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9 of the Best Glamping Campgrounds in Oregon

A woman relaxing on a hammock in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

Oregon is a beautiful state full of amazing sights that will leave you completely awe-struck such as Carter Lake and Mount Hood. It can be a truly amazing experience to get away from the stress of city life and go deep into nature. It’s a great way to reconnect with loved ones and have fun under a beautiful sky full of twinkling stars. However, just because you are going camping, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the comforts of modern life.

Glamping is a new form of camping that is derived from the words ‘glamour camping’. It is the perfect blend of the peace of the great outdoors and the comfort and quality of life that modern people are accustomed to.

It means that you can spend a day in nature but still have a comfy bed, running electricity, and a clean, private bathroom. Glamping campgrounds have cropped up all over Oregon since many people want to partake in the natural landscape of the state. You can enjoy the beauty of these locations from the comfort of your very own RVs, tents, cabins, tipis, and more!

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

RVs are a form of motor trailers that have a built-in living quarter. The accommodation includes a place to sleep, a private bathroom, a kitchen, and running electricity. Typically, modern RVs have many other features like televisions, satellite receptors, water heaters, air conditioning, countertops, and more.

Fir Grove

A look at the tall trees of Fir Grove.

Fir Grove is the perfect glamping campsite for those who love forests and fresh air. You can park your RV and hook it up close to the house. They have 20amp and 30amp outlets that you can use to recharge your RV. They also have connections for water and sewer hookups. There is also a porta-potty available on-site in case you prefer to use that to the RVs built-in washroom.

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The grove is surrounded by hundreds of trees and wildlife, which feels really amazing to be around. The country setting is serene and peaceful but that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to amenities. There is a small town nearby that is perfect to replenish your supplies.

The site has a fire pit where you can light a fire using the provided fresh firewood. The atmosphere a fire creates at night is unparalleled and provides the perfect opportunity for some old campfire songs. The Scappoose Bay Marina is near the glamping campground where you can go boating or paddle with your family and friends.

Moreover, the Columbia River is full of different kinds of fish, which makes for a peaceful afternoon of fishing. Fir Grove also has plenty of hiking trails nearby that you can take to explore the region. Other activities include relaxing at the beach, watching the local wildlife, and biking.


Cabins are one of the most popular types of glamping because they provide a secure and beautiful place to stay in. They are usually built of wood and are often surrounded by quiet natural lands. They give you the opportunity to relax and restore your energy. Nowadays, they come with almost all modern amenities, which make the trip pleasant and fun.

Peaceful Cedar Green House near Silverton

The interior of a Peaceful Cedar Green House near Silverton.

The Peaceful Cedar Green House is a comfortable cabin built in a peaceful section of Silverton. It has a natural cedar hot tub that you can relax in. There is a complete sleeping loft with a full-sized bed on the second floor of the cabin, which is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.

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The smooth gravel floor will make you feel connected to the nature around you. There is a private bathroom with hot water, a microwave, and a fridge in the main barn next to the cabin as well. There is also a private barbeque on which you can grill a hot meal to enjoy with your loved ones!

The house is made with minimal wood and glass windows for natural light. There is also a back patio on which you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good book while taking in the fresh air. Amenities include a toaster, a coffeemaker, shower, Wi-Fi, a sunroom, firewood, a tea kettle, games, a picnic table, and much more. There is also a health facility, town, fuel station, and supermarket nearby in case you need anything.

There are plenty of activities that you can indulge in while you are on the glamping ground. There is a waterfall nearby flowing through the Mountain River. You can visit local shopping centers, nightclubs, bars, museums, movie theaters, bowling arenas, and more. You can also explore the Oregon Gardens or the famous Silver Falls State Park. Campers can also enjoy the organic farm on which the cabin is built – it is rich in Native history!

In addition, there are several hiking trails that will provide you with absolutely stunning views. You can also indulge in canoeing, biking, zip-lining, and kayaking. In short, this place has something for everyone!

Shelter Cove Resort & Marina

A wooden log cabin in Shelter Cove Resort & Marina.

The Shelter Cove Resort & Marina is in the middle of the stunning Willamette National Forest and Deschutes National Forest. It is surrounded by serene landscapes of utmost beauty and adventures. It sits at 6,000 feet above sea level and is nestled among the Spurs trees and Douglas Fir trees. The height gives the guests access to the most amazing views of the gleaming Odell Lake and vast skies.

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The wooden cabins have a rustic feeling and are furnished with a high-quality finish. There are 10 cabins that you can choose from, ranging from 2 to 10 person accommodations. The bedrooms have bedding and towels so that you are comfortable. There are also fireplaces and heaters installed for warmth. Depending on the cabin, you will have 1-3 bathrooms. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials so you don’t have to worry about meals.

The gorgeous Odell Lake provides guests with the opportunity to go fishing and boating. You can take a hike on the many trails in the area that give access to the stunning beauty of Oregon. You may also stumble upon several breathtaking waterfalls during your exploration! If you come in the winter, you can also enjoy the day skiing in the snow and find cozy warmth by the fireplace during the night.


Yurts are sort of like tents but rounded. They can be really amazing places to stay in since modern yurts come with fireplaces, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, heating, and more. It is a great way to go deep into the outdoors and explore the area nearby.

Unique Yurt in Tillamook, Oregon

An exterior look at a unique yurt in Tillamook, Oregon.

Want to wake up to the beautiful view of Tillamook Lake? The Unique Yurt sits right on the precipice of the lake and looks absolutely stunning at sunsets. It has classic yurt features like radial rafters and lattice walls designed after the traditional elements of yurts by Central Asian nomads. However, it comes with all the luxury you need including a hot tub, TV, Netflix, movie library, and even a Wi-Fi connection. The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, fridge, coffeemaker, toaster, sink, utensils, and more.

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Along with a bedroom, there is a futon that provides enough room for up to four guests. The queen-sized bed has a clear dome above from which you can watch the stars at night. There is a private bathroom with a shower and plenty of amenities.

Moreover, the yurt offers a cozy fireplace that helps maintain a comfortable temperature. You can also enjoy the warmth of the fire pit outside. The fire pit is the perfect place to have a bonfire at night and sit around creating new happy memories. The deck is a perfect place to stargaze, watch the sunset, grill on the charcoal barbeque, or relax with a mug of fresh coffee.

The Oregon Coast is yours to explore with the Tillamook Bay providing plenty of space to relax. For people who want to explore the outdoors, there are many trails running through the surrounding landscape, providing the perfect opportunity to go on an awe-inspiring hike through the woods.

You can try your hand at crabbing and salmon fishing or watch the water birds that come onto the shore. There is also a beautiful Cape Meares Lighthouse nearby that holds the most fascinating views of the lake and the sky.

The unique Octopus Tree also has ample opportunities to get a nice tan on the beach. Alderbrook Golf Course, Tillamook Cheese Factory, and fine dining restaurants in Tillamook and in the Bay City also provide the perfect opportunity to spend a laid-back relaxing evening.

Siltcoos Lake Resort

A look at riverside yurt in Siltcoos Lake Resort.

The upscale yurt in Siltcoos Lake Resort is built on private property, around five miles south of Florence. It comes with a kitchen, as well as, a warm pellet stove right by the Siltcoos River. The yurt comes with Wi-Fi and a 47-inch flat-screen TV on which you can have a peaceful movie night. The private bathroom and shower come with toiletries so that you feel right at home. A BBQ setup is also available to make hot meals as you roast marshmallows on the provided firewood.

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There is a sandy beach next to the yurt where you can relax and get a nice tan. There is also a beautiful grove of Sitka Spruce trees across the river that you can explore. The surrounding area is peaceful and there is plenty to see if you want to reconnect with nature. The site is near a town in case you don’t feel like cooking and want to try out the local restaurants.


Tents are the best way to set up camp in any area. Glamping tents have been updated to accommodate every luxury that you can think of. They offer the perfect blend of nature and modern life since they bring the outdoors much closer to you.

Romantic Rustic Luxury Tent in Sherwood

A shaded romantic rustic luxury tent in Sherwood.

The Romantic Rustic Luxury Tent is designed as a kid-friendly rustic tent. Privacy is top-priority for this location and it’s built on the private five-acre property. The tent has a comfy queen-sized bed that can host up to two people.

It has a private bathroom with an outdoor shower that can be changed into an open-air shower. The tent has luxurious spa robes and toiletries for the guests so you can relax and enjoy, even if you forget something at home.

The site has an outdoor fire pit with a cooking grate for those who enjoy preparing meals in the fresh air. A cooler, pastries for breakfast, and water bottles are included. It has outlets for charging, a coffee maker, and a small heater as well. The tent has safety measures like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a smoke detector in case of an emergency.

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The tent has a swimming pool nearby in which you can splash around or go for a midnight dip. There are a nearby vineyard and winery for a fun wine tasting activity. The outdoor area has a covered resting area where you can relax with a mug of hot coffee and a book. There is also a swing if you want to have a bit of fun with the kids.

The nearby wildlife refuge center and exhibits are perfect for animal lovers. The Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is 2,000 acres of protected lowland and wetland area. The plains running along Chicken Creek, Rock Creek, and the beautiful Tualatin River are really fun for hiking, biking, or walking. You can spot bald eagles, herons, mallards, and other protected species in the area.

If you like stunning landscape views, you can check out the observation decks and hiking trails in the area. There are also other activities that you can indulge in including fishing and canoeing.

Panacea at the Canyon

A look at a white luxury tent in Panacea at the Canyon.

The Panacea at the Canyon is a 40-acre luxury tent spa and resort. It is the ultimate eco-conscious, luxurious sanctuary where you can relax, unplug, and unwind. There are no mobile signals in the area and guests are encouraged to leave their devices behind to fully get away from the stressors of modern life.

The natural desert setting feels really adventurous and romantic. Everything in the resort is solar-powered and every guest can avail of the five-star amenities. Explore the great outdoors of Central Oregon while enjoying the spa treatments and serene pools.

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The glamping campground has views of the majestic Smith Rock, Cascade Mountain Range, and the Crooked River Canyon. There is also a Protected Raptor Habitat where lots of rare species like prairie falcons, bald eagles, golden eagles, and hawks reside. You can enjoy the night sky with the stargazer tents and get relaxing treatments from the holistic spa on-site.

Classes for yoga and meditation are available as well. They are conducted on relaxation decks by expert trainers. You can also enjoy a romantic date of champagne brunch on hot air balloons with your loved one. There is a sunset reception every day with kombucha, wine, and local beers that you can enjoy. There is also a labyrinth on the site along with many other off-site activities that you can enjoy.

Conestoga Wagon

The Conestoga Wagon is a heavily covered wagon used during the eighteenth and ninetieth centuries in Canada and the United States. It was mostly drawn by oxen, mules, and horses.

The wagon was designed to keep the contents from moving around and the heavy canvas aided in crossing streams and rivers. Nowadays, many glamping campgrounds are inspired by canvas vehicles and use them for accommodation purposes.

Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging

A conestoga wagon inside the Yosemite Pines RV Resort.

The Yosemite Pines Conestoga Wagons provide a unique experience of living in a heavy canvas wagon. It has a king-sized bed along with two bunk beds which can house a total of six people. There are restroom and shower facilities available right next to the wagon. It is equipped with modern conveniences like heating, air conditioning, a microwave, and a refrigerator.

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There is a very nice fire pit a few steps away from the wagon, which is perfect for making s’ mores. A family-friendly petting farm is also present in the vicinity, offering a fun-filled activity for families. The nearby Oregon Trail routes are perfect if you want to explore the area. The Rock Creek Station State Historical Park also has the entire history of the wagons and historical demonstrations.

There are plenty of activities that you can indulge in including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Gaming zones and sports
  • BBQ area
  • Clubhouse
  • Hayrides
  • Outdoor movies
  • Horseshoes
  • Nature/fitness trails
  • Nearby small towns
  • Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain bike rides
  • Winter sports
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Rafting
  • Yosemite National Park exploration
  • Waterfalls
  • Skiing

Different activities are only available during some seasons and you may have to call ahead to inquire about them.


Tipis are cone-shaped tents. Originally, they were made using animal skins and wooden poles. However, nowadays, they are made with a heavy canvas that protects against harsh sunlight, winds, and rain. A tipi is different from other tents due to the smoke flap that is normally present at the center of the tipi.

Tipi Village Retreat

A tipi in the middle of the forest in Tipi Village Retreat.

The Tipi Village Retreat LLC is designed as a haven away from the ordinary stressors of life. It is the perfect adventure spot since it is near the beautiful Mohawk Valley. There are plenty of beautiful destinations on all sides of the retreat spot, which makes it a great spot to go if you want to explore the outdoors. It has a great woodland setting and even group retreats will have an ideal time with workshops, ceremonies, weddings, family reunions, and other events.

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The unique lodging experience offers a chance to take a break from your daily routine and relax. The sounds of water flowing from the nearby streams and the chirping of the birds set an amazing tone for the retreat.

You can observe the wildlife in the area including wild turkeys, pheasants, quail, and deer as they pass through the area. In spring, elks come out to graze in the forest, and in the fall, the Oregon Chinook salmon begin to swim upstream in the local creek.

The tipis are designed to provide the ultimate Zen feeling. They have beautiful stone floors with warm rugs and comfy beds. The wool blankets and comforters will provide good heat during the Oregon winter nights. You will have access to the bathhouse with two full bathrooms.

Gourmet breakfast is free and you can make a prior arrangement for amazing dinners. Have fun indulging in the yummy food on your personal patio or get it served by the creek!

Oregon is the hub of beautiful landscapes and natural beauties. However, to relax properly, one must have the luxury that modern life brings which glamping ensures. It’s time you stop missing out on the wonderful outdoor experiences only because you don’t want to give up the comforts of modern life. Explore the wonderful adventures of the outdoors without sacrificing your sanity, hygiene, and comfort. Glamping is a modern twist on camping and hiking that everyone can enjoy!