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24 Different Types of Beach Chairs

Blue striped beach chair at sea shore.

I am sure many of you out there will agree with me when I say I love the beach. There are so many things to love between the sun, blue water, and hot sand. It is the place spot for relaxation. All you need is your chair, a towel, and some sunscreen.

There are so many options from which you can choose to sit with your toes in the sand. The number of features available on beach chairs is endless. Continue reading this article to find out all the details about your next favorite beach chair.

Beach Chair Material

One of the primary considerations for your beach chair is the material used for it. The material of the chair can make an impact on the weight, durability, and maximum comfort of your beach chair experience.


Aluminum beach chair by the seashore.

Aluminum is a popular material for beach chairs because it is lightweight while remaining sturdy. An aluminum frame is durable. Aluminum beach chairs do not need much in the way of maintenance. It will resist rust and weather. An aluminum chair tends to be of great value.


Two wooden chairs on the shore facing the lake.

Wood is a durable option for a beach chair. It can give your beach chair a stylish and classy look. They are typically made from solid ash hardwood or solid oak. Wood beach chairs can resist the weather elements and last you for quite a long time.


Red steel chair near the beach.

Steel beach chairs give you the most if you are looking for a strong option. They are not as strong as aluminum. A steel frame chair usually has a finish that is powder-coated to provide them a long length outside. Zero gravity chairs are made from steel. These tend to be a more difficult chair to find. They are often the most expensive.

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Two white plastic deck chairs on the sand facing the beach.

It is a common but unfair thought that plastic chairs are cheap. They are often the most affordable but are more durable and resistant to weather than other options. They can also resist saltwater and the growth of bacteria. Plastic chairs can also be made from recycled plastic.

Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider when making your next beach chair purchase. If you think about all of these points when you make your next purchase, you will be able to select the best chair for you.


Not only is the actual material of the chair frame important, but so is the rest of the material on the chair. There is the fabric to consider. You want a fabric that can tolerate being outside and is durable. You want it to dry quickly and resists mildew and stains. You want the material to be water-resistant and resistant to fading so it can be your perfect beach chair.


A row of multicolored beach chairs on a deck facing the sea.

Before you look for your next chair, you should first decide how far off the sand you want to sit. Chairs that are closer to the sand allow you to stretch out and lay in the sun. Chairs that are higher off the sand are easier to get up out of when you want to stand up.


This seems like an obvious statement, but it must be said. You want your chair to be comfortable to sit in. It will not be any good to you if you are not comfortable while sitting in it.

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Two wooden beach chairs under the hut facing the beach.

Most of the time, you are carrying your beach chair to the beach. You want one that you can carry and set up easily. When you are on the beach, you do not want to spend too much time setting up your space. If you can find one that allows you to carry your chair hands-free. If you want a chair that you can lay down in, you should look for one that can fully recline.


Many chairs offer additional features, which include cup holders, a canopy, reclining positions, and carrying handles or straps. Some even have a backpack strap. It is important to consider what is most important to you and find the chairs that match your needs.

Types of Beach Chairs

Classic Beach Chair

Two colorful beach chairs at sunset.

The classic beach chair is usually about 2 inches above the sand. With this chair, you do not have to sit in the sand, but you can stretch out your legs and feet deeply in the sand. You can sit on the edges of the water and let it splash upon you.

Lounge Chair

A couple of cushioned lounge chairs under the beach huts.

A lounge chair is the best option if you like to nap on the beach. You can expect a lounge beach chair with pillows as a padded headrest. This gives you the ability to relax a little more.

Many lounge chairs are chaise style and usually have multiple reclining positions, making them incredibly adjustable. You can lay face down or up. They are low to the ground. One negative point about these chairs is they are often difficult to carry.

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Many of the chaise lounge chairs do not have padding, but you can find expensive high-end models that have padding. You can find some ergonomic options available on high-end options. These include a neck pillow with extra support, lumbar pillows, and zero-gravity seating.

Zero gravity seating is hard to find and increases the cost of the chair significantly. These chairs provide exceptional relaxation and comfort. They may also have footrests.

Backpack Chair

A colorful striped beach chair by the sea with a backpack on its side.

A backpack beach chair will be helpful to you when you are on a beach that you have to walk or travel to get to. This beach chair is one that you wear on your back as a backpack. They are lightweight, and you can unfold them into a chair when you are ready to sit down.

You can also carry other items in your backpack. They can be collapsed to make them incredibly portable. They are incredibly light and rarely have any type of padding.

You can purchase cushions aftermarket. These chairs are low to the ground. This chain is ideal for sitting for short durations. The chair becomes uncomfortable quickly. Some of the best backpack beach chairs are customizable to allow you to fit your chair wherever you need. Tommy Bahama backpack chair is a great option if you like this style chair.

Kid’s Beach Chairs

A girl sitting on a lounge chair at the beach.

There are beach chairs made especially for the little ones in your life. They are the ideal height for children. They usually have a fun print or animal theme on them. These chairs have bright colors making them fun and appealing.

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It makes kids feel special to have their own chair at the beach. These chairs have been designed to match the smaller bodies of children. They are usually made of durable construction like aluminum frames. The polyester fabric is easy to clean no matter what your child spills on it.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair, Burgundy

Click image for more info

Zero Gravity Beach Chairs were inspired by the zero gravity chairs designed by NASA for astronauts to sit in during space launch. It helps them sit in a more relaxed position to reduce the tension that is put on their bodies. These chairs help distribute your weight across all the pressure points in your body which helps you feel weightless.

A zero gravity chair helps to take the pressure off your spine and allow proper circulation in your legs. These chairs do not recline to a completely flat position. It does have numerous recline positions in the range of motion that it allows.

These chairs can be used inside also. They have many options available for these chairs, including cup holders, canopies, and padding. There are some that fold flat making it easier to travel with them.

A Zero Gravity Beach Chair is not an affordable option. This is not a light option, either. This chair is incredibly comfortable. A zero gravity chair allows you to be reclined without being in a completely flat position.

These chairs are close to 14 inches off the ground. These chairs weigh at least 15 pounds. They can hold up to 250 pounds. You can find the zero gravity chairs in many different colors. You are sure to find a color that you like best.

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Canopy Beach Chairs

Canopy beach chairs on the sand.

Canopy Beach Chairs look similar to the classic beach chair, except it has a canopy attached to it. The beach canopy is attached to the back of the chair to provide you shade from the hot sun. There is enough shade that you can sit in the sun under the canopy without sunglasses.

The frame of a typical canopy beach chair is made of aluminum, and the seat is plastic. They are incredibly durable chairs. They have a wide range of styles.

The umbrella or adjustable canopy comes with the chair as a set. Some of the chairs have an umbrella and canopy that are permanent, but some can be removed. The chair that offers a removable canopy is easier to carry.

These beach chairs provide you the ability to put them in many different positions. You can adjust it backward, so you can lay down or come close to being fully reclined.

Padded Beach Chairs

A closer look at a padded lounge chair with blue towel.

Padded Beach Chairs are similar to the classic beach chair, except they have foam in the back and seat for extra comfort. This helps protect your backside and back from aches and pains. You may even be able to find a padded beach chair that has a padded armrest.

This is not your typical beach chair because they do not usually have padding. If you like to sit for long hours on the beach, this is most like the best option for you.

Folding Beach Chair

A man carrying a folding beach chair and swim ring by the seashore.

This is the most common beach chair you will find. It is also the simplest folding chair you will find for the beach. These chairs are incredibly lightweight as most of them are made from aluminum.

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You can find a folding beach chair in wood or plastic versions, too. They usually do not have much in the way of upholstery. Usually, they just have a panel of fabric.

The seat height ranges from 9 inches to 12 inches. These chairs are not adjustable in any way, so you cannot change the position or angle. What you see is what you get with these chairs.

These are comfortable chairs and then fold in half to pack easily. You can throw the folded chair in the car and take it with you wherever you want to go. You can find some of these chairs with accessories like cup holders.

Sand Beach Chair

Woman on a sand beach chair reading a book,

A sand beach chair is one that is similar to a lounge chair but has a more graceful curve to it. This sand chair has a simple design but may not be the best option for someone that has leg or back problems. You may be able to find some sand beach chairs that are adjustable but not as much as a lounge chair.

These chairs are more stable than a traditional lounge chair, especially on sand that is loose. These chairs are low to the ground. These chairs are ideal for children and most adults, but it is not a good option for seniors.

Wood Beach Chair

Multicolored wood chairs facing the beach.

A wood beach chair is one that has a frame of hardwood. It a comfortable chair that looks elegant. These chairs have cup holders and are great for events that are not at the beach, like concerts and BBQs.

This is a great lawn chair. You can get your wooden beach chair engraved if you would like. Many wooden chairs are handcrafted and can be made of different types of wood, like solid oak wood. Wood is not a great conductor of heat, so you do not have to worry about the frame of the chair getting hot when sitting in the sun.

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Beach Hammock

Beach hammock by the seashore.

While a beach hammock is not a typical beach chair, it is something you commonly find at the beach. You can sit in it and enjoy the warm breeze coming off the water. Beach hammocks have their own frames, and you can set them up anywhere you would like.

You do not need trees since you have the frame. You can find hammocks that come with the frame attached permanently. This option does not require assembly.

The other option has a separate frame, which requires some assembly. You can sit and swing, nap, or dig your toes in the sand. You can find a beach hammock that comes with an adjustable pillow and cup holder. A hammock can keep you out of the sand but still close enough to get in it if you want.

Camp Beach Chair

Camp beach chair with yellow backpack on its side.

A camp beach chair is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. A camp beach chair allows you to kick back and relax no matter where you are, including at the beach. These are basic chairs, and they come in different sizes to be sure to fit the needs of the person sitting in the chair.

This is a popular camping chair that comes in many different options and manufacturers. These chairs are affordable but can get expensive quickly depending on the model.

Beach Chair with Umbrella

Beach chair with umbrella in the sea.

A beach wwwchair with an umbrella is similar to a beach chair with a canopy. Like the canopy chair, this is a classic style chair with an umbrella attached to it. The umbrella is attached to the back of the chair to provide you shade from the hot sun.

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There is enough shade that you can sit in the sun under the umbrella without sunglasses. The frame of a typical umbrella chair is made of aluminum, and the seat is plastic. They are incredibly durable chairs.

They have a wide range of styles. The umbrella comes with the chair as a set. Some of the chairs have an umbrella that is permanent, but some can be removed.

The chair that offers a removable umbrella is easier to carry. It can be removed easily in one quick movement. These beach chairs provide you the ability to put them in many different positions. You can adjust it back so you can lay down or close to it.

High Seat Beach Chair

Silver high back chairs in the sea.

The High Seat Beach Chair is one that is at least 12 inches from the ground or sand. The high seat chair can be as high as 20 inches off the ground or sand. These chairs are easier for someone to get out of when sitting. This chair might good for someone that has had knee surgery. When you sit in this chair, you do not have to worry about being able to get out of the chair.

Beach Chair for Elderly

Elder couple sitting on a lounge chair while reading and working on a laptop.

A Beach Chair for the Elderly is one that is elevated higher off the ground than others. This allows seniors to sit down and get up from the chair much easier. These types of chairs offer back support to those sitting in the chair.

This can help to remove pressure from the back. It is adjustable so you can move the position of the chair to make sitting in it more comfortable. With this chair, everyone in your family will be able to spend the day at the beach with you.

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Heavy Duty Beach Chair

A couple of heavy duty beach chairs and umbrella by the seashore.

A Heavy Duty Chair is one that is much sturdier than a regular beach chair. This chair offers you more room in the actual seat and can hold a higher weight capacity. The material used in the chair is reinforced with material that is higher quality so they can withstand the weight of someone that is heavier than the average person.

Some of these heavy-duty chairs have a weight list of 300 pounds. There are some other chairs that have a weight limit of 500 pounds. These chairs can be adjustable or not. You can find heavy-duty chairs that come with additional accessories.

Beach Chair with Wheels

Beach chair with wheels on the sand.

A beach chair with wheels is exactly what it sounds like it is. This beach chair has a large wheel that will not get stuck in the sand. You can pull these chairs easily through the sand. They have large wheels making it simple to move around.

Some of these options have upholstery on the chair that is incredibly durable. They have soft headsets to make your neck comfortable, as well. When you are not using the chair, you can fold it up to easily store the chair.

Beach Chair with Cup Holders

Red beach chair with cupholder by the seashore.

A beach chair that has cup holders has the drink holder built into the chair. This chair allows you the ability to sit comfortably on the beach with a drink close to your hand. They have durable frames and mesh material that allows airflow through. These types of chairs often have pockets that allow you to store extra items. These stores are more modern and do not have a classic style.

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Beach Chair with Footrest

Colorful beach chair with footrest.

A Beach Chair with Footrest is exactly what it sounds like, a chair for the beach that has a place to rest your feet. You are used to seeing chairs with a headrest, but this one has a place for your feet. This keeps your feet off the hot sand. These chairs help to improve your circulation and keep your feet elevated. The beach chair with a footrest is a modern-looking chair that is both functional and attractive.

Beach Chair with Pockets

Freesooth Beach Chair Cover, Pool Lounge Chaise Towel Sun Lounger Cover with Side Storage Pockets ( Blue )

Click image for more info

A beach chair that has pockets is a classic beach chair that has pockets attached to it. This chair allows you the ability to sit comfortably on the beach with the items you need safely next to you in the pockets. They have durable frames and mesh material that allows airflow through. These types of chairs may also have cup holders in the arms of the chairs. These stores are more modern and do not have a classic style.

Beach Chair for Two (Loveseat Beach Chair)

Yellow loveseat beach chair and a striped beach towel on the sand.

A Beach Chair for two is a chair that allows people to sit on the chair next to each other. It provides more room to sit. The chair can handle a larger amount of weight. The frame of the chair is durable and able to hold up against the weight. These chairs can come with a variety of frames. Some of these chairs can fold up for easier travel.

Lightweight Beach Chair

Coleman Camping Chair | Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair | Outdoor Chair with Low Profile

Click image for more info

The Lightweight Beach Chair is one that is lightweight and easy to carry. They fold up completely, which makes them easier to carry. They can be made from all types of materials, and the frames are durable. A lightweight chair has a variety of features.

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Sling Back Beach Chair

Sling back beach chairs facing the sea.

A Sling Back Beach Chair is a low profile chair that is classic style. It sits just 4 inches about the sand. It is comfortable to sit in and easy to stand up so you can frolic in the waves or walk in the sand.

These chairs fold up in small packages and are easy to carry and fit in small spaces. They usually come with a storage pouch or carry bag that has a padded shoulder strap. These chairs weigh around 7 pounds. A sling-back beach chair can hold up to 250 pounds.

Air Lounger Beach Chair

A girl resting on a green air lounger near the beach.

The Air Lounger Beach Chair is one of the most unique beach chairs you will find. It also has a really high weight limit. It only weighs 1 pound but can hold more than 400 pounds. This is an inflatable beach chair. All you have to do to inflate it is open the air lounger and run against the wind.

It has a tube that will inflate on its own and quickly. You then must seal it shut. It will stay inflated up to 4 to 8 hours, and then it may need to be re-inflated. It will conform easily to your body shape. It can be used as a chair, sofa, or bed.