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3 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Under $100

A young kid sleeping in sleeping bag while camping.

Kids and camping go hand in hand.  There is a natural playground for kids to explore while the adults enjoy the outdoors as well.  One thing to keep in mind is to keep kids comfortable.  Their comfort directly relates to their experience and will keep them wanting more.  Much to the tune of adults, if the kids are having fun and stay comfortable (dry, warm), they will want to keep doing the same thing over and over.

Camping and sleeping bags are not the only combinations of uses these days.  As with adults, having a kid’s sleeping bag serves many purposes these days.  Think sleepovers, cold car rides, playing in the park on a chilly day, and watching movies at home.  All these daily activities can benefit from having a sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for kids have grown since the early days.  There used to only be one option for kids sleeping bags – the hand me down sleeping bag from older siblings or even the parents.  Those days are over.  This post provides 3 great sleeping bag options for kids.  The best part?  These sleeping bags now “grow” with the kid.  The foot end of the sleeping bag can compress down so your kid is not swimming in a huge bag.  As they grow, you compress less and less.  The other best part of this post is the price point.  There are 3 high-quality sleeping bags for kids under $100.

Given the 2 options for the sleeping bag fill, down or synthetic, the 3 recommended sleeping bags in this post are synthetic.  Finding down sleeping bags for kids is rare and when you do find one, it is priced really high.  Regardless, if you choose to consider both fill options, read up on this post.

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Below are 3 recommended options for kids sleeping bags for under $100:

Mountain Hardwear Mountain Goat Flame

A blue Mountain Hardwear Mountain Goat Flame sleeping bag.

This is a synthetic fill, mummy-style sleeping bag.  It is rated to keep your kid warm down to 20 degrees F.  Knowing Mountain Hardwear produces quality products, this sleeping bag is no exception.  The foot box has an integrated drawcord so you can cinch the bag down for shorter kids and release the cinching as they grow.  This is a great way to have a sleeping bag last for many years.

Another cool feature is that there is a “hidden” sleeve for kids to put away anything they feel like.  This sleeve is tucked away near the chest part of the sleeping bag.  How cool is that?

A blue Mountain Hardwear Mountain Goat Flame sleeping bag.

The North Face Kids Dolomite 35

A blue North Face 3S kids sleeping bag.

This is another great sleeping bag from The North Face. The Dolomite 3S is a synthetic fill, rectangular style sleeping bag.  This bag differs from the other 2 sleeping bag recommendations in that this is a rectangular sleeping bag.  Due to the shape of this bag and full-length zipper option, you can use this sleeping bag as a comforter.  This provides many options and configurations to keep your kids warm.

This sleeping bag is rated to keep kids warm down to 20 degrees F.  Any colder, your kid may not even want to sleep outside.

A blue North Face 3S kids sleeping bag showing the inside.

REI Kindercone

A purple REI Kindercone sleeping bag for kids.

The REI Kindercone is a fun sleeping bag.  It is a synthetic fill, mummy-style sleeping bag.  The best part is the variety of colors available to meet any kid’s color palette.  It is rated to keep your kid cozy warm down to 30 degrees F.

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The unique part of this sleeping bag is having the stuff sack attached to the sleeping bag – one less thing to lose!  Also, the design of the integrated stuff sack is to stuff as much of the sleeping bag into it and cinch it down.  This is a way to “adjust” the bag to your kid’s growing length.

A purple REI Kindercone sleeping bag for kids with foot cover.


The above 3 sleeping bag recommendations will suit most kid’s needs.  The next part is to get out there and play.