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6 Reasons to Book Adult Only Resorts

There’s no doubt that adult-only resorts are heaven-on-earth for people who want to enjoy a tranquil and deeply relaxing vacation without stroppy teenagers and screaming babies in a luxurious setting.

Adult-only resorts do not allow children under 18. They provide amenities that are more suited to adults, with lively party resorts for younger adults and romantic, tranquil resorts for couples. They provide adult activities like bar hopping, sports activities, and couple massages.

Although adult-only resorts are a great option for those who want to get away from their frantic lifestyle and reconnect with their partners, there is so much more to discover about these unique vacations. So, if you want to book a great romantic getaway – read on!

What Makes Adult Only Resorts So Great?

Photo showing a beach resort with huts and palm trees n the area with a wooden sign that reads Welcome, Adults only

While spending time with your kids on family vacations is precious, we all need time away from our busy schedules with our partners to rekindle our relationships and potentially deal with sleep deprivation.

So, in that instance, adult-only resorts are ideal as they provide tailor-made accommodations for more sophisticated clientele with bespoke dining options and amenities that are solely tailored to adults to create a peaceful ambiance without toddler tantrums.

Adult Only Resort Options

Adult-only resorts cater to all types of couples ranging from outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, sailing, and water sports to couples who prefer a laid-back vacation at all-inclusive resorts with fine dining and pool-side cocktails on tap.

There are numerous adults-only resorts across the globe with spectacular mountain and lakeside views or beachfront locations with hot tropical climates to choose from.

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While there are several adult-only resorts in Europe, warmer countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, and Croatia tend to be the most popular, including tropical resorts in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, and stunning Jamaica.

Although you don’t have to travel far and wide as there are several fabulous US adult-only resorts to choose from in various settings ranging from mountains and deserts to spectacular beaches, albeit the most popular US destinations include tropical Florida Keys, Miami, and California.

However, there is also a growing trend for adult-only “nacations” at resorts with nude sunbathing areas or resorts where clothing is optional and caters to couples who are looking for a more exciting, passionate, and unusual vacation.

There are numerous stunning nude-friendly destinations in the Caribbean and five-star resorts in Mexico where you have the freedom to decide what you want to wear or not, and no one will bat an eyelid!

Although having said that, it is important to stress the fact that adult-only resorts cater to everyone. In fact, your options are endless!

6 Reasons To Book Adult Only Resorts

Here are six reasons to finally make that (well deserved) reservation if you need a little bit more convincing to book an adult-only vacation with your loved one.

1. Rest and Rejuvenation

All-inclusive adult-only resort packages provide a tranquil sanctuary where everything is taken care of, and all you need to do is rest and have fun with your loved one without having to worry about making dinner or your kid’s homework. It’s the perfect setting to recharge your (flat) batteries!

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2. Make New Friends

Adults-only resorts are a great place to widen your social circle and to meet like-minded couples with similar interests who might even become lifelong friends.

But the best part is that you can thoroughly enjoy spending time with adults like wine tasting, fine dining, or other adult-only activities with your partner (and without having to worry about babysitters).

3. Bespoke Amenities

While traditional resorts and hotels have family-friendly amenities to entertain children and keep them occupied, adult-only resorts have many more amenities that cater to adults.

So, you will be able to truly enjoy more adult-orientated tours, spa privileges, sports activities, and entertainment compared with family resorts, including themed rooms with additional amenities.

4. Romantic Getaways

Adult-only resorts are the perfect setting to celebrate your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or as a romantic getaway to connect with your partner as they provide romantic activities like couples massages or cozy fire pits to gaze at the stars.

However, it does not stop there, as most resorts have various other romantic activities geared toward couples, and certain exclusive resorts even include a butler, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

5. Adult-Only Resort Costs

While adult-only resorts tend to be more luxurious compared to family-orientated resorts, they can be more expensive because they cater to a more sophisticated clientele with better amenities.

Although it’s important to highlight that adult-only resorts compete, keep an eye out for their special promotions, as you might get a great deal!

However, all-inclusive adult-only resort packages which are paid upfront include accommodation, outstanding cuisine, fun activities, entertainment, and drinks, which means that you can simply relax without having to worry about your daily budget or anything else – other than your tan and having fun.

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While other inclusive resort packages at high-end adult-only resorts offer complimentary horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, golf, spa treatments, complimentary beverages, and champagne, including fascinating tours of historical sites and other attractions, so it’s worth taking your time and shopping around.

6. Free Time

Anyone who has ever spent time with nagging kids will know that there is never enough time to indulge in your favorite activities or anything that piques your interest, especially if you want to prevent a total meltdown!

Adult-only resorts give you more free time to discover the history and culture of a region, shop till you drop in little boutiques, or enjoy fun outdoor activities like scuba diving and hiking nature trails with your loved one to create special memories of a time where you were completely carefree.


Adult-only resorts offer busy couples with demanding lifestyles the chance to connect on a romantic getaway without kids and away from all the stresses and strains of daily family life. 

It’s a dream come true for busy couples who want to relax in a blissful setting, where all you must do is absolutely nothing.