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7 Must-See Glamping Campgrounds in North Carolina

North Carolina mountains with sunrise as a backdrop.

Every once in awhile it is important for people to take a break from the hustle-bustle of modern life. Exploring nature can be a great way to catch your breath and bask in the peace and serenity of the woods, forests, rivers, streams, and mountains.

However, camping can be a really stressful experience as well. You may find yourself worrying about bugs, having stale food, getting little to no sleep, and feeling uncomfortable without a shower and toilet nearby.

This is where glamping comes in. Glamour camping combines the peacefulness of the outdoors with the comforts of modern life. Most glamping campgrounds are equipped with the best facilities and amenities so that you don’t have to worry about basic things.

You can actually focus more on exploring the natural beauty around you and relaxing rather than wondering how to set up a tent. This way, you don’t even have to worry about spending a lot of money gathering the right equipment and tools to go camping.

Luxury Tents

When you think of camping, your mind automatically goes towards tents. They are the most common camping gear that people use. However, tents have now evolved into luxury accommodations where people can access all the amenities and facilities that they would have at home.

EarthSeed in the Smokies

A woman and her dog enjoying the tent with lights on a wooden platform.

Source: airbnb

The Butterfly Farm Sanctuary guests a small spiritual retreat. Those people who are committed to transforming their inner self and attain peace will be able to achieve true benefits from this glamping ground. The property is 22 acres of natural woods near the Smoky Mountains. There is a river that runs through the site and there are plenty of vegetarian meals that you can enjoy while you reenergize and heal.

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The beautiful mountain land which is bordered by a shimmering crystal clear river has plenty to explore. There is a dynamic creek that you can relax by, as well as thousands of acres of nearby national and state forests.

The luxury tent will be set up right by the river so that you can go to sleep with the soothing sound of flowing water. Heating is available in the tent so that the cool breeze doesn’t make you uncomfortable. There is plenty of lighting and space for you to relax in the tent, as well as a queen-sized bed, 2 chairs, and a table.

The deck that the EarthSeed tent is built upon is really the perfect place to take in the fresh air. The back door leads to a spacey outside deck from where you can enjoy the scenery around you. It is the perfect place to meditate or relax with a good book.

There is also a semi-private picnic shelter right by the tent which has other amenities for you such as a refrigerator, a cozy fireplace, a toaster oven, cooking utensils, eating utensils, and a grill. Meat is not allowed on campus since the site is strictly vegetarian. There is also a fully-equipped bathroom a minute from EarthSeed. It has a walk-in shower where the shower floor is made from river stones. It can be really relaxing and soothing.

The property will allow you access to 1,000 feet of riverfront. This allows you to go swimming, fishing, and paddleboarding. It is an incredible spot for relaxing, writing, and just taking in nature. You can also spend time in the Celesterra treehouse, which is a beautiful facility on the property. The property also has two beautiful English coon hounds that just run around and will definitely greet you.

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Luxury Tent Getaway in North Carolina

A luxury tent on a wooden raised platform in the woods.

Source: GlampingHub

There are plenty of bell tents you can rent out in Candler, North Carolina. Each luxury tent can accommodate up to three guests quite comfortably. The luxury tent has a queen sized bed, fan, lamps, and a sofa. The tent will also provide you with towels and linens, as well as other amenities such as heating, electricity, coffeemaker, and drinking water. You will also have a clean toilet and shower facilities.

The tent also has a comfortable outdoor deck where you can actually sit, relax, and take in the forest views around you. This will allow you to feel peaceful and take a moment to truly give in to the beauty around you. This is important for people who are there to get away from the stressors of life and want to rejuvenate. You can enjoy the complimentary cup of hot coffee each morning on the outdoor deck.

The luxury tents are located on beautiful grassy lands near Pisgah National Forest. You can wander around in Candler or explore Asheville, as per your preferences. Hiking trails are aplenty and you will get to see the diverse wildlife of North Carolina as you go. There are also some national forests nearby as well as access to the Smoky Mountains.


A solar-powered tipi with a wooden deck platform facing a cliff.

Source: GlampingHub

Tipis were traditionally used by Native Americans as secure shelter from the wind and sun. They are open at the top to let out smoke and provide ventilation. Nowadays, they are made from heavy canvas to provide extra protection against adverse weather. They are also large and spacious so that people can stay in them comfortably.

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Solar Powered Tipi in Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

The solar-powered tipi is a 22-foot structure. It is hand-painted and can comfortably house 2-4 guests. It has a queen-sized bed with soft, high-quality linens. There are also roll-away beds that you can rent for any additional guests. You can also lounge on the bistro table, chairs, bedside tables, and lamps.

The bathroom also has a clean area for hot showers and working toilets. The best part about the tent is the wooden deck with outdoor furniture. Guests can enjoy cooking on the barbeque in the fresh air and enjoy their meals on the picnic table. The fire pit is also a great place to get cozy and fire up some hot dogs.

There is plenty to do on the glamping site besides watching the sunset from the deck the tipi. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer the chance to indulge in plenty of outdoor activities like zip-lining, horseback riding, wine tasting, bird watching, swimming, and fishing. You can also go for water sports like finishing for trout in the local pond, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting.

If you want to explore the property you can go biking or hiking in the area. Climbing to the top of the Elk Knob State Park is also a great opportunity to take in the scenic natural beauty of North Carolina. The Grandfather Mountain Park is also nearby. There is also a large open field if you want to play games as a family.

When the temperature drops, you can actually enjoy the many ski resorts in the area. Winter sports like snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, and snow tubing can be fun for everyone. On the way back, you can warm up with a hot cup of coffee and look at some of the local antique shops and galleries.

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Luxury renovated trailers provide people with private space to lounge with ease. Glamping campgrounds have developed comfortable trailers with every amenity that you may need to explore North Carolina’s natural beauty. They can include working toilets, fully-equipped kitchens, dining areas, and comfortable full-sized beds.

Silver Bettie Glamping Ground in Asheville

A young couple in matching outfit each holding a stick with marshmallow and standing in front of a small trailer.

Source: Asheville Glamping

The Silver Bettie Glamping Ground in North Carolina is perfect for travelers who love the outdoors but don’t want to give up the comforts that modern life has to offer. The Silver Bettie was made in 1955 and sits on a 3-acre property. You can enjoy the 31-foot camper and enjoy the picturesque scenery around the campsite.

The four-person hot tub is the most relaxing and soothing thing you can do as well; it will definitely take away the stress of the day. The tiled bathroom shower will offer you an amazing hot shower that will wash off all the sweat you gathered after a day of hiking. The modern kitchen is a great place to cook up a hot meal for the day.

There is also a propane cooktop if you want a nice outdoor meal. The fire pit will be a fun place to sing campfire songs around and roast marshmallows. The cool breeze from the air conditioner will ensure that you have a comfortable sleep on the luxurious memory foam mattress. There are modern conveniences granted to the guests as well, such as a Smart TV with Netflix so that you can have a fun movie night.

There are also plenty of hiking trails in The Blue Ridge Parkway, Mountains to Sea Trail, North Carolina Arboretum, The Appalachian Trail, Dupont State Forest, and French Broad River Park.

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Yurts are basically tents but rounded. They are usually open from the peaks to let in natural light or open up to the starry night. They are built with heavy canvas so that you don’t have to bear with harsh or adverse weather. They are also fitted with the best amenities that any accommodation can offer.

Falling Waters Nantahala Yurt in Nantahala National Forest

North Carolina glamping tent interior of a yurt.

Source: Falling Waters Resort

The Falling Water Nantahala yurts are inspired by ancient designs of the Mongol era. They provide guests with the unique opportunity to immerse into the culture and design of that era, as well as the soothing scenery of natural beauty around the yurt. These deluxe accommodations are designed to spoil you so that you end up having a wonderful vacation. The simple elegance and awe-striking surroundings will ensure you have a really memorable trip.

If you rent this yurt, you will have access to the private deck that overlooks the glimmering Fontana Lake and ponds that look breathtaking at sunrise and sunset. You can listen to the sounds of nature around you or put on some of your favorite music to go with the view. The domed skylight of the yurt also provides guests with the unique experience of sleeping under the stars without giving up on the comforts of modern life.

The French wooden doors of the yurt open into spacious accommodation with three large windows to let in plenty of natural light. The cool mountain breeze and ceiling fan ensure that you are comfortable in the summer. The yurt is made with a heavy canvas that provides insulation in spring and fall. The yurt houses 2-4 people comfortably.

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It has one queen-sized bed and a futon to sleep on. You can store your leftovers and water bottles in the small refrigerator. The yurt also has a CD player, cassette, and AM-FM radio to give it an authentic feeling. There is a space heater for colder nights too. You can also make some fresh coffee in the coffeemaker to enjoy on the deck in the fresh air.

The campsite also provides you with amenities including fresh drinking water, laundry services, drink machines, and a picnic area with grills so that you are comfortable when glamping in the outdoors. Yurt Village has shared but private bathrooms. They have stall showers where you can wash off the tiredness after a day of trekking.

As for things to do, you can go on Nantahala rafting, which is a fun way to explore the surroundings. Jeep tours are also available for people who want to see the whole national park. The Nantahala zip lining tour is also popular among guests and local residents alike.


Cabins are one of the most popular glamping accommodations in the state. This is because they are secure facilities that can be fitted with the best amenities. They also provide privacy and can be built in the more remote and beautiful areas without harming the environment.

Tree House Cabin in Asheville, North Carolina

Tree house cabin in Asheville.

Source: GlampingHub

This tree house cabin is built in a unique and private property just outside Asheville. The beauty and serenity of this place are unparalleled, which is why it is a popular destination for many people. The guests will be greeted by the hosts and settled into the cozy accommodation. A private 20-acre sanctuary is a must-visit place for people wanting to get away from the hustle-bustle that they normally have to deal with.

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A delicious gourmet breakfast will be provided to you each morning so that you feel more at ease. The tee house has a comfortable queen-sized bed with soft custom bedding. There is running water, electricity, a dressing table, cell service, and a dining table. You can make exceptional fresh coffee in the coffee maker and enjoy it in the fresh air outside.

The lovely front porch is great for taking in the beauty around you and truly feeling at peace. There is an outdoor shower and hairdryer so that you can go to sleep feeling refreshed after a long day of exploring the property.

Firewood is also available if in case you want to light up a warm campfire in the fire pit. There is a private barbeque as well if you want to make a hot meal or enjoy fresh baked goods from the on-site bakery next to the cozy fireplace.

You should definitely take advantage of the natural beauty around you while you are at the glamping site. There is a French Board River where you can try your hand at fly fishing or go whitewater rafting. It can also be really fun to explore the valley on a mountain bike or even go for a hot air balloon ride.

Nearby at Navitat, you can also go ziplining and indulge in the rush of adrenaline. You can also go hiking in Chimney Rock Park or go for wine tasting in the Western North Carolina winery. Other activities include bird watching, yoga, horseback riding, meditating, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, and golfing.

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In the nearby city of Asheville, you will find even more to do. It has an incredible food scene and has a range of craft breweries that you can tour.

Luxury Wooden Cabin near Lake Lure

A wooden luxury cabin near Lake Lure.

Source: GlampingHub

The mountain wooden cabin is the perfect place to watch the beautiful Lake Lure from. It provides people with an amazing getaway opportunity to the wonderful outdoors. It has its own private hot tub in the open air, so you can soak while looking at the stars. The cabin has a bedroom and a bathroom, as well as a cozy micro-loft.

There is also a fully-equipped kitchen with all sorts of amenities like utensils, oven, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, dishwasher, stove, dishes, and a refrigerator. There is also a charcoal barbeque so that you can grill a hot meal.

The cabin itself comes with plenty of appliances like heaters, air-conditioners, Wi-Fi, washers, dryers, and a cozy electric fireplace. You can cuddle and watch a fun movie on the DirecTV or lounge with a fresh cup of coffee on the screen porch. Near the cabin, you will also find a magnificent gazebo with outstanding views. The gazebo has a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows and share stories.

There is plenty to do in the area as well. You can drive up to Lake Lure where a variety of water sports await you. You can go swimming, fishing, sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, white-water rafting, kayaking, and boating.

There are some really fun and incredible zip-lining opportunities in the area which can be really fun. Hiking trails in the area make it easier to look at wildlife, explore, take pictures, and go for a picnic. There is also a golf course where you can try your hand, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants.

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Asheville is barely an hour away from the site. You can also take a drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway for the scenic beauty. Other nearby attractions include The North Carolina Arboretum, The Biltmore Estate and Gardens, and the Craggy Gardens.


Glamping can be a really fun experience since it offers you a unique chance to explore a scenic destination and get away from the stressors in life. The best part is that you aren’t forced to give up any comforts like electricity, running water, hot food, and comfortable beds either. This ensures that you can actually take your time at enjoying nature around you instead of being uncomfortable.