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28 Different Types of Travel Apps

This is a close look at a hand holding a mobile phone that showcases a travel application.

Traveling can be so much fun. It can also be incredibly stressful. When you travel, you are able to visit new destinations in cities and countries with which you are not familiar. Being unfamiliar with the area in which you are traveling can make it challenging to find good places to eat, fun things to do, and the best places to stay.

Traveling gets even more complicated when you are going to a location where the language is different from the one you speak. The great news is there are many apps that can help you with that. There are various apps that can help you find the best prices on hotels and airfare.

There are apps that tell you where to find hidden gems, along with the lowest price for gas. Continue reading to find out all about the apps that will make your travel that much more enjoyable.

Travel Apps

Flight Booking App

A flight booking application allows you to see a list of flights to compare the prices. You can advance book your flight and pay for your tickets through these types of apps. There are many apps that provide you the ability to see real-time data about various flights. You may even be able to purchase items through these apps in the duty-free stores in the airport. You can view your travel itinerary on many flight booking apps.

Some booking applications for you to consider are:


A screenshot of the website of Skyscanner travel application.

Skyscanner is a great travel app for finding the most affordable flights. It is a mobile app that allows you to search for flights from more than 1,200 sources. It shows you the best options available. It displays a chart to you that enables you to see the cheapest months or days to help you decide the best time for you to fly.

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It also sends you notifications when a price change occurs. Skyscanner allows you to find destinations and flights you may not have been aware of, which encourages you to take those last-minute flights.


A screenshot of the website of Hopper travel application.

The Hopper app is an excellent flight booking app that helps you determine the price of an airline ticket. The prices of flights can fluctuate, which can make it challenging to know the best time to purchase tickets for your flight. Hooper can help to predict the times when you will be able to find the lowest prices for tickets.

The Hopper app provides up a feature allowing you to monitor prices, and you can select a specific flight to enable the app to alert you when the price decreases. You are able to compare the amenities and prices of over 250 airlines. You can also sign up to get alerts about sales on airfare.

Accommodation Booking Apps

An accommodation booking application allows you to see rooms that are available in specific hotels. You can see and sort rooms but the price of the room, ratings, and reviews. Some of these apps allow guests to check-in and gain access to their hotel room with an electronic key right in the app.


A screenshot of the website of Hostelworld travel application.

The Hostelworld app is exclusively for booking a hostel. If this interests you, then this is the perfect app for you. It remembers the details of your profile, and the booking is secure. It allows you to browse the price and rating of thousands of hostels. You are able to read reviews and find out all the details about your destination.

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You can see information about the other people with whom you will be sharing a room. You can chat through the app with others.

A screenshot of the website of travel application.

The website has been around since 1996, and it allows you to book the most affordable hotels. The mobile app has been in operation since 2010. The app is available on Android, Windows, iPhone, and Kindle Fire. You can also find it in the Google Play Store.

You are able to make reservations for hotels, view vacation packages, book car rentals, flights, and taxis. This application allows you to view hotels by their rating. You can find a 5-star hotel or campground and everything in between. You can download this app from the App store.


A screenshot of the website of Airbnb travel application.

The Airbnb application helps you find your next accommodation. It also includes experiences that you can have while you are on your vacation. You can search for properties, manage your account, and message with hosts to ask questions. In the app, you can apply filters for things like self-check-in, pets, or an entire house.

You can save your favorite homes to your wishlist. On the app, you are able to read reviews of the house, review the details, and get the cancellation options for the house. You are able to book the house quickly and easily.

The hosts that are featured on Airbnb are committed to the health and safety of all residents. They clearly display their cleaning methods on the app. Airbnb provides customer support at any time during the day or night, 24 hours a day, no matter where you are.  This is the perfect app for any traveler.

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Airline Apps

An airline application provides a wide range of features to you that includes the ability to see your reservation, book your flight, and choose your seat for a specific airline. You can also check in with these apps and get an electronic boarding pass. You can track your luggage, find the location of lounges in the airport. You may even be able to enjoy entertainment in the app while flying.

Scandinavian Airlines

A screenshot of the website of Scandinavian Airlines travel application.

The SAS application is specifically intended for the Scandinavian Airline. It allows you to check-in, find your gate, and display your boarding pass. You are able to book your flight through the SAS app.

They provide flexible booking options to make planning your travel much more manageable during these difficult times. You are able to pre-order your meals and add extra baggage to your flight. This app tells you about all the services that are available on the place, including internet and WiFi access.

It gives you information about pets and lounges at the airport. You can find out all the information about how they are keeping everyone safe and secure on their airline.

Air Canada

The Air Canada application allows you to book a flight, manage your reservations, check-in, and check the status of your flight. Air Canada is the largest provider of flights in Canada. They serve millions of people through their mobile applications. This app shows interactive maps of the various airports in Canada.

The map can help guide you through the airport, which allows you to quickly find bathrooms, restaurants, lounges, and gates. The application will tell you how long it will take you to walk to the various places in the airport. The Air Canada app shows you everything in real-time, including inbound flights and standby.

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You can download your boarding passes and get notifications about your flight.


A screenshot of the website of easyJet travel application.

The EasyJet application is excellent when you are traveling around Europe and the United Kingdom. This app has an easy-to-use interface that is simple to follow. You can find your confirmation within the app, as well as the boarding pass.

It allows you to book a hotel and car in addition to a flight. The app alerts you if your flight has been canceled. The app tells you what you should do if it has been canceled.

They inform you of their new policies, including bags that are allowed in the cabin of the plane. They provide you a protection promise online, along with all the details.

British Airways

A screenshot of the website of British Airways travel application.

The British Airways app is a great place for you to book your flight, check-in, download, and use your boarding pass. You can manage your account and rewards. You are able to search for the most affordable flight. The application provides updates in real-time. This is the best app for any traveler to Britain.

Travel Insurance Apps

A screenshot of the website of Travel Insurance travel application.

This app is ideal for the travel industry. You should consider travel insurance for any travel plan you make. This app gives you a quote for insurance quickly and easily.

You are able to compare different insurance providers to find the one the suits your needs best. This app gives you the largest selection of all the major insurance companies. They provide you with a guarantee of the lowest price.

They have well over 60,000 reviews from satisfied customers. They provide you with a checkout that is safe and secure. You will receive an automatic confirmation of the travel coverage that you have.

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Currency Converter

When you are visiting different countries, they most likely have a different currency than what you use where you live. It is not always easy to convert the currency in your head. Not only that, but the currency rate can change. Now you do not have to worry or feel stress about doing any of it on your own with currency converter apps.

XE Currency

A screenshot of the website of XE Currency Converter travel application.

XE Currency gives you exchange rates in real-time. It provides you a chart that keeps you on top of your money at all times. It gives you a snapshot daily of currency at any given time. You can switch between different currencies that you want to convert. It provides you with an alert about the current rate of the currencies that you made a favorite. You are able to create a list of favorite currencies. You can use this app offline when you do not have an internet connection. You can send money with this app. It also provides you a travel expense calculator. It is available for iOS and Android.


A screenshot of the website of Oanda Currency travel application.

Oanda is an easy-to-use currency translator. If you know the amount of the currency that you want to be translated from one currency type to another, this app is perfect for you. This application offers all kinds of options for what you can do with currency. It is more than a currency converter.

Transportation App

Transport Apps

A transport application is great when you are flying to a location, and you do not have a car. If you do not plan to rent a car, you will need to know how to get around the area. These apps show you the route to get somewhere and let you know what transportation is available to get you there. You are able to share your route with your friends and family in the application.

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Travel Guide Apps

A travel guide application gives you access to a guide about whichever city or country you are in currently or plan to visit. This app gives you the most up-to-date information about the events and attractions in the area. Some of these applications allow you to navigate an area by voice. These different applications help you find great places to eat, the best places to take pictures, and other hidden gems.

Navigation app

Ulmon CityMaps2Go

A screenshot of the website of Ulmon City Maps travel application.

Ulmon is a city map that is offline and great for helping you find your way around a new city. You can download multiple maps for various cities. This offline maps app allows you to browse for a city and then navigate it.

You can create favorites and arrange them into a list that you can find later when you need them. You can see locations that are available along your route. The app gives you the address and hours of each location.

This application is a great way to help you prepare for your next trip. You can review the stories of people that have been to the cities that you are planning to visit.


The Spot application is a great app to help you find the next spot you want to visit. You can find a great place to eat, find drinks, and go dancing. Spot offers you many other finds in any city.

The Spot app has a fantastic interface that is easy to use. You are able to create lists that are made from your favorite spots. Others that use that app are able to find and like your spots.

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These users are able to become friends with you in the app. You are able to make friends in the app that can provide you with other great spots. New spots are added on a regular basis to the app as it is updated daily.


A screenshot of the website of TripAdvisor travel application.

TripAdvisor has become the ultimate application that has a wealth of travel knowledge. The website and mobile app are used to look for attractions, activities, and restaurants in the area you plan to visit. You can also read the reviews of other TripAdvisor users.

The mobile app of TripAdvisor gives you all the power that their website has. You can think of it as a pocket guide for any new city you visit. The app provides guides, articles, and bits of other helpful information.

There are travel forums where you can chat with people about the places they have visited. It is like having a travel agent right on your phone.


A screenshot of the website of mapify travel application.

The Mapify app is all about pictures and images. This app is similar to a social media platform and allows people to upload photos from their trip. You can see the path another user took on their trip and the images they took while on that trip.

This app also integrates with Airbnb to show you places to stay in specific cities. Mapify is an easy-to-use interface that is well designed and has a growing number of users.


A screenshot of the website of CityMapper travel application.

The Citymapper app helps you find the fastest way to get where you want to go. Once you have decided where you want to go and what the quickest route is, Citymapper gives you easy-to-follow step-by-step directions on how to get there. It provides you with the closest train stations and bus stops.

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You will be able to see when the next arrival time is for these transportation options. It has routing in real-time, and you give up to the minute updates. The chat option in the app provides you the ability to let your friends and family know where you are.


Gasbuddy is the app you need if you are or plan to be on a road trip. The Gasbuddy app is powered by a community of users in the millions. This app lets you know where the best gas prices are located.

You are able to filter the app by price, brand, location, and other features at the gas station. You can also see what deals and coupons are being offered at convenience stores that are close to your location. You can get alerts when the price is going up, and it tells you if you should get gas where you are or wait, depending on the cost of gas.

Language Apps

It can be challenging when you travel to another country, and you do not know the language. You may even be intimidated when you travel. While English may be spoken in various countries, it is not the first language of many countries. It can make ordering food or shopping difficult. Using these translation apps may make your travels easier.

Google Translate

A screenshot of the website of Google Translate travel application.

This language translation application is easy to use. You are able to type in what you want to say or understand in the language you are speaking and click a link that allows you to select the language to which you want it translated. You are able to take pictures of text, and the app analyzes the text in the image and translates it.

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You can type in a question you want to ask and have Google translate it and speak it in the language that you want to say. This speaking ability is a great way to say that words or question appropriately in the local language.


A screenshot of the website of Duolingo travel application.

The Duolingo app helps you to learn a brand new language. You are able to move through the lessons and build on the concepts you learn in previous sessions. You receive a grade based on how well you complete the lesson, which gives you feedback in real-time as to how you did on the lesson. This app helps you improve your ability to speak a specific language before you visit that country.

Business App


A screenshot of the website of Lola travel application.

The Lola app is ideal for any business traveler. This application is almost like having your own personal assistant. This app allows you to plan every moment of your business trip.

It uses artificial intelligence, experts in customer service, and concierges to curate the information to help you plan your trip. There is an experienced representative available to help you 24 hours a day to plan your trip, which includes book hotels and flights. You will also receive recommendations in the local area via text.

It gives you information about your flight in real-time, as well as helps you book your flight. If you miss a connecting flight, Lola automatically reserves you on the next available flight. You will receive choices for flights and hotels that are based on your own preferences.

Productivity Apps


A screenshot of the website of Packpoint travel application.

What is the worst thing about traveling? Packing and making sure that you have everything you need is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. The PackPoint app has taken all of that hassle away from you.

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It creates a customized packing list to ensure you do not forget anything you need for your trip. PackPoint has a simple interface that allows you to enter your destination, the length of your stay, the dates you will be there, and what you plan to do while you are there. The app then creates a custom list of what you need to pack.

You can save this list for use later on. The app also checks the weather forecast for your destination. You can also share this list with those that will travel with you.

This is one of many smartphone apps. This app is available on Android and iOS, which means you can use it on your Android device or iPhone mobile device.


A screenshot of the website of Rebtel travel application.

The Rebtel app allows you to connect with your friends and family, even if you do not have Internet service. This app allows you to connect to the phone lines locally to give you the ability to make affordable phone calls back home. You have the ability to make calls in 50 countries.

You will not have a get a SIM card that is local to the area you are visiting. You will not rack up minutes and fees on your own phone.

Nike Training Club

A screenshot of the website of Nike Training Club travel application.

It can be really difficult to find a gym or maintain your level of fitness while you are traveling. With the Nike Training Club app, you can leave that worry at home. This app gives you a personal trainer in an app.

You have the ability to connect to 160 workouts that are free. The app contains audio and video snippets that help you maintain your form and technique. The app gives you a personalized training plan that helps keep you on target. You can skip a day or increase the intensity of your workouts.

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A screenshot of the website of Piper travel application.

The customer amount for tipping changes depending on where you are visiting. What may be acceptable where you live may not be sufficient where you plan to visit. You may not know all the places you should tip and the ones where you should not.

The Piper app helps relieve that stress for you by helping you determine just how much is appropriate to tip based on where you are and what you are doing. The app is able to be used offline. It has a database with over 84 countries to let you know how much you should be tipping.


A screenshot of the website of WeatherBug travel application.

WeatherBug is the app you need to check out before you pack. The WeatherBug application will tell you what the weather is going to be wherever you are going. This app has real-time updates, so it knows when the weather changes.

It can provide the forecast for millions of locations. It can give you the current forecast, the hourly and ten-day forecast. In addition to the temperature and general weather status, it can tell you the humidity, pressure, wind, and lighting in the area.

Flush – Toilet Finder

A screenshot of the website of Flush travel application.

There is no worse feeling than when you are on the road and suddenly need a bathroom. If you are looking around and do not see a bathroom in sight, suddenly you have to go that much more. Never worry again with the Flush app.

This app tells you where the nearest restrooms are located. This app has a database that contains almost 200,000 bathroom locations. You do not have to be connected to the internet to search the app. The app will also tell you if the restroom has a fee to use it.

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