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Maui vs Oahu

This is a sunrise view of the island of Maui from the vantage of the sea.

Maui and Oahu are two islands located in Hawaii. While both can offer amazing beaches and outdoor adventure, there are some stark differences between the two. Maui features a laid-back lifestyle with fewer crowds and more beach variety.

Oahu, comparatively, is more frenetic, urban and features a blend of cultures from around the world. Maui may be more relaxed and less populated, but visitors will have more hotel and restaurant options when traveling to Oahu. 

Maui vs Oahu 

Choosing your next beach vacation is tricky, with so many wonderful options out there. A trip to Hawaii requires loads of planning, so you want to be sure to do your research ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss anything. Choosing between Maui and Oahu is challenging, with both islands offering such a variety of beaches, adventure, and culture.

Below, let’s take a closer look at both Maui and Oahu so that you can decide which island is best for your next Hawaiian beach vacation.


This is a close look at the beach of Maui during sunset.

Located in Hawaii, Maui is the quintessential island when people think of a tropical beach vacation on an island. This area features picturesque beaches and beautiful surroundings without the mass of crowds and tourists that frequent Hawaii. Much of this is because Maui, unlike Oahu, lacks a major city center. Instead, most of the people are spread out through quiet beach towns and small villages.

Overall, the vibe in Maui is relaxed and calm, without the frenetic energy that the rest of Hawaii sometimes has. 

Located just north of the Big Island, Maui is a small, easy to get to region. To get to Maui, you must take a plane, but most trips are short and take under 40 minutes to get to Maui when leaving from the Big Island. This island is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beach offerings, slower pace, and calm atmosphere. 

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This is an aerial view of the beach of Oahu in Hawaii.

Comparatively, Oahu is just about 65 miles north of Maui on the next island that makes up Hawaii. This city is much busier compared to Maui, and much of that has to do with Honolulu. As the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is the epicenter of the state, with a big city and all the energy and buzz connected to it.

Although Oahu is located north of Honolulu, much of the energy and traffic from the major city spills out to the Oahu area. 

Tourists and crowds are the norms in Oahu, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although you may have more crowds to deal with, Oahu is home to some fantastic nightlife, fun entertainment, and incredible beaches. It is possible to fly to Oahu from Maui with just a 40-minute flight.

The flight time from the Big Island to Oahu is about 45 minutes via several Hawaiian airline options. 

What are the Best Places in Maui?

This is an aerial view of the beach of Hawaii.

Maui is able to blend the feel of a tropical beach paradise with a slow and causal farm setting. Much of the areas inland feature rolling hills, farms, and loads of lavender, coffee, and pineapple. This area has beautiful vistas that are a break from the endless sandy beaches, which are welcome to many tourists.

Plus, if you’re interested in visiting a winery or a distillery, there are plenty of options for tours in this part of Hawaii.

Most people are happy with about five days to explore this area. While visiting Maui and planning your Maui itinerary, some top recommended sights include visiting the summit of Haleakala, taking a boat trip to the Auau Channel, and exploring the famous beaches found in South Maui and West Maui. Here you’ll be able to find beautiful white sand beaches, a calm ocean, and crystal clear blue water.

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Plus, with the slower energy around Maui, you won’t have to fight off crowds to be able to relax and unwind in nature.   

What are the Best Places in Oahu?

This is a close look at a row of vintage wooden surfboards in Oahu.

With a completely different vibe and feel, Oahu can offer a very different experience compared to Maui. This part of Hawaii has the most variety compared to any other Hawaii island. It is possible to visit a beach on the north shore with big waves for surfing or take a trip through the city of Honolulu to experience the culture, nightlife, and entertainment.

Oahu has a mix of urban adventure and outdoor adventure to please a wide range of tourists and visitors.  

This part of Hawaii is densely populated, so you’ll be sure to find plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants. The majority of the hotels are located near Waikiki beach, which is far south of Oahu. Plenty of resort options are available, and many people make Oahu the only destination on their Hawaiian vacation.

Although this is a convenient location to stay, it is really so far south of anything Oahu offers. Beyond the famed Waikiki, there are plenty of mountains, small beaches, and local communities to explore. Most people are happy with about a four-day stay in Oahu to be able to see and do everything the area has to offer. Top attractions include surfing on the north shore, visiting Waikiki for a boat ride, and hiking the hills at Lanikai Pillbox.  

Does Maui or Oahu Have Better Beaches?

This is a turtle swimming underwater near Maui.

It is pretty hard to pick a better beach between Maui and Oahu and Hawaii in general. The weather is warm, the beaches beautiful, and the ocean is (for the most part) calm and inviting. Both Oahu and Maui feature countless beaches throughout the area, so really, there is something for everyone.

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While Maui may have more variety of beaches, including black sand beaches and even red sand beaches, Oahu features beaches on the north shore with amazing waves and variety for surfing and water sports. Although Maui’s beaches are calmer and less crowded, Oahu’s beaches are fun, energetic, and exciting.  

Both beaches offer plenty of snorkeling. Expect to see excellent fish, the occasional sea turtle, and even a whale in the ocean if you are lucky enough. Every year humpback whales migrate through the beaches near Maui, so be sure to schedule a whale watching tour to catch this amazing animal. 

Choosing the better beach between Maui and Oahu really comes down to personal preferences. Think about what you enjoy doing and seeing at the beach and choose accordingly. If you like to relax and unwind, then Maui may be the right beach for you. If you want to adventure, swim, and explore the area, then Oahu may be the right choice.  

Is the Outdoor Adventure Better in Maui or Oahu?

This is the Iao Needle in the west of Maui mountains.

Exploring the area in either Hawaii location is sure to turn up some amazing adventures. This lush, tropical, and beautiful place is full of hiking, climbing, and exploring. When it comes to outdoor adventure, though, Maui is the clear winner.

Although both islands are made of volcanoes, Maui’s volcanoes are better to see. This reason is that Maui is younger and so the volcanoes are easier to see. The volcanoes are larger because erosion over time has not withered away from the massive tower of mountains and volcanic ash.  

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Hiking to a volcano is an incredible experience and an essential activity if you are visiting Hawaii.

In Maui, be sure to visit Haleakala. You can reach the summit via a hiking trail that is more than 10,000 feet. Comparatively, the highest point in Oahu is only 4,000 feet.

While visiting the summit, you’ll be sure to see plenty of exciting plants, vegetation, animals, and birds. The hike is beautiful, and you’ll be amazed at the amount of outdoor adventure Maui has to offer. If you enjoy hiking and seeing volcanoes, it is also possible to take a trip to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park located on the Big Island.

With just a short 40-minute flight to the island, Maui offers better access to even more outdoor adventure.  

Does Maui or Oahu Have Better Nightlife?

This is an aerial view of Honolulu during nighttime.

When it comes to nightlife, Oahu is your town. Located close to Honolulu, this area is near the city center, offering plenty to do and see. Not only are there amazing hotels to stay at, but there are several bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to visit. Comparatively, Maui is a sleepy town that is littered with small villages dotting the landscape. Maui just doesn’t have as much energy and life as Oahu. 

Plus, because of the mass of visitors that arrive in Oahu from all over the world, Oahu has an amazing and unique blended culture that people gravitate towards. Experience a range of culinary styles in this city. Oahu has a global flair, while Maui has a smaller native Hawaiian flair. 

Which Island Will Give Me More Variety?

This is a sweeping view of Honolulu from the vantage of Tantalus Lookout.

Although Maui may give you more beach variety with their black sand beach, white sand beach, and red sand beach options, overall, Oahu will give you more options. Oahu really features all the best parts of Hawaii in one easy to reach location. If you like to explore and adventure, there is still plenty of hiking to do around the island.

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While the volcanoes are not as tall and impressive as Maui, there are still two very accessible and beautiful volcanoes to visit. Although the beaches may not be as calm as Maui, Oahu offers variation ranging from the fun yet calm beaches to the south and the beaches to the north with big waves perfect for surfing. You can go whale watching on a cruise or visit Honolulu and explore the city. 

Considering the range of cultures, Oahu has more than Maui. There are some small farms and villages that give you a feel for native Hawaiian culture, but also plenty of global exposure too. Oahu is the hub of nightlife and entertainment, and it follows that their cuisine features elements from all over the world.

In comparison, Maui does have plenty to see and do but expects to find more variety throughout the island by visiting Oahu. 


If you are planning your Hawaii vacation, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by so many options for adventure. Between the multiple islands and beaches throughout Hawaii, how do you even know where to start? Luckily, we have been in your situation and understand how you feel.

We have put together a list of commonly asked questions about Maui and Oahu so that you can better decide between the two areas. 

Oahu vs Maui, which island to choose?

Really, choosing between Oahu and Maui comes down to your personal preference and what your idea of a great vacation is. If you are looking for a relaxed and calm vacation with smaller crowds and more outdoor adventure, then Maui is the best place for you to visit. If you are looking for a beach vacation with a mix of urban adventure and a little more life, then Oahu may be the better location for you.

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Accessing either island is accessible with a simple, 40-minute flight between any of the islands that make up Hawaii.  

What are the must-see and do attractions in Maui, Hawaii?

Visiting Maui will allow you to tour the island at your own pace, giving you a calming and soothing vacation. One of the biggest attractions in Maui is the whales that visit every year as part of their migration path. Be sure to reserve a whale watching tour to have a chance to glimpse this amazing animal.

Adventurers will also enjoy a hike to the summit of Haleakala. This volcano is the tallest point, and a nice hike to the summit will give you breathtaking views. Of course, a visit to the famous black sand or red sand beaches in Maui has to make any must-see list for people traveling to Hawaii.  

When is the best time to go to Hawaii?

Visiting Hawaii is lovely year-round, and many people enjoy the warm temperatures for much of the year. However, the best time to see this island is between March and September. These months have the lowest rainfall with the highest temperatures.

For those who want to see the big waves on the north shore of Oahu, be sure to visit in December for the best wave action.  

Why did Hawaii become a tourist destination?

If you have ever visited Hawaii, it is pretty easy to understand why this part of the world became an instant tourist destination. While it may be tricky to get to the island, you can enjoy beautiful temperatures, stunning vistas, calm and soothing beaches, and crystal clear blue water once you are there. Plus, Hawaii is a wonderful tropical destination that is still in the United States, so a passport is not required to travel to this amazing island.  

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