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Where to Eat in St. Augustine, Florida (10 Best Options)

Wineglasses on tables wrapped with dark tablecloths in al fresco style dining.

When it comes to food, St. Augustine doesn’t disappoint as a culinary destination! In fact, there are so many restaurants to choose from, it might be hard to figure out where you should go. That’s why we’re here. We took the arduous task of trying out a variety of different places, so we could give you the best restaurants and cafes to visit while you’re here. It was a difficult task, but we were up for the challenge!

From fresh seafood to behemoth burgers, decadent milkshakes, and unique donuts, we tried them all! With our bellies full, and our belts let out a couple of notches, here are the top places to eat in St. Augustine.

Gas Full-Service Cafe

Jalapeno Popper Burger served with homemade potato chips at Gass Full Service Cafe.

Gass Full Service Cafe is a popular choice for burger lovers and it was featured on Bobby Deen’s Guilty Pleasures as one of Deen’s favorite burger joints.

We’re HUGE Food Network fans, and so when we travel, we are always on the lookout for a place that one of our favorite shows has highlighted. In St. Augustine, you’ll find Gass Full Service Cafe, which was featured on the show Guilty Pleasures as Bobby Deen’s favorite place to get a burger.

And he wasn’t wrong! The Jalapeno Popper Burger is just as amazing as it sounds! It’s stuffed with jalapenos and cheese and then covered in panko and DEEP FRIED. Served with homemade potato chips, this burger was as big as my head!

When it arrived at the table, it also came with precise directions on how to approach eating it! Our lovely waitress told us not to push it down since it will then explode everywhere, but to gently cut it in half and to attempt to eat it like a taco. Damn, was she right! It was so good! Definitely get yourself here if you’re in St. Augustine!

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Even if burgers aren’t your thing, they have a full menu of delicious scratch-made foods, and one of the largest selections of beers I’ve seen! It’s literally a converted gas station, with the garage bay doors and vintage decor! Service was quick and pleasant, and we’ll definitely be back again!

Cold Cow

A menu of Cold Cow in St. Augustine, FL.

Cold Cow is a well-recommended place for ice cream or dessert lovers. What’s great about this place is that they offer non-dairy options for lactose-intolerant folks!

You can’t go to the Sunshine State and not get some delicious ice cream! And, we’re not going to lie, but the best ice cream can be found on the outskirts of St. Augustine on Route-1 in a small shopping plaza. Cold Cow is the hidden treasure, featuring TONS of flavor options, gigantic portions, and friendly service! It will literally take you 15 minutes (at least!) to choose which flavor you want.

Don’t be afraid to try them all before you decide, either! They’re thrilled to give you a sample until you can pick! Cold Cow also has a variety of creamy, delicious treats, shakes, and frozen, specialty desserts. Plus, they have an extensive selection of non-dairy options – lactose intolerant folks rejoice! Our favorite picks were the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the Garbage Can! Mmmmmmm… ice cream!

Pizza Time

People mobbing the Pizza Time, Trip Advisor's 2nd best pizza in the country.

Rated by CNN and Trip Advisor as the 2nd best pizza in the country, Pizza Time offers Brooklyn-Style slices to the masses visiting St. Augustine. The St. George Street pizza place can’t be missed – there’s usually a line out the door and around the corner waiting to get their hands on a steaming, delicious slice!

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The portions are gigantic, and they have a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, including the Chicken Parm, which features an entire piece of chicken on top of each slice!

The garlic knots are to die for, and the sweet marinara is house-made! A couple of tips, though – make sure you know what you want before you get to the front of the line, and make sure that you bring cash! It’s a cash-only establishment, and the pace is crazy!

We suggest putting someone in line to order and get the food, and the other person grabs a table! Seating is at a premium inside, but if you’re lucky enough to get one, you can follow up your meal with a delicious cup of gelato at the adjacent Gelato Time!

Mellow Mushroom

A focused look at an appetizing pizza on a plate, which you can order in St. Augustine's Mellow Mushroom.

If you’ve never been to a Mellow Mushroom, you have to check out the one in St. Augustine! The eclectic restaurant features a unique menu to match, featuring unique pizzas, sandwiches, and salads, with both gluten-free and vegan options! There are a few locations scattered throughout the U.S., but at each site, they have local additions to the menu that you can only get there.

In St. Augustine, you’ll get the Datil Work Pizza, featuring Datil Do-It Sauce that’s locally made in St. Augustine! You’ll enjoy the laid-back, chill vibe, and the dog-friendly patio, so you can bring Fido with you! I love finding dog-friendly restaurants because we travel with our pup and often can’t leave him alone when we’re staying in hotels. This is a great place, with great food and a friendly, no-frills atmosphere!

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The Press

A closer view at a chocolate-chip cookie sundae dessert that St. Augustine's The Press serves to their guests.

The Press is a scratch-kitchen restaurant with award-winning burgers, known for its huge portions and delicious daily specials. It’s a little off-the-beaten-path, as a small corner bistro in an unassuming shopping center. But the flavor and brilliance of this place are more significant than it looks!

While the food is outstanding, we totally recommend going there just for dessert! Get the “One Hot Cookie” featuring baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies, topped with chocolate ice cream, and covered in caramel sauce and whipped cream. It’s one of those desserts that you’ll dream about for weeks, and count the days until you’re back in St. Augustine to experience it again!

The Donut Experiment

A pair of donuts with a wide variety of icings and oppings at The Donut Experiment in St. Augustine.

Wishing for a store that would make your own version of donuts in front of you? Say no more, just visit The Donut Experiment in St. Augustine and taste the ultimate donut experience!

Who doesn’t love an immersive food experience? The Donut Experiment gives you just that – the ability to create the donut of your dreams! Start with a cake donut that’s freshly made to order, right in front of you, and then choose what you want on it! Each donut is topped to order, from a wide variety of icings and toppings.

I chose the maple icing and added bacon ton top, and it was out of this world! Moist and warm donut, with the creamy, sweet maple and hint of savory from the bacon – yum! My wife got the chocolate glaze, with Reece’s Pieces on it, and said it was the best donut she’s ever had! Put on your mad scientist hat and get creative at the Donut Experiment!

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The Taco Gringos

A woman wearing a hat and shades and eating tacos.

This woman is happily eating her tacos, which you can also enjoy at the Taco Gringos in St. Augustine.

You may think I’m crazy, but if you’re craving some of the best tacos, you can get, head outside of St. Augustine into the neighboring town of East Palatka. This roadside taco stand is home to some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had! Located on U.S. 17 South, this unassuming stand features Florida-Style Mexican food at extremely reasonable prices!

We highly recommend the Chili Relleno: homemade tacos stuffed with poblano peppers and your choice of chicken or beef. For $10, you can get two of those plus rice, salsa, and slaw! And don’t forget to get extra queso! It’s some of the best we’ve ever had, and you can actually get a side of it to go – which we did multiple times! The Taco Gringos is only open Tuesday through Friday from 11-5, so make sure that you set aside some time to get there. It’s genuinely worth drive!

Smokin’ D’s BBQ

Smokin’ D’s BBQ exterior.

Smokin’ D’s BBQ is one of the best barbecue houses in Florida! Here’s the photograph of the building where the delicious BBQs are being served.

You can’t miss Smokin’ D’s BBQ with the old, rusted firetruck out front driven by a sharp-looking pig in a Christmas hat! This no-frills, quiet BBQ place prides itself on freshly smoking all their meats each day – you won’t get yesterday’s meats here! The focus here is on the meats – there’s no indoor seating, but you can sit outside at the conveniently located tree stumps and have yourself a messy, delicious, piece of Florida BBQ!

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The ribs were fall off the bone tender, and I’ve never had better brisket – which is smoked overnight every day! I will suggest that you get the Smokin’ D’s Baked Beans for your side – they are absolutely to die for, with a sweet sauce, a variety of different beans, with a hidden kick that’ll leave you wanting more!

The Sweet Spot

A milkshake topped with real whipped cream, and a variety of cookies, candies, and even a full-sized cupcake at The Sweet Spot.

Found yourself tired from walking on the busy St. George Street? The Sweet Spot might just be the perfect stop-over for you. Here’s a closer look at one of their masterpieces.

Another St. George Street location, the Sweet Spot, is an unassuming ice cream shop nestled into one of the historic buildings that run the stretch of the pedestrian road. From the outside, it looks just like your average ice cream shop.

What you don’t expect is the gigantic, over-the-top milkshakes that they sell! Served in a glass mason jar, these milkshakes are topped with real whipped cream, and a variety of cookies, candies, and even a full-sized cupcake! We shared the peanut butter cup milkshake, and it was out of control!

The iced mug is covered in Reeces Pieces, and had a full-size peanut butter cup, Nutter Butter Cookie, and cupcake for good measure! You can also get the milkshakes as sundaes if that’s your speed! These are definitely sized for sharing after dinner – or forget dinner altogether and just get the milkshake. You’re an adult, after all!

Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

A shrimp dish in a pan with fork placed on wooden chopping boards and cut bread on the side.

One of the best restaurants in the Historic District of St. Augustine, Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille serves a variety of delicious meals from their menu. Here’s one of the foods you can find in the restaurant.

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Overlooking Matanzas Bay, Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille is one of the best sit-down restaurants in the Historic District of St. Augustine. Bringing New Orleans-style cooking to the sunshine state, Harry’s features tons of fresh fish options on the menu that you can have prepared precisely how you like, even indicating how much spice you want.

Sit out in the courtyard and watch the sunset while listening to the live music they have nightly. We definitely recommend trying the Shrimp and Grits with Cajan Red Eye Gravy and the Oreo Beignets for dessert! You’ll be able to get a little slice of NOLA right in the heart of the Oldest City in the Nation!