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Fishing In The Rain (A Complete Guide)

Fishing is among the most popular past times in the world and has become a popular sport as well. However, many who participate in fishing, especially amateur anglers, tend to be fair-weather fishermen. However, many find themselves wondering if it is possible to fish in the rain, if fishing in the rain has any benefits, or should you remain indoors when the rain comes rather than casting a line? 

You can fish in the rain. Fishing in the rain can yield better results than fishing on sunny days. Rain causes fish to feed more readily and provides a more abundant supply of food, increasing fish activity. Always be prepared for wet weather fishing with waterproof clothing. 

It is true that a successful fishing trip is reliant on several factors, including the weather. Some fish prefer certain weather more than others, and some fish will only bite in particular seasons and weather conditions. Does fishing in the rain hinder or improve fishing? Should you cast a line in the storm, or should you call it a day when the wind picks up? Let’s find out!

fishing in the rain

Can You go Fishing In The Rain?

Many amateur anglers fear fishing in the rain and would rather remain indoors when nasty weather rolls in. It is true that fishing in the rain can be a challenge, and it can even be miserable at times, but if you are prepared for it, it is not only possible to fish in the rain, but it may even prove to be far better than fishing on a sunny day. 

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Fishing in the rain may be intimidating, but the truth is that a fishing trip in wet weather may prove to be far more successful than fishing in other weather conditions, depending on the time of year. 

In warm weather or when water levels are low, a day of rain or a rainstorm provides a perfect opportunity for excellent fishing. 

Rain causes an influx of food for fish to find as it washes critters from the land into the water and as it causes increased currents and winds that expose fish food from its hiding places. 

Large storms cause a change in biometric pressure that triggers fish to feed more actively, which means that they will more readily take the bait and are more likely to be found in shallow water or at the surface of the water looking for food. 

Fishing in the rain can be a drag when you get wet and cold, but if you have the right gear to withstand the weather, these conditions can result in some of the best fishing of your life!

The next time the rain rolls in, grab your gear, suit up, and head out to experience fishing in the rain for yourself, and you may just come home with a few exceptional trophies. 

Is Fishing In The Rain Safe?

fishing lake rain

Among the most serious concerns that many fishermen ponder when fishing in the rain is safety. Is it safe to go fishing in storms and rain, or do the possible rewards outweigh the possible risks?

Fishing on a sunny, clear day is always easier than fishing in the rain, especially heavy rain, thunderstorms, or rain that sets in for an entire day. 

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Dangers such as slipping on slick boat decks, sliding on muddy river banks, and even getting stuck in sand traps are real possibilities in the rain, not to mention the dangers that come along with high winds, lightning, thunder, debris, and the other issues that come with intense weather. 

Fishing in the rain can be dangerous, but it is important to be prepared and to pick your battles. 

Some thunderstorms are simply too intense and dangerous to go fishing in. lighting is a real danger when you are holding a long, metal fishing pole extended high above your head. 

However, with that being said, light rain and rainstorms that are not too intense are safe to go fishing in so long as you are prepared well and take the necessary precautions. 

Be sure to wear protective clothing, take your time when walking, casting, changing locations, or standing on a boat, never attempt to fish in weather that is too intense, and know when to pack it in when the weather gets too formidable. 

So long as you keep your wits about you and exercise restraint and common sense, fishing in the rain is perfectly safe and can yield some fantastic fishing results. 

5 Tips For Fishing In The Rain

fishing river rain

Fishing in the rain is likely to be far better than fishing in sunny weather, depending on the time of year, but it can still be very challenging. Fishing in these conditions is not like fishing on a clear day, so it is important to be well prepared for the conditions. 

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Understanding the challenges that come along with fishing in the rain is one thing, but knowing how to get the most of the experience and fish with the correct techniques and methods for this weather is important as well. 

Let’s identify some critical tips, techniques, and methods that will help you have the best experience possible when fishing in wet weather. 

Always Wear the Right Gear

fisherman fishing gear

Fishing in the rain can be a terrible experience if you get wet and cold, as you are likely to remain that way the entire day, which can ruin your mindset and make the entire experience awful and not worth the effort. 

For this reason, it is critical to wear clothing and gear that will keep you dry and warm for as long as possible to enjoy the fruit of your fishing trip properly. 

Be sure to wear waterproof shoes or boots; a properly waterproof jacket, hat, and hood are critical, as well as sturdy waterproof trousers. 

Keep some hand warmers in your pockets to heat up your hands when necessary, bring along a poncho for extra heavy rain, be sure to cover up any gaps in your clothing that may allow water in, and most important of all, keep your socks dry! There is nothing worse than wet feet and water in your boots while fishing in wet weather. 

Use The Right Bait

Live bait and regular lures are not ideal for fishing in the rain, especially in heavy storms, and the rain will muck up the water and reduce the fishes’ visibility. 

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It is important to use artificial lures that are bright, colorful, have high contrast, and even those that make noise, such as popping corks and crankbaits. 

This will enable the fish to see the bait more easily and make it far easier to hook fish than using more conventional bait and lures. 

Fish The Topwater

During rain and storms, fish are more likely to be searching for food in the topwater. Avoid using deep-sinking bait and lures when fishing in the rain, and you are more likely to have more success. 

This is true for fishing in all water types but is especially true in rivers, lakes, and streams. Sea fishing is likely to be more successful in the shallow topwater along the shoreline in storms and wet weather as the rain will wash food items into the water here, drawing fish to come and eat., 

Fish In Active Water

Rainstorms and groundwater flow are likely to wash fish food into the water and stir up the sand under the water when the water flows into the main body. 

This occurs in areas such as inlets, drains, spillways, and outlets and is likely to produce some excellent fishing opportunities as fish congregate near these areas due to the fresh abundance of food items.

Be Careful And Think Ahead

It is always crucial to manage your expectations and to be realistic when fishing in the rain. Do not try to push yourself past your limits or the limits of your gear, and always be ready to call it a day if the weather gets too intense. 

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Check the weather forecast for the day and plan accordingly. If the rain is settling in for the entire day, then plan to wear warm, weatherproof clothing for the entire day, but if the sun is forecast to come out, be ready to shed some layers to avoid heatstroke and other dangers. 

Fishing in the rain is always unpredictable. Anything can happen when fishing in these conditions, so be ready for anything, and you will surely have a better time for it. 

Pros And Cons of Fishing In The Rain

Fishing in the rain comes with its own set of challenges, but there are some prominent pros and cons of fishing in these conditions as well. 

Let’s take the time to consider some of the important pros and cons, to help you decide if fishing in wet weather is for you or if you should rather stay at home on rainy days.

The pros of fishing in the rain include:

  • Fish tend to eat more readily in the rain. 
  • The cooler weather can be more comfortable than blazing heat.
  • Fishing can be easier due to fishing in shallower waters.
  • Fish are more likely to bite in the rain as they are acting more on instinct than sight. 

The cons of fishing in the rain include:

  • Being wet and cold all day can be a significant challenge. 
  • Finding the right spots for fishing in the rain is difficult.
  • Rain only promotes fish activity at certain times of the year. 
  • Fishing in the rain can be dangerous.
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At the end of it, fishing in the rain may produce some of the best fishing experiences of your fishing career, but it can also be some of the most difficult fishing you can experience. If you are going to go fishing in the rain, be sure that you are well prepared for it, and do not be surprised when things get difficult. 

Fishing in the rain can be wonderfully successful; just be sure that you are prepared in every way. If you are brave enough to weather the storms, fishing in the rain can yield some excellent results! Take your time to be ready, and your rainy day fishing trips will be great fun!