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50 Pictures of Manitou Springs, CO

A stunning image of the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO.

Every time I go to Manitou Springs, I discover something new.  Perhaps it is a new shop that has recently popped up, a mural I had never noticed before, or a different steep road with really neat old houses.  I recently spent the day exploring Manitou Springs and taking pictures as I went.

It is really beautiful in the snow, but also really nice in the summer with green grass and leaves on the trees.  My pictures start on the east side of town where Colorado Ave. becomes Manitou Ave. and head west toward the mountains.  Here are 50 pictures of Manitou Springs, CO.

1. Welcome to Historic Manitou Springs

Welcome sign at Manitou Ave.

As mentioned above, this sign is placed where Colorado Ave. in Old Colorado City, a neighborhood of Colorado Springs, becomes Manitou Ave.  Manitou Springs is tucked up against the mountains, providing a gorgeous backdrop and fun steep streets.

2. Recreational Marijuana is Legal in Manitou Springs, CO

Emerald Fields frontstore.

There are two licensed retail marijuana stores in Manitou, Emerald Fields and Maggie’s Farm.  Those 21 and older can purchase up to 28 grams, or one ounce to consume on private property.  Marijuana use is not allowed in public places and is still illegal under federal law.

3. Schryver Park

Schryver Park

I could not resist taking a picture of the ducks in the park in front of Schryver Park.  This is a really nice park with a playset, a path, and Fountain Creek running through it.

4. Uncle Sam’s Pancake House

Uncle Sam's Pancake House

Uncle Sam’s Pancake House is one of my Uncle’s favorite places to go for breakfast.  You will not leave hungry.

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5. Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center

Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center

When you get into town, stop here to get more information about Manitou Springs.  Ask about the mineral springs, great restaurants, shops, the Incline, and more.

6. Cherokee’s of Manitou

Cherokee's of Manitou

In business for over 20 years, Cherokee’s of Manitou features oil paintings, jewelry, sculpture, fashion, and gourmet foods from Colorado vendors.  The owner specializes in military art as well as wildlife.  Stop in to find unique pieces.

7. View of Pikes Peak From the Briarhurst Manor

View of Pikes Peak From the Briarhurst Manor

On a clear day, the view of Pikes Peak is even more impressive.  This, in addition to the lovely Victorian building and nice landscaping, is the reason many choose the Briarhurst Manor for their special event or just a nice evening out to dinner.

8. Colorado Ski Chairs

Colorado Ski Chairs along Manitou Ave.

Watch for this spectacle along Manitou Ave.  These brightly colored chairs are the handy work of Colorado Ski Chairs.  This company started out using old skis for adirondack chair frames and has moved onto using other repurposed items such as golf clubs, snowboards, wakeboards, ski chairlifts, barn wood, and other reclaimed wood for furniture.

9. Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Fountain Creek runs alongside Memorial Park.  It is a great place to let the kids wade and splash on a hot summer day.

10. Statue in Memorial Park

Statue in Memorial Park

There are many memorials, statues, and sculptures in Memorial Park.  Take a look as you play in the grass, let the kids run around on the playground, or attend a special event.

11. Memorial Park Sign

Memorial Park Sign

We saw many people playing with their children and dogs in the snow when we were at the park, but this place really comes alive in the summer.  Imagine green grass, leaves on the trees, and people all around.  Many events are held here each year, including the Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo Cook-Off, Heritage Brew Festival, and the Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival.

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12. Manitou and Pikes Peak Railroad Engine

Manitou and Pikes Peak Railroad Engine

Located on the corner between Memorial Park and Manitou Springs City Hall, this engine pays homage to the rich railroad history of the area.  Stop into the Manitou Springs Heritage Center to learn more.

13. Manitou Springs City Hall

Manitou Springs City Hall

Manitou Springs City Hall is situated in a convenient spot for locals and visitors, right next to Memorial Park.  There are clean restrooms around the back if you need them when you are out exploring.

14. Seven Minute Spring

Seven Minute Spring

There are eight natural mineral water springs located around Manitou Springs.  Guided tours are available during the summer months and you can go on a self-guided tour any month of the year.  Print off a map from the city’s website, or inquire at the Manitou Springs Heritage Center or Chamber of Commerce.

15. Seven Minute Gazebo and Amphitheater

Seven Minute Gazebo and Amphitheater

This gazebo and amphitheater is available for rent and is used for many special events throughout the year.

16. Looking West on Manitou Ave.

The view on Manitou Ave.

This picture was taken from in front of the Manitou Library looking west on Manitou Ave.  The library is great and there is even a summer concert series that takes place on the lawn.  Also in the picture is the Avenue Hotel, CK Comics and Collectibles, and Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant.

17. Stagecoach Inn Restaurant and Pub

Stagecoach Inn Restaurant and Pub

The Stagecoach Inn Restaurant and Pub offers steak, chicken, burgers, seafood, salads, and sandwiches.  Enjoy the rustic vibe, fireplaces, and patio seating while digging into your meal.

18. Swirl Wine Bar and CK Comics and Collectibles

Swirl Wine Bar and CK Comics and Collectibles

There are many neat old buildings in Manitou Springs and this is one example.  Swirl Wine Bar offers a fun and funky experience to all patrons that is family friendly.  Choose from fine wine, local beer on draft, and a variety of cocktails.  Food is also served.  CK Comics and Collectibles offers a variety of “vintage” items.  These include comics, figurines, posters, and apparel.  Live music, game nights, parties, and other events also happen frequently here.

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19. Christmas in Manitou

A Christmas sore in Manitou.

Why shop for Christmas items only a few months out of the year when you can shop for them any month of the year at Christmas in Manitou?  If you love Christmas, you have to stop in.

20. 6,412′ Shirt Company

6,412' Shirt Company

Looking back east on Manitou Ave you can see many shops.  Stop into 6,412′ Shirt Company for a nice selection of apparel and souvenirs.

21. Canon Ave.

Canon Ave.

This is where Canon Ave. branches off to the right from Manitou Ave.  There are lots of neat shops, restaurants, and service industries down Canon Ave.  Venture down a few blocks, and get to the Cliff House, one of the finest lodging and dining establishments in Manitou Springs.

22. Glass Blowers of Manitou and Commonwheel Artists Co-op


Glass Blowers of Manitou and Commonwheel Artists Co-op

Growing up, my mom collected hummingbirds.  We would often come into the Glass Blowers of Manitou to look for gifts for her.  They have so many neat creations made out of glass.  Further down the road, you can see Commonwheel Artists Co-op.  This gallery features local artists.  Stop in to see paintings, glass, jewelry, clothing, sculpture, and more.  Also watch for special events throughout the year.

23. Looking Back East on Canon Ave.

The shops and church on Canon Ave.

Here you can see more shops as well as St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

24. Manitou Springs Post Office

Manitou Springs Post Office

Across from the Cliff House is the Manitou Springs Post Office.  There are many unique old buildings in Manitou Springs.  It is fun to walk or drive around up the steep streets just to see what unique buildings you might find.

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25. Manitou Outpost Gallery

Manitou Outpost Gallery

Back to Manitou Ave., here is Manitou Outpost and Gallery.  This a popular spot and the largest gift shop on Manitou Ave. Stop in for ice cream or fresh homemade fudge.  Find Native American jewelry and souvenirs as well as hats, t-shirts, postcards, and other gifts.

26. Shoshone Spring

Shoshone Spring

Try some mineral water from Shoshone Spring and sit on a nearby bench and relax.

27.  Informational Sign Near Shoshone Spring

Informational Sign Near Shoshone Spring

There are many spots around town that have informational signage.  The mineral springs have played an important role in the town’s history, as noted on this sign.

28. Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival

Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival

This picture was taken in October by a friend of mine.  The community and visitors have gathered in anticipation of the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival.  It is a fun event that happens every year near Halloween.

29. Colorado Custard Company

Colorado Custard Company

Owned by a local, Colorado Custard Company wanted to give everyone an alternative to ice cream.  The custard is made fresh each day throughout the day in the shop.  There are endless possibilities for mix-ins and toppings and the prices are affordable.  Colorado Custard Company has limited operating hours offseason and is closed mid-November through January.

30. Looking East Down Manitou Ave.

Shops and houses on Manitou Ave.

Looking back, you can see the Colorado Custard Company and Manitou Outpost.

31. Babu’s Kitchen and Bar

Babu's Kitchen and Bar

Enjoy Indian/Nepalese food in this quaint and cozy restaurant.  A lunch special is available each day from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

32. Heart of Manitou Springs

Heart of Manitou Springs

This part of town is very popular, especially in the summer.  Behind Patsy’s and the Royal Tavern sits the Penny Arcade.  Also, notice the art.  There are murals and sculptures scattered all over town.  Many have Native American themes, as the local Native American history is very important to this community.

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33. Penny Arcade Derby

Penny Arcade Derby

I spent many hours as a teenager in this room of the arcade.  Derby was one of our favorite games.  We would race our horses across the board by rolling little balls into numbered holes and squeal with delight and give high fives if we won.  The arcade also has many fun rides for little kids scattered throughout the property.

34. Arcade Amusements, Inc.

Arcade Amusements, Inc.

The official name is Arcade Amusements, but most refer to this as the Penny Arcade.  Skeeball is always a happening spot and this is the building where you can exchange your tickets for prizes.  The Penny Arcade is in a terrific location.  Stop by on your way to dinner and throw a quarter in a racing game, or play all evening long checking out all of the rooms filled with vintage and modern games.

35. Mountain High Gallery and Gifts

Mountain High Gallery and Gifts

Located across the alley from the Penny Arcade, this shop was known for many years as Navajo Gallery and Gifts.   This shop offers ice cream, homemade fudge, jewelry, t-shirts, and other souvenirs.  You can even pan for gemstones at the gemstone mine.

36. Cheyenne Spring

Cheyenne Spring

The mineral water coming out of these springs are naturally carbonated and full of minerals.  Spring-houses were built over the springs themselves.  The one in this picture was built out of red-orange Lyons sandstone that came from the nearby Kenmuir Quarry, which is now part of Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

37. Border Burger Bar and Flying Eagle

Border Burger Bar and Flying Eagle

These bright pieces of urban art are located between the Border Burger Bar and the Flying Eagle.  Border Burger Bar offers a wide selection of large burgers with outrageous toppings as well as local Colorado craft beer.  Dine inside or outside by the creek.  Flying Eagle offers more than 500 designs of t-shirts.  You can even watch while they are being printed.

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38. Stratton Spring

Stratton Spring

Winfield Scott Stratton was a successful businessman living in Manitou Springs in the early 1900’s.  When he passed away, he left his fortune to aid the children and the elderly of El Paso County.  In 1936, a new spring well was drilled so that there could be one near his properties where Manitou Ave. meets Ruxton Ave.

39. Stratton’s Loop

Stratton's Loop

This is looking east down Manitou Ave.  You can see Stratton’s Spring on the right in front of The Loop Mexican Restaurant.

40.  The Loop

The Loop

This yummy Mexican restaurant with award-winning margaritas is located in a historic building.  Built in 1903, this restaurant originally served wild game, which was cooked on a barbecue that is still on the property.  Many gold and silver barons stopped here for a bite to eat.  The Loop got its name because the trolley that used to travel between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs would loop around this building and then head back to Colorado Springs.

41. Soda Springs Park

Soda Springs Park

Soda Springs Park is another popular park in Manitou Springs.  Fountain Creek also runs through this park.  There is a new playground and plenty of grass (or snow) to run around in and play.  Many special events take place here throughout the year.  This park serves as the home base for the Emma Crawford Coffin Race in October and the weekly Manitou Community Market.

42. Bud Ford Pavilion

Bud Ford Pavilion

Located in Soda Springs Park, this pavilion can be rented and is used for many special events.  It is also a nice place to enjoy some shade on a hot summer day.

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43. Camino Real Imports

Camino Real Imports

This bright shop greets guests who enter Manitou Springs from Highway 24 on the west end.  There are all sorts of fun things inside.

44. Manitou Ave. and Ruxton Ave.

Manitou Ave. and Ruxton Ave.

Head up Ruxton Ave. to get to many more attractions.  Down this road are more shops and restaurants, as well as Miramont Castle, Iron Springs, the Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Theatre, the Incline, and the Cog Railway.   In this picture, you can see the Incline, that little stripe of white going straight up the mountain, as well as a sign for the North Pole.  If you drive five miles west on Highway 24, you will get to the North Pole.  There are lots of rides there and the chance to meet Santa.

45. Brazen Bee

Brazen Bee

Brazen Bee makes their own natural beauty products on site.

46.  Looking Back Down Ruxton Ave.

Looking Back Down Ruxton Ave.

This is taken in front of Ruxton’s Trading Post.  There are several businesses on this road near Manitou Ave., including Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza.

47. Iron Spring

Iron Spring

Iron Spring is the natural mineral spring that is located in the farthest west.  It is near the Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Theatre, the entrance for the Incline, and the Cog Railway.

48. Cog Wheel Depot

Cog Wheel Depot

This was the spot to catch the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.  Unfortunately, this railway has not been running for a time, but there are plans to re-open it in 2021.  The train was and will be again, a very popular way to get to the top of Pikes Peak.

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49. View from the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum

View from the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum

I took this from the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum in the spring (yes, there was snow in the spring too).  The Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum is located above the city of Manitou Springs off of Highway 24.  The Cave of the Winds is up there as well.  Both are amazing attractions that are not to be missed.

50. Crystal Park

Crystal Park

Crystal Park is a gated community located on the edge of Manitou Springs.  I mention this community because in the past it was a popular tourist destination.  The Crystal Park Auto Road was a popular sight-seeing trip that included a unique turntable that allowed vehicles to be turned 180 degrees to be able to navigate the steep twists and turns.  Burro trips were also available to Crystal Park.

Marie has lived in the Colorado Springs area most of her life and enjoys spending time shopping, dining, and playing in Manitou Springs.