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6 Fantastic Glamping Campgrounds in Pennsylvania

A look at a lakeside Pennsylvania campsite with geese.

Urban areas of Pennsylvania are really wonderful to explore. You can visit Philadelphia and have a hot Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich or visit the Liberty Bell – the symbol for American freedom. However, the natural landscapes of Pennsylvania offer mesmerizing natural beauty like no other place. From the Pine Creek Gorge to the Bushkill Falls in Pocono Mountains, there is a lot you can see.

However, you should remember that going to explore the beautiful creeks, lakes, mountains, and natural parks in Pennsylvania does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. Glamping is a new type of luxury camping that includes all the modern comforts that we are used to. It allows you to explore the region around you without suffering through restless nights and dirty toilets.

There are many different glamping campgrounds in Pennsylvania that you can choose from. They offer accommodations in the form of RVs, cabins, tree houses, tents, teepees, and more!


Glamping tents are a really popular form of camping. It combines one of the most traditional and old types of lodging with the necessities of modern life. Glamping tents are designed with the utmost luxury and are really different from the small, stuffy tents you used back in the days as a Boy/Girl Scout.

They are often as big, or bigger, than complete hotel rooms. They have amenities like full-sized beds, furniture, wooden floors, running electricity, kitchen equipment, Wi-Fi, and other necessities.

The Shawnee Inn

A look at a couple of waterfront yurts in Shawnee Inn.

Source: Shawnee Inn

The Shawnee Inn is located on an island in the middle of the beautiful Delaware River. The glamping option on the island offers a peaceful ambiance that comes with the serene outdoors. It also provides its guests with the luxurious camping experience they deserve. You can only access the island by canoe, so your privacy is guaranteed.

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The camping site has a camp attendant that will cater to any issues, problems, or questions that you may have. You will have running water, electricity, and high-speed Wi-Fi, which means your phone and other devices will never run out of battery during your camping adventures.

There are also shared women’s and men’s restrooms with relaxing showers; don’t worry about forgetting soap or shampoo since there are plenty of locally-made toiletries that you can use. You can lounge on the property in comfortable hammocks or have roasted marshmallows on the communal campfire.

There are also plenty of other amenities and services at the Main Inn like a business center, fitness center, Jacuzzi, and indoor pool. You can relax on the sandy beach or restore your energy by spending a laidback day in the Shawnee Spa. You can also enjoy a hot cup of fresh coffee on your private sundeck or just read a nice book serenaded by the peaceful sounds of the Delaware River.

Whispering Pine Farms in Cabot, PA

A look inside one of the tents of Whispering Pine Farms.

Source: Whispering Pine Farm

Whispering Pine farm is one of the best glamping campgrounds in Pennsylvania. You can enjoy the great outdoors without going through the trouble of rolling out an uncomfortable sleeping bag or pitching a tent. This glamping site is the perfect place to forget about the stressors of everyday life and relax with fishing, reading, playing, and hiking.

The 34-acre farm is based on the beautiful Rolling Hills in Cabot. The owners have built a 12′ x 14′ canvas side tent that is fully-furnished. You can sleep in the comfortable queen sized bed for a good night’s rest. There are plenty of amenities that are available like fresh linens, washbasin, fresh towels, cooler, bottled water, firewood, lawn chairs, and a lantern. You can also unwind around the fire pit and sing old campfire songs.

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There is also a pond near the tent besides which you can relax while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. There are trails in the area on which you take a leisurely walk or ride bikes with your friends. There is also a fun kayaking option on the Kiskiminetas River near the farm.


Yurts are now becoming vastly popular since they are designed to be more sturdy and comfortable for campers. They were used in Central Asia for more than 300 years, especially in the Mongolian region. While traditional yurts used wooden frames and covers made of felt or animal skins, glamping yurts are different. Modern yurts can be bigger than some apartments and are usually made with heavy canvas. This protects the people inside from rain, harsh sunlight or any other adverse weather effect.

Lake in Woods Resort

A look at one of the yurts inside Lake in Woods Resort.

Source: Lake in Woods Resort

Lake in Woods Resort has several glamping options that you can choose from including RV, tents, cabins, covered wagons, and Double Decker buses. However, their yurts are known around the state of Pennsylvania for their sturdy built and modern comforts.

Their yurts are big enough for 2 adults and 4 children. The accommodation has a queen bed in a separate room from the other beds. The bunk beds are in the other room where the children can sleep. There is also one extra mattress in the loft area where anyone can sleep soundly and comfortably.

Other amenities include a kitchenette with chairs and a table. There is also a microwave, toaster, propane gas fireplace, ceiling fans, lakeside view television, and basic utensils. You can also make a fresh cup of Joe in your personal coffeemaker and enjoy it in the fresh air on the deck outside. A charcoal grill is also available on which you can make a hot meal.

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You can have plenty of fun down at the dock. However, don’t forget to wear your jackets that are provided as you paddle the boats around. The resort also has plenty of recreation, leisure, and sports activities that you can enjoy. There is a place for mini-golf, softball, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, and quoits.

There is a chance to rent bicycles as well to explore the area. The hike on the Total Fitness World Trail can be really fun and the kids can also spend a day in the two playgrounds on the campsite. The recreation room has a pool table, equipment for movie nights, bingo cards, and arrangements for ceramic classes. You can also take the family out on fire engine and hayrides.

Lake Raystown Resort

A look at one of the yurts of Lake Raystown Resort.

Source: Lake Raystown Resort

Lake Raystown Resort yurts are the opposite of ‘roughing it’. They are glamping campgrounds that offer fun and comfortable accommodations. The yurts are tent-like and framed with wooden floors and windows.

They have been furnished with a comfy bed with clean, fresh linens, and heating and cooling options so that you can have a pleasant stay. You won’t have to experience rain, bugs, dirt, or extreme temperature while you stay in one of the yurts by Lake Raystown Resort.

The yurts have a nice skylight that allows you to admire the beautiful sky of Pennsylvania. The great outdoor serenity will definitely set you at ease. The yurt comes with a fire ring where you can have a fun bonfire. There is also a picnic table to enjoy an outdoor feast and a deck to take in the fresh air. Furthermore, the walnut bathhouse in the yurt has relaxing showers and private toilets. There is also a fridge, TV, and Wi-Fi facility.

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Cabins and Cottages

Cabins and cottages are the most common accommodation in national parks. They are quite cozy and are surrounded by spectacular scenes of natural beauty. Cabins can be as luxurious as you prefer since they offer many different types of accommodations throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The biggest advantage of cabins and cottages is that you can probably find one big enough to hold families of any size.

Kozy Rest Campground

A look at a wooden Cabin in Kozy Rest Campground.

Source: Kozy Cabins

The Kozy Cabins is a really comfortable yet spectacularly beautiful place to stay since they are right in the middle of the woods. The rentals are a great choice for people who want to live outdoors and restore their energy without sacrificing some comforts of everyday life.

The cabin has a charcoal grill on which you can cook a hot meal and enjoy it with your loved ones. There is a nice picnic table where you can dine surrounded by the peaceful woods. A fire ring is also right outside your home on which you can have fun, singing loud campfire songs and roasting marshmallows.

The cabin is a really cozy single-room structure. It has a double bed. There is also a set of bunk beds, as well as tables, benches, microwaves, and a small refrigerator. The cabin is big enough to host four people comfortably.

The lush green forests on the property look absolutely stunning in all seasons. The Jellystone Park™ has plenty of boating and fishing opportunities on Lake Arthur that you can enjoy. You can also go hiking on some of the wonderful trails of the Clear Creek State Forest.

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Moreover, the Allegheny River Tract is just 20 miles away and offers multiple opportunities to view and admire wildlife. This river is famous for the 21 miles of scenic river and valley views, as well as plenty of trails, spread across 3,200 glorious acres. McConnell’s Mill State Park, a national natural landmark, is also around 20 miles away; you can enjoy kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking over there. Moraine State Park also has plenty of opportunities for windsurfing and sailing.

Keen Lake’s Hermit Island

Keen Lake’s Hermit Island cabin.

Source: Keen Lake

Packing up your things and escaping to a peaceful private island is everyone’s dream. Hermit’s island presents you the opportunity to have a fun vacation on a 3-acre natural paradise surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes.

The three-bedroom, two-story cottage in the relaxing and peaceful getaway location of Poconos is perfect to spend a relaxing vacation. You will be able to truly unwind and reconnect with your loved ones on Keen Lake’s Hermit Island.

There are plenty of amenities and activities that you can enjoy on your trip. If you have dogs, bring them. There is a  Pet Beach dedicated to dogs that love to play in the cool water. You can satisfy all your cravings at the local Snack Bar while you enjoy the campground Wi-Fi. The convenient Laundromat and clean bathrooms feel refreshing after a long day of exploring the property.

There is also a boat shed where you can rent canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and rowboats for the whole family. You can also make a meal on the two large charcoal grills on the site and enjoy them on the picnic tables available for use. If you enjoy fishing, there are plenty of fishing supplies and bait to fish in the lake.

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You can also spend your time exploring the nearby natural landscapes. The preserved woodlands and open spaces of Dorflinger Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary are peaceful and fun to explore. A Happy Trails Riding Stable is also nearby if you want to go horse riding.

Furthermore, the Calkins Creamery is a dream-come-true for cheese lovers and is totally worth the trip. There are golf courses, farmers’ markets, farms, museums, parks, fairs, and a lot more to explore around the property.

Fantastic A-Frame Cabin in Robesonia, Pennsylvania

A look at a wooden cabin in Robesonia, Pennsylvania.

Source: GlampingHub

The amazing A-framed cabin in Robesonia is the perfect couple’s getaway option. The accommodation has everything you may need for a relaxing and soothing experience. The bedroom has a comfortable queen-size bed with cozy, fresh linens.

The angled walls of the cabin create a homely atmosphere that will definitely set you at ease. The private bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower, as well as a soaking tub with a view of the gardens. The main living area has a comfortable sofa and a dining table for meals.

There is also a private BBQ on which you can cook delicious, hot meals. You can even cook in the fully-equipped kitchen that has amenities including utensils and appliances like microwave, oven, stove, and fridge.

You can enjoy the view around you from the spectacular patio area where a luxurious hot tub is built sunken into the ground. Your very own private Jacuzzi/Hot Tub comes with mood lighting and a romantic atmosphere. You can also use the chimenea around the patio to cook your food. You may also be able to spot the wildlife around you while you relax in the hot tub.

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In addition to all this, there are plenty of activities that you can indulge in. The private rural location of the mountain is close to local restaurants, drug stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. You can walk along the creek near the cabin and explore the area with your loved ones. There is also a double lounger next to the outdoor fireplace that you can unwind by. You can go bird watching in the area if you want or meditate under the sunset on the patio.

There is plenty of biking and hiking trails in the area for those who love to explore. Mountain biking is a really popular pastime for many guests that come here since it gives the best views. There are also a number of wonderful ponds and forests that you can visit in the area. Some hunting spots are also present.

Glamping can be a truly great experience with friends, family, or significant other. It allows you to explore the natural beauty of Pennsylvania without compromising your comfort. This ensures that you actually enjoy the experience instead of worrying about uncomfortable sleeping bags, dirty toilets, bland meals, and no showers.