face Renewed

We all know how great North Face is, but, you don’t always want to pay their high-end prices. With The North Face Renewed, you don’t have to. This is North Face’s used clothing program, where they sell refurbished clothing and camping gear that’s been gently worn but well-loved. These pieces of clothing are going to be sold for a lower price than if they were new, but they will still feel brand-new to you.

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North Face created this line entirely to reduce the huge amount of textile waste the country sees each year. Instead of throwing out your pieces, North Face Renewed will inspect your used camping or backpacking gear, clean it, and then tune it up for someone else to enjoy.

This is yet another company that you can buy totally guilt-free from. Whether your camping or backpacking gear was previously damaged, dirtied, or just plain ignored, The North Face Renewed will do everything in their power to get their pieces looking flawless once again.

A set of various camping gear on a mountain cliff.

5. REI Co-Op

Who doesn’t love REI’s camping and backpacking gear? Even when it is used, REI’s outdoor gear is superior to all the rest. Their used outdoor section is carefully selected and sold, ensuring that every piece of gear is in as good of shape as possible.

Along with their own, REI Co-Op also sells other brands like North Face, Marmot, Merrell, and Arc’teryx to give you a bit of variety for your used camping or backpacking gear. Sold at affordable prices and at a quality that you deserve for your outdoor adventures, REI’s used selection of camping and backpacking gear is certainly one of our favorites.

From used sleeping bags to used tents and everything in between, all of your hiking needs will be addressed with REI Co-Op’s used outdoor section. If you’re lucky enough to live by an REI, you can even check out their used section in person. It is completely up to you.

6. MEC Gear Swap

Since 1997, MEC Gear Swap has been helping camping and backpacking enthusiasts everywhere find the perfect used gear. As the name suggests, the website allows you to swap your gear, as well as buy or sell.

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You can choose to shop by activity, by brand, or even by deal–it all depends on what is most important to you. Everything you’d want regarding camping or backpacking is waiting for you on MEC Gear Swap, and for cheaper prices, too. Plus, if you have some gear you’ve been holding on to for a bit, maybe try swapping it for something instead! This can save you even more cash, too.

MEC Gear Swap offers everything from cycling gear to snowsports and climbing to accessories that make your car more equipped for the great outdoors. You can easily search for specific items if you have something in mind, or you can browse through the tabs and just see what this online warehouse has to offer.

Not to mention, MEC Gear Swap price matches all of their items. That’s right: if you find the same camping or backpacking gear online for a better price, MEC Gear Swap will lower their prices to match their competitors. It can’t get much better than that.

A setup of camping gear by the lake.

7. Outdoors Geek

Outdoors Geek is the perfect place for anyone to go looking for high-quality, used camping and backpacking gear. This comprehensive website has one of the largest virtual selections of gently used camping items that you’ll absolutely love. Outdoors Geek exclusively sells items that are just lightly used; this way, they look practically brand-new to the naked eye.

If they are too worn-down or have obvious wear and tear, Outdoors Geek simply doesn’t sell it. Their products are typically 40 to 60% off of the sticker price, giving you some of the most incredible deals the internet has to offer.

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Something super interesting about Outdoors Geek is their rental program. If you’re not sure about one of the products you’re interested in, you can actually rent your camping or backpacking gear before you buy it! This way, you know for a fact that what you’re buying is exactly what you need.

You can find gently used cots, sleeping bags, camping chairs, backpacks, tents–anything you could want for your camping trip, Outdoors Geek has for you in a gently used version. These are all high-quality products designed to give you the best camping trip possible. Trust in Outdoors Geek and you’ll have some reliable, used camping gear in the blink of an eye.

8. Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia Worn Wear is a branch of Patagonia, one of the world’s largest outdoor clothing and gear retailers. Like so many other major retailers, Patagonia is extremely concerned about their consumption and environmental impact.

To help cut down on waste and even extend the wear of their clothes, Patagonia crafted the Worn Wear project. They sell clothes that have been crafted from other clothes. Instead of throwing out their old, damaged clothing, Patagonia’s Worn Wear utilizes these pieces of clothing to create newer, better clothing. This way, everything stays recycled and out of the landfills, but you’re still getting practically brand-new camping clothing and gear.

With Patagonia Worn Wear, you can purchase both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as kid and baby’s clothing and even packs and other gear. You’re able to get all of the best camping gear in one spot, and it has all been ethically crafted.

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Patagonia’s Worn Wear program is unlike any other used camping gear program we’ve come across yet, and it’s one that can truly change the world. So, if you’re looking for used camping and backpacking gear online that you can purchase without feeling guilty, this is the place to start clicking.

A 4-tent camp setup in the woods by the water.

9. OfferUp

One of the best places to go for a wide selection of used camping and backpacking gear is OfferUp. On OfferUp, you get to see what people in your area are buying and selling. This way, you don’t have to wait to have your used items delivered: you just go pick them up down the street instead.

This saves you a ton of time as well as money in terms of shipping and handling fees. With OfferUp, you’re able to directly communicate with the seller and see close-up photos of your future used camping and backpacking gear. You can even ask for more photos if need be.

Often, people in your community turn to OfferUp simply to get rid of what they don’t need. This means that you find some high-quality used gear for incredibly low prices. Here, you’ll come across prices that are nearly impossible for stores to match.

Simply search for whatever you’re in the mood for and see what your neighbors are selling. This site gets updated each and every day, so even if you don’t see what you’re hoping for today, it might be available tomorrow.

10. Facebook Marketplace

Another great local-based online source for used camping and backpack gear is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a place for people in your area, as well as people in your local Facebook groups, to buy and sell goods and services.

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Every day, people turn to Facebook Marketplace to offer up their neighbors the first chance at their used camping or backpacking gear. You even have the chance to post inquiring about certain camping gear if you’d like: just because someone isn’t currently selling it, doesn’t mean someone isn’t ready to part with one. You just have to ask!

On Facebook Marketplace, check daily to see what those in your area are selling. Here, they will post photos of the items as well as descriptions of it. You can often negotiate with prices, too, if you feel they aren’t fair. Facebook goes through strict procedures to ensure that everyone who buys and sells through Facebook Marketplace does it safely and properly.

A woman on a camping trip with a tent by the lake.

Find The Perfect Used Camping Gear Online

Every one of these websites is an incredible place to turn if you’re looking for some high-quality used camping or backpacking gear. No matter what you’re looking for or what brand you want, these websites have gently used versions just for you.

With these sites, you don’t have to pay full price and they function just as well as they would if you had just bought it off the shelf. For more information about all things trekking and traveling, Trek Baron has everything you need. Take a look at our blog and get yourself completely prepared for all of your outdoor adventures.