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Why are Catamarans so Expensive? (10 Real Reasons)

Looking to purchase a boat home or do you just want to sail the blues or maybe even sail across the world? If you answered yes to any of the above then you’re looking for a catamaran. 

They are some of the safest and most comfortable rides you can experience or own on the ocean. Of course, most of them can do cross-ocean trips. It all depends on what you need it for. The question though, is, what’s your budget? Cat’s can prove quite expensive!

Producing high-quality and safe catamaran boats require a large amount of material and know-how. Conditions like high demand and a central position all contribute to the price increase. The great thing though is that you’ll buy a boat that doesn’t lose its value.

Let’s look deeper into why Catamarans cost so much.


Why Are Catamarans So Expensive?

Catamarans, or cats as they are fondly referred to, are excellent for both fast sailing and cruising. However, as they become more prominent, so do their costs. Let’s examine what makes cats so costly starting with:

1. State-of-the-art Designs

With so many different catamaran models to pick from, it might be difficult to narrow down your options when making a purchase. Moreover, a contemporary, expansive, high-quality boat with the newest high-end technology is appealing to any potential boat owner.

Chart plotters, AC, GPS, and auto-pilot, are just some of the newest technology and extras that most luxury cars come with.

Catamaran manufacturers introduce new models every year that feature substantial advancements in catamaran design, ensuring that the highest-end vessels demonstrate cutting-edge approaches to cat construction, configuration, and equipment.

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2. You Can Handle Cats Easily

A catamaran is rather simple to sail. Every aspect of these vessels has been carefully worked out to make them simple to operate. Sailing is easier for one person to do alone since the helm station is located in such a way that the lines all lead back to the helm.

On downwind trips and wide stretches, the boats are also able to cruise at high speeds.

Since you have two rudders and engines, these multihulls are also easier to handle and dock. Gear including bow thrusters is unnecessary.

3. A Catamaran’s Stability Is Second to None

how to pack for children on a cat cruise

Catamarans are a good bet for a family sailing trip, especially one that includes the grandparents. There are no waves and no heeling on cats, so even people with shaky feet can walk around or inside the boat while it is underway. Catamarans are more stable than monohulls.

Cooking aboard a catamaran is easier and more fun. That’s because it’s stable, which reduces the effects of sea motion. Onboard, the catamaran, your families, friends, plus guests will have a wonderful time eating and chilling with each other. Furthermore, even in inclement weather, the majority of your belongings will remain intact.

Also, since production catamarans don’t have a strong keel, they have an inherent buoyancy that makes them safe.

4. Cabin Space on Catamarans is Huge

As a result of their spare bedrooms, restrooms, and living quarters, catamaran boats are roomier than traditional monohulls, but they also come with a higher price tag. 

For both crew and guests, a large salon spares them from having to squeeze under short ladders that are common in monohull designs. On top of providing extra living and fun spaces, the flybridge deck gets fresh sea air. That makes it an enjoyable spot to spend time.

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In addition, even in the smallest of catamarans, each cabin has enough headroom to stand up. Boats like this one are ideal for folks who want to spend more time at sea but don’t have a lot of space in their current vessel.

5. Cats Offer More Privacy

catamaran hat

Due to the catamaran design, there is more room for seclusion, which is especially important if you have children on board because it makes it easier for them to have a good night’s sleep without interference from the main living area.

Another advantage of multihulls is that they feature two separate living areas, making them ideal for sailing with friends and family.

6. Cats Have Many Things in Twos

There are many systems and equipment on these vessels, like two hulls, sail drives, decks, and engines. You should also take into account how much space is taken up by the cockpit, bridge deck underneath, and cabins.

Adding to the overall cost are the materials needed to lay up, bond, and finish each one of these locations.

Unfortunately, the price of the catamaran doesn’t end there. These multi-hulls also require a lot of money to keep running. With two engines instead of one, you’ll be doing a lot more work. They also take up a lot of space in marinas, which means they cost almost twice as much to dock.

In addition, catamarans are not always welcome at all yacht clubs. The cost of land transportation and storage, if necessary, is high.

7. Use Specialized Construction Materials

Curved daggerboards, high-end sails, rigging, and carbon hulls, are commonly used in ultra-high-performance catamarans. Additionally, epoxy-coated composite gear and hulls result in lighter, quicker boats, but at a higher price.

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The strength to weight ratio for these materials is higher since cats are sensitive to weight, making them even more expensive. In other words, you’d only be looking at the weight and not the quality. In the long run, you’ll pay less money upfront, but you’ll sacrifice durability, comfort, and upkeep in the process.

8. Outstanding Sailing Choice


Raised or flybridge helms are common on modern catamarans, allowing for a wider field of view from the helm station. There is also a single level above water for the galley, main salon, and cockpit. 

A better view and a more exciting and memorable experience await you aboard the yacht. With most of your living space located above the water’s surface, you’ll be able to breathe easier. There is less of a demand for air conditioning during the day because of this natural ventilation.

9. Load Carrying Capabilities Are Superb

Catamarans are capable of transporting a lot of weight. If you’re looking for a racing boat, you’ll need to examine the pros and cons carefully. 

Before a race, you remove all of the extra sails and tanks from the boat so that it is light enough to travel quickly. When it comes to sailing, speed isn’t an issue because you don’t need to carry a lot of gear for the journey ahead.

Because of this, the best-designed cruising cat takes into account the weight of a boat after the buyer sets up equipment like an air conditioner, generator, dive compressor, and other required equipment.

10. Puts You in a Prestigious Status

Catamarans, according to some boat owners, are expensive not because they cost a lot to build, but because they are a status symbol to own. As a result of the great regard they enjoy, they are in high demand, and as a result, their price is high. Customers often expect to spend a high amount for a high-end yacht.

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Buying a catamaran necessitates careful consideration.

Buying a Catamaran: Things to Keep in Mind

old catamarans

When purchasing a catamaran, what should you keep in mind? Financial security is a given, but what about ongoing expenses? When is the greatest time of year to make a purchase? In this part, we address all of these issues.


Over half a million dollars is required to buy a high-quality catamaran that is at least 40 feet in length. Most people can’t afford to acquire the boat they need or want because of the high price tag. 

Sailing firms sell mostly pre-owned catamarans because you don’t want to invest your entire life savings on a boat.

Buying a new catamaran is the smartest choice if you expect to continue sailing for a few more years. You’d be better off renting a catamaran or purchasing an old one if you’re willing to put in some maintenance.

Are Used Cats Expensive Too?

Buying a used cat is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one because they are sold at a lower price but still provide the same sailing adventure. Even if you’re willing to pay a little more for a pre-owned cat that’s only a few years old, you’ll receive your money’s worth.

It’s important to keep in mind that boat prices are influenced by market competition. You should expect higher prices for highly sought-after catamaran models with limited supply, as this is a free market. Because of this, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money for that model.

Add-ons and Expenses

Buying a catamaran isn’t the end of the road, since there are additional fees that come with owning one. Among them are:

  • The few for due diligence
  • Costs of removal
  • Getting a driver’s license and insurance
  • Customs and excise taxes
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Catamaran Deals: How to Find Them

Learn when the best times to buy and sell boats are (usually in the summer in the Caribbean).

Don’t miss out on excellent prices on boats at boat shows (which usually fall on the East Coast). All the latest technology is usually incorporated.

There are also free items you can get from manufacturers, like autopilot as well as amazing discounts and additional possibilities.