26 Different Types of Travel

Boarding Pass and Money inside a Passport Surrounded by Travel Accessories.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Who doesn’t want to travel and explore the world? Everyone dreams of going on a trip of a lifetime with their family, friends, or heading on to a travel adventure alone. Meeting new people, trying out different cuisines, soaking in the cultures, and going on thrilling adventures – traveling is always an exciting and inspirational experience. Whether your plan is fulfilling your wanderlust alone or with others, it requires taking time off, saving up, and actually making an effort to follow your travel plans.

While family vacation, solo trips, and romantic getaways are some of the common types of travel trips, there are a number of others that the majority are not even aware of. If your urge to travel is growing, then have a look at these 26 types of travel that you can go for. These trips are bound to appeal to the wanderlust in you to head on to an amazing adventure.

1. Business Travel

Three Professionals in a meeting.

This is one of the most common types of travel. Business trips are taken solely for the purpose of business – for meetings, to attend conferences, to meet potential business partners or potential clients. While business travel is usually a short trip, with tight schedules and meetings, traveling for business is indeed a major perk!

In many business trips, people work the usual 9-to-5 hours and are free to explore the country in their spare time. There are plenty of opportunities for business travelers to meet new people, get to know the culture, and try out the amazing food.

2. Event Travel

Traveling abroad to attend an event like a music festival, sports event, Coachella or a cultural festival sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is a great way of exploring a completely new place and experiencing the excitement of the event celebrations. Moreover, people from all over the world come to attend such events. This means it is a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about new cultures!

3. Backpacking Trip

Female Backpacker on a Mountain.

One should go on a backpacking trip at least once in their lifetime. This trip is like no other and gives you a sense of freedom with no pressure, no commitment. It is just you and the world for you to explore. Backpacking through a country, even if it is a short trip will make you see the world in a different light. Some days might be hard but this trip will give you plenty of stories to share with your loved ones.

4. The Impromptu Trip

When the urge to traveling overtakes, all you want to do is pack your bags and head out to explore the world. That’s what this trip literally is. Sudden plans are always the best, aren’t they? Whether you head out alone, with a friend or family, heading to a nearby city or a road trip, an impromptu trip is sure to give you the thrills. You will come back with adventurous and inspirational stories!

5. Solo Travel

Woman Backpacker on Mountain.

This is without a doubt, one of the best types of travel. This travel offers you a chance to discover yourself while you travel alone. Surprisingly, many people are reluctant to traveling alone but embarking on a solo trip will prove to be a life-changing and rewarding trip. You get to do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and alter your trip as per your liking without any pressure for anyone. This would be one of the most liberating things you would do in your life. Give it a try, go solo!

6. Family Vacation

Family of Four on a Beach.

Family vacations are the best way of relaxing and connecting with your family. With the increasing pressure of everyday life, one rarely gets the time to spend quality moments with their family. With work, home chores, assignments, and tests, parents, and children simply go through about their daily routine without bonding. A family vacation is a much-needed break, away from all the stressors, to spend time with your family. It helps in strengthening the familial bond.

7. Siblings-Only Vacation

As you grow older, you gradually grow apart from your siblings due to many reasons – living in different cities or countries, tough routines, and so on. The happiness of living independently and not having your siblings to annoy you eventually wears off and you start missing that love-hate relationship. When was the last time you spent quality time with your partners-in-crime? Isn’t it about time you had a siblings-only trip?

8. The Ultimate All-Girls/All-Boys Travel

Three Men Working on the Boat.

This. This is the real deal. Even thinking about heading off with your girls or boys can be exciting. This is the trip that is loaded with crazy adventures, amazing vacation spots, and ultimate fun. This is a perfect time to unburden your woes, create new memories, and strengthen your bond with your friends.

9. Long-Term Slow Trip

This means taking a few months or a year off to travel to different places around the globe or exploring a country. In this trip you travel at your own pace, stay for a long duration at each place to soak in the culture and norms of that city/town. For this travel, people usually opt for cheap accommodations and food to fund their travel for a longer duration. The long-term slow trip becomes more of a lifestyle than a trip.

10. Friends-Only Travel

Group of Friends Enjoying on a Sailboat.

This type of trip needs no introduction! A trip with friends is what everyone dreams about, even as kids. There are amazing destinations where one can visit with their friends. The place you want to go, the adventures you are looking for depends solely on you and your friends. You can head to an island to enjoy a relaxing time at the seashore, head off to an adventure travel destination, or have each one of you pick a different city to travel. The possibilities are endless!

11. Group Travel

Group traveling is also a popular type of travel. Heading off to a destination with a group of fellow students or adventure seekers can be a thrilling experience. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, there is a group tour for everything! There are many traveling agencies that organize group tours where you can get more information. The best thing about group travel is that you don’t have to make an effort and spend time making an itinerary. The entire plan is already created by the agent and all you need to do is take time off and enjoy the adventure.

12. Luxury Travel

Happy Couple in a Pool.

Luxury travel is all about indulging in the best possible services, sumptuous and lavish accommodation, unrivaled and exquisite dining, educational and informative guides – all the works! This is a travel trip with no pressure of time, no stress, and getting all your expectations exceeded. Typically, these trips include heading off to a resort, wellness retreat, or spa resort to help relax and de-stress from your hectic everyday life.

13. Weekend Travel

Woman Taking a Picture of Colorful Buildings.

Weekend traveling is a skill, very few have mastered. Typically, people think traveling requires at least a week so you can properly enjoy, but many travel enthusiasts fulfill their wanderlust by heading off to an adventure on a weekend as well. This means looking out for cheaper flights, finding a shorter road route to a city less traveled, and packing light. While it sounds like a whirlwind, a weekend break is a great means of escaping your hectic life and heading back to work on Monday, recharged.

14. Gap Year Travel

This is when you take a year off your studies and travel to a different country to either visit your relatives, study a course, volunteer, or do a short-term job. Thinking of a gap year typically conjures up the image of a young student going off trekking, or getting some work experience before entering the ‘real world’. However, a gap year can be taken at any age or any point in your career. It simply means to take a year off and travel anywhere you want to go.

15. Road Trip

Friends on a Road Trip Looking at a Map.

Pack your bags, pick out some fun tunes, buckle that seat belt, and head out on the road for an exciting road trip. Whether you rent out an RV or caravan or take your own car, this is bound to be a thrilling adventure. Road trips are fun with friends, family, and even when you are alone. You discover new places that you haven’t traveled to, stumble across beautiful routes, and meet interesting people.

16. DIY Travel

The majority of travelers opt for travel agents or seek someone’s help when making their travel itinerary. While those trips turn out to be amazing since they include places, food, and activities highly recommended by frequent travels, creating your own itinerary has its own perks. You get to decide where you want to go and create your itinerary as you go along. These kinds of trips help you learn various travel hacks, save money, and give you an opportunity to go to places less traveled!

17. Visiting Relatives or Friends

Family at the Dining Table.

Another most common type of travel is visiting your family or friends abroad. The major advantage of this travel is that you already have a place to stay, and people to show you around the country. This means you can stay for a longer duration and get to explore the country from the insider’s perspective. However, there can be one downside, you might not have the freedom to explore the country on your own and have to follow the itinerary created by your relatives or friends.

18. Volunteer Travel

Volunteering can indeed be a rewarding experience since you are helping those in need and adding value to a community. Heading out to a new country to volunteer can be even more thrilling and satisfying as you not only help people but also go through an experience of a lifetime.

Whether you work at an organic farm in Italy, help out at an orphanage in Cambodia, or help build a school in Africa, you are sure to have a gratifying trip. The volunteer cause can be different, depending on the traveler and there are various non-profit organizations that offer meals and accommodations for their helpers, which further cuts down the cost of expense. You get to travel while also making this world a better place. Sounds great?

19. No Destination Travel

Young Hitchhiking Woman with a Travel Bag.

Packing light and set off to wherever the road takes you. Many people head to the airport and get the first flight leaving, hitchhiking, or heading out in their car without a destination in mind. This is a great way of exploring the globe with the added mystery of not knowing where you will end up.

20. Working Abroad

Silhouette of a Man Walking with a Travel Suitcase.

Working abroad is a completely different experience than vacationing or traveling. Working in a different country provides you with the opportunity to experience life as a local, as well as puts you in unique situations you couldn’t have experienced in your own homeland. It is a truly enriching experience immersing in a completely new culture.

This type of travel can be done anywhere or anytime. Getting exciting work experience in a foreign country during your summer vacations, taking a semester off to get real-life experience, opting for an internship program, working abroad for a few months or a few years – this type of travel would give you the work experience, as well as knowledge about the culture and traditions of the country.

This type of travel can also beef up your resume. You will surely attain professional and personal growth by working abroad while also enjoying the travel trip.

21. Adventure Travel

Man Standing in Water Preparing.

What is life without an adventure? If you are an adventure lover then this type of travel is perfect for you. Adventure travel is loaded with thrilling things to do. You can go camping, mountaineering, trekking, or do water sports on any destination you want to travel to.

22. Student Exchange Program

Two Students Studying in a School Library.

Opting for a student exchange program is one of the best types of travel! This is a great way to get a taste of traveling at a young age while also experiencing a different culture. In the past decade, many great student exchange programs have popped up all over the world. This means you have an opportunity to travel to and study in almost any country you want to.

This creates lasting memories, fosters friendships, and helps you learn inspirational lessons. These student exchange programs are open to all ages, majors, and levels of language fluency. Moreover, it adds credits to your degree program. Some of the great things about this program are the various student discounts, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities you can score.

23. Full Degree Program

Aside from student exchange programs that typically last a semester, you can also opt for a full degree program in another country. Pursuing your studies abroad gives you the best of both worlds. In this travel, you get an opportunity to pursue your entire degree in a different country. Throughout your time there, you get to meet locals and other foreigners. Moreover, you have a home base in a new country from where you can head out and explore different cities and towns of that country.

Many universities and colleges offer scholarships and other financial aid for international students. There are hostels and other student accommodations that you can easily afford as you study and explore the country. Some countries even allow students to work for specific hours a week without the need for a work visa. This means you would be earning some money to indulge in your travel adventures.

24. Romantic Travel

Young Couple Holding Hands at the beach.

This is another popular type of travel. Heading off to an exotic location with your partner is an amazing way of spending quality time with one another, rekindling your romance, and experiencing exciting adventures together. Whether you are newlyweds, engaged, married for years, recently started dating or have been together for years, romantic travel strengthens your relationship and brings you closer to

one another away from the daily routine and stressful life. Selecting the right destination mostly depends on your taste. Are you both looking for an adventure? Do you want a whimsical romantic destination? Do historic places interest you both? Are you food lovers? No matter what the country you choose, you will make great memories that will last a lifetime.

25. Travel to Teach English

Modern-day travel has made its way to another exciting type of travel – traveling to teach English or other languages/subject. Opting to teach abroad not only gives you an opportunity to travel to an exciting new destination but also pays. This is a great long-term paying opportunity, which will enable you to come back home with a good amount of savings along with great lessons learned and exhilarating stories to share with others.

Moreover, this type of travel will teach you how to budget, which will surely be useful for future travels. There are numerous teaching opportunities available all over the world, from remote villages to major cities where you will learn to learn from all walks of life and different age groups. This opportunity also comes with professional growth like tutoring skills, cross-cultural communication, leadership skills, and more.

26. Understanding-Your-Roots Travel

Young Woman Tourist Studying a Map.

Ever wondered where your ancestors are from? What better travel than the travel that helps you understand and get to know your roots? From lush mountains to relaxing countryside, embark on the journey to discover your roots and learn more about your family.


There is no prime time or right age to travel. With such a vast collection of travel types, you can embark on any travel journey you want to explore. Whether you like everything properly planned in a group tour, prefer the mystery of no destination travel, enjoy solo travel, or prefer family or friends travel, there are many amazing destinations for you to explore. There is bound to be a country and type of travel that can fit your time frame and budget. Don’t just think or dream about traveling, pack your bags, pick a destination, and head out. The world out there is waiting to be explored.

Go on wanderlust, off to your next adventure!