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10 Hotel Chains Similar to Hyatt

Exterior photo of a hotel.

  • Hyatt hotels are an upscale option for business travelers and families alike. 
  • There are several other hotels offering features and amenities similar to Hyatt. 
  • Learn about other options that provide reliable comfort and luxury-level service. 

Are you planning a business trip or vacation? If so, you don’t want to make a mistake with your choice of hotel. After all, you want a comfortable stay with convenient amenities. That is why Hyatt hotels are so popular. These hotels are known for their upscale elegance, as well as their convenience and top-notch service. My stays at Hyatt hotels have always been memorable for all the best reasons. 

There’s one catch: Hyatt is often all booked up. It’s so well-loved there may not be any rooms available for your business trip or vacation. If you find there’s no Hyatt room available for your next trip, check out these similar hotels. 

What is a Hyatt Hotel?

Hyatt hotel logo photographed.

Hyatt hotels feature an array of amenities, both in the room and the wider hotel. The amenities you will get depend on the specific Hyatt brand of your hotel, as well as the location. As an upscale hotel chain, Hyatt hotels invariably offer comfort and style. Rooms and suites are always stylishly decorated with a plush, inviting feel. 

No matter what your needs, there is a Hyatt brand to meet them. I have stayed at Hyatt Place for business trips. If you really want to splash out, look into booking a Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, or another of Hyatt’s more exclusive brands. One of the most distinctive features of all Hyatt brands is its dependably upscale atmosphere. 

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Hotels Similar to Hyatt Hotel

Without a doubt, Hyatt Hotel is a prestigious choice. But you may not be able to find a vacancy on the right dates. If this happens, you can always look for a room in one of the following options instead. Of course, no other hotel is exactly the same as Hyatt, but each of the selections we list below has its own similarities. 

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

A photo of chairs, tables, and swimming pool near the sea of a hotel.

We’ve all heard the name Hilton. It’s pretty much synonymous with hotels and resorts, and for good reason. I can tell you from experience that Hilton hotels provide service and comfort similar to what you get with Hyatt. Of course, the amenities you get may vary a bit from location to location. One constant, however, is that you always feel welcome and highly valued. 

There is a multitude of premium Hilton hotel locations all over the United States, but one of the best known is Hilton San Diego Bayfront. This beautiful hotel has an equally impressive view over San Diego Bay. It’s one of the most popular Hilton locations in Southern California. 

Hilton almost matches Hyatt when it comes to popularity with business travelers. Like Hyatt, Hilton creates accommodations with business, as well as pleasure, top of mind. Get a Breakfast Included Package so you enjoy a delicious breakfast before your long day of meetings. 

Four Seasons

Wonderful overall view of a hotel with city lights at night.

Four Seasons hotels pride themselves on creating beautiful settings for their guests. With meticulous attention to detail, we can always rely on Four Seasons accommodations to provide a truly upscale experience. This is where it most resembles Hyatt. In fact, Four Seasons excels even many Hyatt hotels when it comes to lush surroundings. 

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A notable thing about Four Seasons is how each of its properties has exterior and interior design to make it perfectly fit its location. For example, a Four Seasons hotel tends to have decorative features that reflect the atmosphere and history of its city or region. Four Seasons hotels are constantly found on lists of the best hotels all around the world. For example, it is included on lists of the Best Hotels in the USA, Canada, Europe, and more. 

St. Regis Hotels

A photo of a tall building on sunny day.

If you’re serious about sophistication, St. Regis is a hotel to consider. Even more luxurious than most Hyatt hotels, St. Regis Hotels are always extraordinary. They’re just the sort of places you can imagine high-flying CEOs frequenting whenever they come into town. There are several St. Regis locations in the United States, but I feel the most impressive is in New York City. You feel like you’re stepping back in time, into the Gilded Age when you enter the lobby. 

Whether you’re a business traveler or just looking for the most elegant hotel experience, consider booking the St. Regis. While the Hyatt is reliably upscale, St. Regis tasks things to another level. 

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

A beautiful blue fountain and cottages near at the sea.

Another luxury hotel that is an excellent alternative to Hyatt is Waldorf Astoria. The most famous Waldorf Astoria location is in New York City. In fact, this is the Waldorf Astoria flagship location. Waldorf Astoria hotels have been included on Best Hotel lists for both the United States and Europe. This is not only because of their luxurious amenities but also their legendary hospitality. 

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With luxurious furnishings and the attentive service of Personal Concierges, you will have an experience to remember at any Waldorf Astoria Hotel or Resort. And get ready for delectable food. Did you know a chef at the Waldorf Astoria invented the Red Velvet Cupcake? Waldorf Astoria has a long history in New York City. It was purchased by Conrad Hilton back in 1949. 

Marriott Hotels

A photo of four beautiful tall towers of a hotel.

Known for their sleek contemporary design and relaxing retreat-like atmosphere, Marriott Hotels is another upscale chain similar to Hyatt. Marriott prides itself on creating an oasis for its guests. One of the most impressive Marriott locations in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. As well as its impressive rooms, this iconic San Francisco location boasts a rooftop restaurant and bar called The View Lounge.

With decor inspired by the Art Deco period, The View Lounge offers cuisine and handcrafted cocktails. Like the Hyatt, there are plenty of delicious eating options available on site. 

Sheraton Hotels

A photo of a resort building looking like a pyramid.

Sheraton Hotels are similar to Hyatt in how well they meet the needs of business travelers. This hotel chain is especially well-known for offering excellent meeting and event venues. There are Sheraton hotels all over the world, in more than 70 countries. The Sheraton brand dates back to 1937, when the first Sheraton hotel opened. 

One of the most notable Sheraton locations is the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. With $80M recently poured into this hotel for new structures and decor, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is nothing short of amazing. It even features a heated rooftop pool and extensive meeting space for the business-minded. In fact, flexible meeting space occupied at least 133,000 square feet of the premises.

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Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts    

A photo of a hotels' entrance.

Ritz-Carlton is a name we’ve all heard. This luxurious accommodation option has everything you could want, including access to 24-hour room service and only the most fashionable and decadent decor. Like with the other hotels we’ve talked about here, Ritz-Carlton Hotels offer plenty of opportunities for enjoying fine dining. 

Each Ritz-Carlton boasts extra features, amenities, and experiences specifically inspired by their locations. An example is how if you stay at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, you’ll be offered seafood gumbo. It’s these creative flourishes that help make the Ritz-Carlton experience such a special one. 

Another iconic Ritz-Carlton hotel is the Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. If you know anything about New York, you probably know that accommodations with a view of Central Park are among the most desirable in the city. Since this hotel’s experience is an undeniably luxurious one, why not go all out and enjoy dinner at the Auden Bistro & Bar. 

Belmond Hotels

A good looking hotel near at the sea.

Have you ever heard of the Orient-Express Hotels? Well, Belmond is the same company. The Belmond chain of hotels boasts 32 properties all over the world. When it comes to the United States, Belmond has a well-known hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. 

If you’re looking for an escape into luxury, look no further than Belmond Hotels. And if you can’t book a room with Hyatt, you’ll get everything you hoped for at Belmond. Belmond has been lauded as one of the Best Hotels in the United States

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

A outside view of fairmont hotel at morning.

Both luxury hotels and ideal business meeting venues, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are known for their conference facilities as well as their elegantly appointed rooms and suites. Fairmont is proud of its history and you will find it reflected throughout your experience in this hotel. 

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You can depend on Fairmont Hotels for the best amenities and service. If you love spas, Fairmont has a treat in store for you. 

Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts

A very atonishing view of a beach hotel with overwater bungalows.

With locations all over the United States and in many other parts of the world, Le Meridien is yet another accommodation option you should consider if the Hyatt is all booked up. This hotel chain is known for its chic modern and contemporary design, as well as tranquil atmosphere. 

Le Meridien provides consistently outstanding service, comfort, and convenience. This hotel brand is one I always know I can depend on. Le Meridien resorts are also superb.