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What is a Catamaran Cruise? (A Complete Guide)

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? It’s nothing like a catamaran cruise. First of all, the designs, feel and overall atmosphere is completely different. The experiences you get to have while taking a catamaran cruise are unmatched.

First of all, cruise ships are way bigger and everything is planned, plus you have to compete with large crowds. A Catamaran is smaller, has fewer people, obviously, and is intimate. So what is a catamaran cruise?

A catamaran cruise is one involving a small group of people, allowing you to visit a myriad of places if you choose, including serene islands. The cruise can include a captain and crew to do everything for you, or a charter led by you or your companions. 

Discover more about this incredible means of exploring a lot of nature’s designs as you keep reading. Just in case you’ve never actually been close to a cat, let me explain that first.


What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a large sailboat with two hulls instead of one and provides a unique degree of satisfaction. You won’t have to worry about hanging onto your drink across every wave thanks to this design, which maintains the boat stable when at sea.

Every cruise differs. Some have many deck layouts plus private sections aboard the catamaran. It depends on the dimensions of the one you decide to charter. You can soak up the sun, sip cocktails from the bar, and feast on island-style cocktails and cuisine.

Because of their shallow hulls, catamaran cruises may anchor virtually anywhere and visit coastlines and tropical regions that are tough to reach by boat. Because of this, the catamaran is an excellent choice for visitors hoping to learn about some of the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean, and more, truly grand hidden gems.

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Catamaran Cruises Explained

It’s possible to have a more intimate, relaxing, and luxurious cruise experience on a catamaran. A catamaran offers a very different kind of independence and self-direction than a large ocean liner, with its rigid schedules and shared rooms.

Cat charters are a favorite of the captains for taking us out to look at the sea closer. You’ll view many nearby islands, swim in some of the world’s most popular reefs, and eat a gourmet lunch while on these special tours.

What Makes Catamaran Cruises so Prominent?


Size and stability are two factors that make catamaran cruises so intriguing. We decide how many people we’d like to travel with and hit the water almost anywhere and anytime. A catamaran’s two hulls and the extra space between them provide for more living space on and below decks. 

Cats are a favorite among those who rent a boat for a vacation. More people and more things can fit here. In addition, the boat doesn’t heel like a monohull. That’s because of the stability of the two hulls keeping it level. Because you aren’t fighting gravity when sailing, the experience is less taxing. 

Catamarans require less water to float than monohulls, allowing you to sail in shallower waters and avoid rolling around at anchor. Also, the two hulls are independent of each other, allowing for extra privacy for individuals onboard.

Ways to Charter a Catamaran for a Cruise


Are you traveling by yourself, as a couple, as a family, or with a small group? There is a catamaran cruise package for everyone, including:

Full-crew Catamaran

A fully crewed catamaran rental is the most expensive and luxurious choice for a catamaran voyage. To put it another way, you hire a private boat with a crew to take care of all of the shipboard chores. That includes navigation, cooking, and cleaning for you. The only thing you need to do is have fun.

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Catamaran With a Skipper

You can hire a catamaran with a captain only if you’ve sailed before but don’t want the burden of navigating in new waters. You’ll be helmed by a licensed skipper, or they’ll teach you how. Everything else is up to you and your crew: preparing food, cleanup, hoisting the sails, and so on.

Chartering A Catamaran Without A Crew

To charter, a bareboat is to sail alone! You’ll be in charge of navigating, sailing, restocking, and preparing the ship for the voyage. Chartering a bareboat is a great option for many reasons: absolute liberty and secrecy. Risk and responsibility are the main drawbacks.

Booking a Catamaran Cabin

This option is best for those who don’t know how to sail or who cannot afford to charter a whole yacht. Cabin catamaran charters are available. A crewed charter can be had for a low cost by taking a small group on a private trip.

Helpful Hints for a Catamaran Cruise

catamaran hat

Unless you’re going out to a fancy restaurant, you don’t need to dress up for dinner. Boat shoes plus a poor weather kit are essential. A lighter bag is more convenient to store than a tough suitcase.

Carry Only What You Absolutely Must

It’s best to avoid lingering around the docks while you wait for the bags to be found by an air carrier. Prescriptions, sanitary products, sunscreen, and at minimum one piece of clothing should all be in your carry-on.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Pack a cap (with a clasp or rope, so it won’t blow away), eyewear with straps, sunblock (preferably one that’s harmless to aquatic life), and coverups to protect yourself from the sun in the tropics.

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Prepare For a Soaking

Your favorite Birkin bag should not be carried on a catamaran. Don’t bring anything that could be damaged by seawater, such as shoes or clothing. Waterproof containers or plastic bags must be used to store important files and electronics.

Before Leaving, Make Sure You Have Adequate Travel Insurance

Chartering a catamaran is a pricey endeavor. The places they can take you are out of the way. 

Even with a well-trained captain, there is a degree of risk involved. Travel insurance is a must-have for your sailing holiday for the following three reasons. 

Trip cancellation and disruption coverage, along with emergency health and dental as well as mobility coverage, should be included in your insurance policy.

Minimalist Packing

First and foremost, keep in mind that storage capacity on a catamaran is often limited. Carry one big or two simple soft-sided sacks or backpacks that can be folded up easily.

  • Take only small, easily-stowed baggage like duffels when traveling
  • It is tough to stow or might damage the hardwood if you use a tough suitcase
  • Catamaran yacht passengers should bring bathing suits, light t-shirts, shorts, and skirts for the summer

As a result, it’s pleasant and sunny throughout the day but might get chilly at night, necessitating the wearing of a sweater or light jacket while sailing.

  • If you’re planning to dine ashore, bring some “smart casual” attire, such as light slacks, a collared shirt, and a summer dress with you
  • Having a couple of old t-shirts on hand is a good idea if you’re going to go out on the water or a Jet Ski or SUP
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While onboard, we request that all guests adhere to the “bare feet” regulation. It’s best to wear tennis shoes or a pair of white rubber-soled sandals when on the deck. Meanwhile, stiletto heels can harm the wood flooring while black-soled shoes might cause unattractive marks, making these a definite no. If you’re going ashore, land shoes are alright, but try taking them off before reboarding.

Children’s Needs

We recommend that you pack all of your child’s essentials, including feeding bottles, baby wipes, diapers, as well as their favorite toys, for your children. If you plan on bringing any modeling mixture, markers, pens, or LEGOs, keep them at home.

As for youngsters, a compact bag containing the following supplies may be useful: a backpack, eyewear, beach flip flops, sunblock for kids, a UV-protective swimming outfit, goggles, and bug sprays.

Other Essentials:

  • Earplugs and Sunglasses
  • Plastic Bags to secure items 
  • Beach towels with hoods for added protection from the wind
  • Soaps and moisturizers for the skin and antiperspirant deodorant for the body, as well as anti-motion sickness medication (just in case)
  • Extra phone batteries, solar charger as there’s one outlet in the cabin for all of the electronic devices
  • Chargers for an iPod and a camera

Final Tips For a Perfect Catamaran Cruise

  • Charter contracts and travel paperwork
  • Make sure you don’t bring anything of value with you, especially anything that isn’t water-resistant
  • It’s impossible to retrieve expensive watches and jewels once they’ve been lost at sea
  • You may only use half of the clothes you bring, so don’t overpack
  • Pack additional space for mementos or a folding bag for purchases you make on your trip
  • Bring many hats and sunglasses in case you lose one in the wind
  • Don’t ruin your skin and ultimately the vacation by forgetting to use sunscreen
  • A tough, water-resistant camera bag
  • Documents required for travel, such as a passport and a visa (if applicable)
  • Medicine for motion sickness, whether prescribed or over-the-counter (if applicable)
  • If you prefer to bring your scuba or snorkel gear, do so
  • When snorkeling, wear sunglasses, a cap, and a UV-protective T-shirt
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