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10 Hotel Chains Similar to The Four Seasons

Night view of Four Seasons Hotel in a center of Moscow, Russia.

  • The Four Seasons and similar chains offer opulence, world-class service, exquisite locations, and a variety of Michelin Star restaurants.
  • It is not something that many people can afford. So, unless I were a businessperson fortunate enough to work for a high-flying company, I would save it for my honeymoon or another significant milestone occasion.
  • I am familiar with the names of several luxury hotels. They are often associated with movie stars and royalty, but they often offer promotions and contests that make it more accessible to us little people.

I love traveling, but let’s be honest. It is never cheap, and I need to carefully consider where I will lay my head during my adventures. Some hotels need to be practical.

For example, when I travel with my family, which includes small children, we need to choose an affordable place that caters to kids. When all I need is a place to sleep and the rest of my time is spent gallivanting around my destination, it is probably better that I choose a clean, comfortable space that meets my basic needs and little else.

However, sometimes the resort is the holiday. Although my holiday experiences are usually limited to the Holiday Inn, or at best, Club Med, I fantasize about maximum luxury, outstanding locations, delectable meals, and the royal treatment. If I am going to pay through my nose, I certainly want my money’s worth.

What is The Four Seasons?

Four Seasons Hotel and Residences in Toronto, Ontario.

The Four Seasons Hotel was first opened in Toronto, Canada, in 1961. Two years later, their second hotel also opened on the other side of the city, and they eventually found themselves expanding to the United States and England. They now have more than 100 hotels worldwide and are the epitome of luxury accommodation.

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Appearing on multiple ‘best hotels’ lists by renowned leading magazines, The Four Seasons conjures up images of fine dining, unparalleled service, and indulgence. The Four Seasons philosophy is that they want to make each guest feel special, and they want me to know that I will be treated like an old friend while receiving the best hospitality money can buy.

Hotels Similar to The Four Seasons

While The Four Seasons offers some of the most magnificent hotels and resorts throughout the world, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury accommodation. In fact, it astounds me that such luxury exists. I discovered several five-star (and even six-star) options available. Here are ten of some of the most impressive.

Six Senses Hotels, Resorts, and Spas

Six Senses Zighy Bay Mountain Resort

When I stay at a Six Senses Hotel, I can expect a perfect balance of extravagance and what they refer to as emotional hospitality. They offer a cultural experience that encapsulates the location yet keeps its finger on the pulse of the world out there.

With a focus on wellness, sustainability, and comfort, my wellbeing is their focus, and I will be made to feel at home while surrounded by innovative design and sensory delight. Their hotels are placed in various incredible backdrops, and I can choose anywhere from the rainforest to the mountains or a vibrant city.

The Park Hyatt

Aerial view of the Park Hyatt St Kitts during sunrise.

The Park Hyatt is synonymous with elegance and splendor. With 34 hotels across six continents, they are famed for their attentive service, fine dining, and sophisticated designs. I can rest assured that The Park Hyatt will meet my needs whether I am traveling for business, pleasure, or both.

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Their state-of-the-art meeting spaces and beautifully decorated rooms will ensure ultimate comfort. My downtime can be spent building up a sweat in their fully kitted workout spaces or letting my tension dissolve in one of their elegantly designed spas.


Belmond Hotel Cipriani on the Giudecca in Venice.

Belmond Hotels are a perfect choice if I want something a little different but still want the ultimate indulgence. Located in 24 counties, they offer me the traditional luxury hotel experience and take things to the next level. If watching the African sunset over the golden Savanah is my heart’s desire, there are a variety of Safari experiences to choose from.

Previously known as The Orient Express, there is a smorgasbord of five-star train experiences to choose from, and their riverboat cruises will ensure I relax and unwind while taking in the most beautiful scenery of exotic locations.

Auberge Resorts Collection

Maunalani Resort Hawaii Big Island Auberge

The Auberge Resorts Collection is spread across the United States and Central America. They also have a magnificent clifftop sanctuary overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece. I can retreat to one of their resorts on some of the world’s finest beaches, escape the hustle and bustle of urban life in the picturesque mountains or take a journey through California’s famed wine county.

Whatever my desire, I can rest assured that each location offers the same level of comfort, luxury, and the perfect balance between attentive and unobtrusive service. Fine dining and indulgent spas will find me, regardless of my chosen location.

The Peninsula Hotels    

Lobby of The Peninsula Hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The legacy of the Peninsula Hotels dates to 1866, when it first opened in Hong Kong. Located in ten vibrant cities, it is the ultimate urban hotel experience. I am a sucker for tech. They have integrated modern innovation at the touch of a button as each room is fitted with custom-designed technology.

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The 24-hour private electronic concierge goes straight to my texting service, and I know my needs will be met right away. As an extra touch, their amenities are infused with a bespoke scent that captures the fragrance of each Peninsula locale.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong.

Once a sought out and well-respected Asian hotel chain, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, is now a global phenomenon. The original Mandarin, located in Hong Kong, was the tallest building on the island at the time and is now regarded as a historic landmark.

They know how to temp me – If I join their Fans of M.O loyalty program, I am offered two additional privileges, such as a room upgrade, daily breakfast, or a celebratory treat. Known for their exceptional service and attention to detail, The Mandarin Oriental is a firm favorite with international celebrities.

One&Only Resorts

Oasis with pool in the hotel One & Only Royal Mirage.

One&Only Resorts are like rare jewels scattered across the globe. Their breathtaking locations will take me anywhere from the crystal blue seas of the Maldives to the deserts of Dubai.

With One&Only, I can enjoy the vibrant, cosmopolitan culture of Cape Town, the majesty of Australia’s Blue Mountains, and the thick African rainforests in Rwanda, where I can experience a life-changing hike into gorilla territory. Doesn’t that sound like the best thing ever? One&Only resorts offer unrivaled opulence and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

St Regis

The St. Regis Hotel on 55th street of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

I discovered some interesting trivia about the St Regis chain. A St Regis barman invented the Bloody Mary cocktail. Thank you, barman. Also, founder, John Jacob Astor IV, was one of the most famous casualties of the Titanic, and they have their own fashion label and signature fragrance. I love the deep-seated traditions and rich history that seamlessly integrate with the modern world.

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A butler service, high teas, and midnight suppers make me feel like an aristocrat, without a single ounce of pretension. It all just flows. With 46 hotels to choose from around the world, I can experience these rich traditions while immersing myself in world culture. 

Aman Resorts

Aman Sveti Stefan Resort in Budva, Montenegro.

What I love the most about the Aman Resorts is that they focus on quality and not quantity. Granted, they have 32 destinations out there, but they prefer to offer a more intimate experience, choosing fewer rooms and a guest-to-staff ratio of 4:1. So I am guaranteed fantastic service.

They are also discreet. I won’t have to deal with noisy neighbors as most of their accommodation consists of private villas, luxury tents, and pavilions. Aman resorts are dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of each location and integrating the local heritage into each experience.

The Ritz-Carlton

 Ritz Carlton in Elizabeth Quay in the Perth CBD during sunset.

No list would be complete without mention of the Ritz-Carlton, and I be forgiven if it was the very first that sprang to mind at the mention of luxury hotels. A legend within pop culture, the Ritz was immortalized in Irving Berlin’s ode to opulence, ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz,’ and I have visited the chain vicariously through F Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and numerous other series and films.

It even sums up my last image of the late Princess Diana, as she left the Ritz-Carlton in Paris in 1997. The Ritz is an icon. I can choose my experience from a wide range of destinations that include mountain retreats, lakeside getaways, or a voyage on one of their exquisite, majestic yachts. 

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